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Answering a call to a disturbance, Sheriff Lawrence is caught by surprise by a familiar face and an intense reaction to her. With one look at the woman using a man as a surfboard, Law knew he’d found his other half. Almost three years ago, their paths crossed when he pulled her from the trunk of a car with eyes full of relief.

Vanessa Gordon had gone from a shaken, beautiful girl to a breathtaking fiery woman with violence in her eyes.
Law had to make her his wife.

This is book 11 in the Steele Riders MC Series.

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Three Months Earlier


“This is an expensive restaurant. I hope you like it,” Thomas says.

I do my best to hold back my tongue when I want to snap and tell him that I don’t even like him. Still, I manage to say, “It’s nice, Thomas. I’m glad your grandfather is able to pull so many strings for you.” His face flushes with anger, but I just sip my glass of water. I shouldn’t even bother with this date because my heart isn’t in it. The man I dream about doesn’t even know I exist. He’s completely forgotten all about me according to Mack who I still keep in contact with.

“Listen, Vanny. I’m only interested in seeing where this is going tonight. Are you going to put out or not?”

“If that’s all you were after, you should have saved your money. Hookers are cheaper than this dinner.” I drop my napkin and grab my purse to leave the restaurant, but he snatches my wrist.

“Bitch, you owe me for this.” I’m about to deck him with my bag when someone steps between us.

“Let her go now, and maybe I’ll consider letting you live.” I look up at the man in a suit to see it’s him of all people. Sheriff Jacob Lawrence. The man who saved me, the man I’ve been in love with for two years and the man then I look and he’s not alone. He’s on a date with a beautiful woman at the table not far behind us.

“She’s my fiancé and this disagreement isn’t any of your business.”

“The fuck she is and Ms. Gordon doesn’t want you touching her. Now I’ve told you politely, but I will not do so again. It’s a civilized place, and although you act like it you’re far from civilized. I know how to deal with people like you.” He releases me and Sheriff Lawrence looks at me and says, “Do you need a ride home, Ms. Gordon?”

“You know who I am?”

“You might not remember me, but…”

“I know who you are, Sheriff Lawrence.” It causes my date to choke in his chair. “I just figured you’d forget.”

“I couldn’t forget a beautiful face like yours. Now, let me escort you home.” Could he be any more handsome.

“No, you have your date with you.”

“My sister won’t mind.”

I don’t react to the news no matter how much it thrills me because he’s just being polite.

She stands and joins us. “Hello, I’m Ellen. It’s nice to meet you. Jacob, I’m actually going to take a cab home.”

“Are you sure? I’d hate to get in the way.”

“Elle, I’m driving you home. Don’t start shit you know damn well your husband would kill me if I let you take a cab.” Law puts his hand to the small of my back and leads me out of the restaurant while we hear a commotion behind us. It’s management talking to my former date. He leans in and whispers, “Don’t worry about him.” He opens the door to the backseat and before I can climb in, his sister does and he doesn’t stop her. Then he grabs the front passenger side, holding it open for me.

“Thank you.” I look up at him and smile until a car beeps behind us.

“Buckle up.” He gets in and takes off pretty quickly. We arrive at his sister’s where he waits until she’s in her home and then he gets my address and drives me to my grandparents home in near silence.

“I can’t thank you enough for what you did back there. You keep rescuing me.”

“You could do way better than that jackass.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m sure there are plenty of guys in your school that are better than that asshole.” I hide the disappointment, knowing he wasn’t including himself in the options.”

“Yeah, well. Maybe I should just stick to guys my age. Thomas was already on his way graduating with his master’s in accounting, so he’s a lot older than me.” I look and we’re at my grandparents home. “Looks like this is me. Thank you, Sheriff Lawrence.”

“Call me if you need anything, Vanessa.”

He hands me his business card and I get out of the car before I do something stupid. Running into the house and up the stairs to my bedroom, I avoid my grandparents and cry. I’m in love with a man who sees me as nothing more than a professional victim.

Chapter One


Cars drive past, slowing when they spot me behind the Welcome to Steeleville sign in my patrol car. I’m not there trying to ticket people but to maintain the peaceful world we’ve built. It’s been a quiet morning, so I’m looking at another easy if not long day. Normally, I wouldn’t be fazed by it, but my mind has been in a terrible place. All thoughts lead back to the same spot or rather the same person, Vanessa Gordon.