Magical Moxie (Midlife Witchery #10) Read Online Brenda Trim

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The Dark One, Blood Magic, and a goddess with a vendetta are all in a day’s work for the Backside of Forty. And they pale in comparison to being the single mom of a dragon baby.
The magical world doesn’t believe in maternity leave. As soon as my baby arrives the Dark One doubles her efforts to steal enough power to become a goddess. Set on a wild goose chase that leaves too many mundie victims along the way, I haven’t had a moment’s rest. The secret of paranormals is about to be exposed and the hellmouth is on the verge of collapse. No one is safe in Cottlehill Wilds and it’s up to my best friends and me to make sure evil doesn’t prevail.
Didn’t I mention we’re superheroines?
With the man that I love by my side and a new baby to care for, I have more on the line than ever before. This is the fight of our lives, and it will take all of my wit and power to eliminate the threat to our world. Now is the time we show our enemies why messing with our coven is a bad idea.



Darkness surrounded me as I floated in a cloud of painlessness. All I could remember for a second was the agony that radiated bone deep. Confusion followed as I wondered where I was and why I couldn’t see anything.

My heart shattered into a million pieces a second later when reality came rushing through my mind in high definition. The pain came from the labor of having my baby. Fiona hadn’t been able to stop the bleeding.

The shadows around me meant I didn’t make it. I left my little nugget without a mother. And left Argies before we ever had a chance at life. The last words he’d spoken to me played on a screen like the credits at the end of a movie.

Why did he wait so long to tell me how he felt? The better question was why I hadn’t tried harder to reconnect with him after we were reunited. My friends had encouraged me to give him a chance and explained that he needed time to adjust to it all. I should have been more understanding. Fiona and Violet’s smiles added more grief to the toxic mix. I was leaving them, as well.

Denial screamed through every fiber of my being. This couldn’t be happening. It wasn’t my time. I had more to live for now than ever before. I couldn’t leave my family. I tried to connect to my body and hold onto anything possible. If I held on long enough, Fiona would come through and save me.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t feel anything. I would gladly take every ounce of pain I felt before if it meant surviving. I concentrated on the heat of Argies and the soft red hair that covered Kalliopi’s head. I hadn’t gotten to hold her. I didn’t even know what color her eyes were.

Heat built in my center as I thought about my baby and her tiny features. I had to return and tell her how much I loved her. This was not going to be the end for me. I dug mental hooks into the heat and clasped it to me, willing it to travel throughout my veins and wake up my body.

The heat didn’t move no matter how much I tried to force it to spread. Giving up wasn’t an option. I continued holding the warmth to me while trying to connect with my body. If I had a body I would have been sobbing while stubbornly clinging to any remnant of life.

It seemed like it took forever but eventually my sides warmed and I swear my fingers prickled as if they’d fallen asleep. I soaked that up and held it close. Slowly, sensation traveled up my arms and across my shoulders. The darkness began fading to a bright grey.

As it reached my midsection, the pain was back and I couldn’t have been happier. I embraced the agony and focused on it to keep me grounded. Noise rushed in and I could hear my best friends demanding I live through their sobs.

My heart ached with the grief in their voices. Argies’ was the worst. He sounded despondent as he talked about wanting me to stay with him because he loved me. His entire demeanor changed in an instant. “Yes! That’s it, love. Breathe, stay with us.”

Fingers brushed over my forehead before Fiona’s voice was a happy sob. "She’s breathing. Aislinn, are you with us?”

I tried to respond or open my eyes but couldn’t do anything except cling to the heat keeping me alive. I was not going to leave my family.

“Can you hold Kalliopi steady on her chest while I grab more rocks from the lava?” Argies’ voice was stronger. A hot branding iron pressed into my forehead then my lips, bringing them both back to life before his warmth was gone.