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Mafia Monster's Forced Bride

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Sam Crescent

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Alex Greco hates her husband.
To keep the peace between her crime lord father and the Greco mafia’s boss, she’s forced to marry his son, Roman. He’s cold and has a reputation for hurting those close to him. There is no wedding night, and the first months of their marriage are awful.
Roman doesn’t want a wife, and certainly not an outsider who doesn’t know their ways. Unlike the women he’s used to, Alex thinks for herself and isn’t afraid to tell him no. He plans to prove she isn’t a sweet innocent, and he orders his friends to seduce her to show she’s not worthy of him.
When her life is endangered, it is up to Roman to save her and the peace pact between their families. By his father’s order, he has to make this stubborn woman fall in love with him.
Her husband is not as cold and callous as Alex originally thought. He’s a monster to everyone but her, and she never expected to fall in love with him.
She didn’t count on finding out he was a liar, either. His father told him to make her fall in love with him, but how far was he willing to go?
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Sam Crescent

Chapter One

Alex Smith—no, that wasn’t right—Alex Greco glanced around the luxurious sitting room at the many different faces of the world she had married into. Not willingly. No, her father had come home one day, sat her down, and told her that he had big plans for her. Whenever he had big plans for her, she knew they were lies. The truth was, he had big plans for himself. Not that she hated her father. Liam Smith was a scary man. Abandoned as a child, he grew up on the streets and fought his way out, earning himself a reputation and wealth that rivaled the mafia family she was currently sipping drinks with.

No champagne, not for her. A bad experience on her eighteenth birthday put an end to her alcohol-drinking days. Now, she kept to water or juice. Nothing alcoholic.

Not that she had a drink of her own. That would require the waiter to come close to her, and no one ever did that.

Her husband, Roman Greco, stood near a bunch of men, talking, probably business, or perhaps they were discussing who they were going to kill. He paid no attention to her, not that she minded.

They were like chalk and cheese.

Keeping her arms folded, she tried not to feel so self-conscious. In a room full of strangers, it was impossible.

This marriage was supposed to unite the Greco mafia with her father, who was the biggest crime boss in the country. His businesses had expanded and crossed the boundaries of illegal into legal.

Her father had never kept his life secret from her. She wasn’t a fool and knew he wasn’t a good man. He’d tried to do right by her, but her husband couldn’t stand her. Their wedding night had been a huge sham. According to tradition, he had to marry a virgin. She had refused to take the doctor examination.

Her father had kept her shielded, but he’d also been sure to allow her to have her own mind. So her virginity had been questioned. It had nearly caused a war on the streets because Liam refused to subject his daughter to the test. Lucas Greco had insisted. Her father had told him if he wanted to make this about blood, and not trust, then so be it.

The test hadn’t gone ahead, but the wedding had.

On their wedding night, Roman had refused to touch her. She didn’t know if it was because she didn’t look like any of his other women or because he didn’t think she was a virgin.

Anyway, she got a shitty night’s sleep. He cut himself and gave the whole bloodied sheets a real feel to them so he could present them the following morning. To the world, they were married, but she knew she could get it annulled.

She was a virgin. Alex refused to put herself through such an archaic examination. How dare they ask that of her? Her wedding night was three months ago. Since then, she had rarely seen her husband, and when she had, he had nothing kind to say about her. Always critical. Then, of course, she was dragged to these kinds of functions where she stood out because she didn’t quite fit in. Unlike all the women present, she didn’t possess terrified gazes, nor did she fear being around men.

“You are all alone once again,” her father said, surprising her.

She turned to see him, hands in his pockets, looking as stern as ever. “Dad.” She went to him, wrapping her arms around him and breathing him in.

Her mother died many years ago when Alex was just a toddler. She had no memories of her. It was a drive-by shooting, and Alex, well, she hadn’t gotten away unscathed either. A bullet had done a through-and-through on her leg. One rival war gang had taken his wife and injured his child. Liam had gone to war within hours, and Alex didn’t want to think of the damage he’d done.

“What are you doing here?” Alex asked, smiling.

He was the first friendly face she’d seen all evening, and she’d been standing here for two hours, in the same spot. She could barely walk in the heels Roman made her wear. The dress she wore was also uncomfortable, as it went around her neck and fell to the floor. It was completely unflattering, and Alex hated it. Years ago, Liam once told her to choose her battles wisely, and she used that advice in her marriage.

If she didn’t fight Roman on the simple things like her clothing, then there was a chance for her to fight for something she did want, like freedom, or … something. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted, but being stuck in his country home or his apartment all day sucked. He’d given her a credit card to go shopping with, but she wasn’t one to shop.