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Luck (Gimme Series Book 2)

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C.M. Steele

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Aiden always helps out when it comes to his niece. Today’s no different. Well at least until he meets the sweet librarian reading to his niece.
Kate takes the place of her roommate for just one afternoon, and it changes everything. When she sees Bella’s handsome uncle, she can’t wait to thank her roommate for catching the flu.
But when she returns home, her world is turned upside down. Can she lean on the shoulder a gorgeous stranger?
This is an insta-love romance filled with sweetness, fiery passion, and a lot of luck.
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Gimme Series by C.M. Steele

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Chapter 1


I set down the weights and bring my towel to my face, wiping the next layer of sweat from my brow. My entire body is drenched after another grueling three-hour workout. It’s tough, but it’s my favorite way to unwind after a rough and long week. Now my body can just veg out for the weekend after a nice hot shower.

Luckily, my condo is just an elevator ride away. Once I’m inside my place, I check my phone. Two missed calls. Derek and Jules. I shake my head because I’m sure relaxing right now will be out of the question.

“Hey, bro, can you do me a huge favor?” she asks with a lilt in her voice.

“What Jules?” The usual favor is to watch or pick up my niece, Arabella. My sister’s a registered nurse, and her husband is a detective with the CPD, so their schedules can be crazy. Sometimes they stay over at my house instead of waking up Bella in the middle of the night. It’s been so often that I turned the second bedroom in my condo into their own bedroom.

“I want to know if you can pick up Bella from the library and watch her until we get out of work.” I knew it.

I chuckle and ask, “Where is she?”

“She’s at her weekly story time at the library with Derek, but he’s supposed to head into the station. The sitter who was supposed to pick her up called five minutes ago to cancel because she was sick.” I scoff at that one. She’s probably getting shitfaced like the rest of the college kids. “I’m working until midnight at the hospital. You know how it is on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. I can rush to get her, but I don’t have anyone to take care of her. Please, Aiden.”

I’ve never turned her down before, and I won’t now either. “Of course. I’m just getting back from the gym, but I’ll run and scoop her up. Text me the information.”

“Okay, thank you. She gets out in about an hour.” Great. That’s not a lot of time at all. I’m going to have to hurry the fuck up if I’m going to make it on time.

“One day when I have kids you’re going to have to babysit a lot.” It’s not that I don’t love my niece, but she’s with me at least once a week.

“Ha, if you find a woman that makes you want children, I’ll be happily waiting to watch all your kids.” We both laugh because it’s true. I’m so consumed with work that I don’t even date. It’s been years since I’ve been on one.

“I’m going to hold you to that. I’ve got to go so I can get there before they kick her out on the street.”

“Thanks again, big bro.”

I wash up really quickly, slipping on some jeans and casual clothes, then I rush out to go get my little niece. It’s crowded downtown because it’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration and the masses are out celebrating on a ordinarily quiet day of the week. They’ve already dyed the river green this morning, and the color has faded back to normal.

My brother-in-law and sister were screwed on holidays and weekends and all damn summer because that’s when the city’s criminals showed their faces and crimes were tripled. I wish they would both move out of the city and work somewhere less violent, but they love what they do and the people they help.

It takes me a little longer than thirty minutes to get to the library, but it’s still open. I worry, hoping she’s still inside with the group of kids. Storming through the door, I catch a lot of attention. I’m immediately embarrassed, but I let it go and walk up to the checkout desk.

“The library is about to close, sir, but is there something I can help you with,” the lady says, straightening her top and pushing back any stray hairs. I get it. I look like a male model and dressed neatly even in my casual clothes.

“I’m here to pick up Bella,” I inform them.

“And you are,” she questions.

I’m about to give her my name when Bella squeaks, “Uncle.” I spin around and see her running up to me. I put my finger to my mouth, reminding her where we are. She smirks and nods, coming toward me with a giant grin on her little face. I bend my knees and throw open my arms for her to run into. Closing them around her slender, short frame, I pick her up and give her a little twirl.

Chuckling, I whisper, “Are you happy to see me, pretty princess?”

“I am. He said you were coming for me instead of Tori. Daddy had to go to work again.” Her somber tone breaks my heart. She loves her daddy time, and I’m positive her dad feels like a dick for having to abandon her.