Let Me Read Online Cindy Pike

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Whips. Praise kink. Submission.
I won’t allow just any man to dominate me.
When I join a high-end BDSM club, Club Embrace, I’m looking for experience. Finding three dominating men who all want me is more than I’ve ever dreamed of.
Dealing with improper advances from my boss and someone within the club threatening to expose our kinks, I begin wondering who I can trust.
Making new friends and shedding off fake ones I settle into life with my three Doms. But my life is turned on its head when my stalker reveals themselves.
CONTENT WARNING: This book contains depicted situations in the BDSM world, anal play, anal sex, abuse, and hard-to-read situations. I don’t want anyone to be harmed by the words I’ve written.


1 Acceptance

The dim lighting of the club hides the grime and filth on the floors and in the corners. How is this an acceptable place for the BDSM scene? Having seen enough, I head toward the entrance to the main room and grab my coat from a hook on the wall.

A light hand stops me from putting my jacket on.

A lovely melodious voice filters to me over the muted beats of the background music that isn’t so much background as it is drowning out any possible conversation.

“I couldn’t help but watch you out there. Care to stick around and see if we could be a good fit for each other?”

Taking a deep breath because I don’t want to take out my frustration on this unsuspecting person, I turn and face one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. If I were to ever bat for the other team or get curious, she would be the dream partner to explore things with based on her appearance alone.

Her crystal blue eyes are sharp and hold intriguing intelligence. With her deep red pants suit, minus the shirt, the vest covers her ample bosom, holding her in and testing the limits of the fabric and buttons.

“Thank you, but no. I was just heading out.” My voice pitches oddly due to me raising it to be heard over the music.

“Care if I join you? No lady should have to walk home alone.” This blonde siren with her hair perfectly straight and bangs that accentuate her eyes rather than hiding them looks at me from under her thick lashes as a coy smile dons her plump, apple-red lips. She pulls the look off with more than an air of authority.

A feeling of unease settles in at the base of my spine. I shake my head, “No, I’ve already got a ride waiting for me. Maybe another time?”

“Sure.” The woman’s face falls and a coldness overtakes her features, making me understand why she’s a Dominatrix. She finally releases me and I take a step back, slipping my coat on. With a tight smile at her, I head out of the stifling and shoddy atmosphere onto the street.

Taking in a few deep breaths, I walk down to the corner and cross the street to a running car waiting at the curb.

I verify it’s my waiting ride service and get in, letting out a breath and with it all the tension in my body while I was in that club. Thankfully the driver doesn’t try to strike up a conversation. I don’t have it in me to do any small talk right now.

I let my head fall back against the headrest and close my eyes, taking this moment to gather myself. “Well, that was a bust,” I say softly enough that I don’t attract the driver’s attention.

It’s not long before the car comes to a stop just down the street from my apartment building. I pay using the services app, leaving a sizable tip, and hop out. The car pulls away without waiting, and the cold night air has me pulling my jacket around me more to ward off the chill.

Thankfully I wore flats tonight so my feet aren’t killing me as I walk to my apartment building and enter my code to get into the building. Not wanting to deal with the stairs, I opt for the elevator. It’s empty at this time of night, and I push the button for my floor.

Closing my eyes, I feel a headache coming on. The ding of the elevator can’t come quickly enough and when it does, I get off and hurry to my door, keys in hand and ready to unlock it.

I go in and click all the locks into place, tossing my keys and small clutch purse on the counter. Stripping off my jacket, I round the small island and grab water from my fridge and medicine from the cabinet to try and get ahead of the already mounting pain. If this turns out to be a migraine, my weekend is going to be spent in the dark and silent confines of my apartment, not at the state park hiking with friends as I planned.