Knock Me Up (Wed and Bred #2) Read Online Frankie Love

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Piper is a florist and the groom who’s wedding she's arranging flowers for is the man of her dreams.
After the groom is jilted, him and Piper get to talking.
How crazy would it be if they took a chance on love?
Can a wild turn of events + a crazy ex-bride + a chance to get wed and bred = a HEA?

*wedding at first sight
*no protection
*alpha male
*heroine with ideas of her own
*heat scorching

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There’s a beautiful archway over the doors of the church. An assortment of roses, both red and white, zigzagging over the vine, with a huge blossom right in the middle. Small lilies fill in around the bigger flowers, really bringing a colorful design together.

I’m proud of my work. Even if the bride is not.

Crossing my arms with satisfaction, I pace, ready to work on the next step of the project I’d been contracted for. This church will be transformed into a gorgeous garden when I’m all done with it, something that anyone with any sense would be thrilled to be married in.

I really love my job.

The colors and fragrances of the flowers are like my paintbrush, and the arrangements I make with them are my easel. I can go crazy and make something beautiful, and the best part is I get to see the looks on the faces of the happy brides and grooms who are delighted with my work.

It’s the best part of the job, and also the worst.

I’m constantly exposed to happy couples, at the height of their passion. Seeing them nuzzle up to one another, playfully giggling at the idea of starting their lives together. A whole lot of the brides are showing off their baby bumps too, their new families not coming too much after their weddings.

It inspires a mad jealousy in me. Why couldn’t it be me in that flowing white gown? With a guy good enough to keep? Why couldn’t it be me with that swelling stomach, anticipating the new life that I’m carrying, and how things will be so much different soon?

I’ve always wanted that, yet here I am, almost thirty and not even close to being married and having kids. I mean, I guess I could have kids without the guy. Finding some random man to be a sperm donor and then never seeing him again isn’t exactly hard. I get my fair share of dates, so turning them into one-night stands is just a little further than I usually go on a first date.

But that doesn’t feel right. It’s not fair to the guy, for one, and two, my dream is to be loved from all directions, and having people to care for all around me. It isn’t just about having a kid by myself.

Although I’d love to have as many as I can once everything else is in place. It could be a whole lot of fun building a great big family with a man who loves us.

I sigh, leaning on my hand on a tall table. The man in this particular couple tickles me in all the right ways. Luke Black, as he introduced himself. He’s all the cliches, tall, dark, handsome, piercing blue eyes, and a voice that would have made me melt into a puddle if I wasn’t so dedicated to being a professional.

Plus, by his side is his fiancée, Ophelia. A pretty little blonde woman wearing huge sunglasses so it’s less obvious that she is looking down at me from high above. Everything about her screams spoiled brat, undeserving of a real man like Luke.

I may be a bit harsh when it comes to my evaluation of her. Just a bit. But she hasn’t actually done much to prove me wrong. She’s definitely been a bridezilla, nitpicking each and every bit of my suggested designs until she finally declared them ‘acceptable.’


They’re at the altar now. He’s been following her around as she judges every bit of the wedding, probably with the same vitriol she gave to me.

I tap the table. I wonder if there’s any chance of me actually making good on my end of the pact I made with my best friend, Olivia.

Two months ago, Olivia and I were at a birthday party for our other friend Tabitha’s one-year-old daughter, Chloe. Liv and I were surrounded by all of our other friends’ blossoming families, all of them married and either pregnant or already caring for infants. Jealousy plagued the two of us and hit us hard.

So, in her classic all-or-nothing attitude, Liv proposed we swear to be wed and bred by Chloe’s second birthday. To go after this as hard as we possibly can.

I thought she was crazy. But I like to entertain her madness, and really? It sounded good to me.

Then she went and got married literally days later to some guy she met at a coffee shop who was totally into the instant marriage thing. The stars aligned for her, something that only happens once in a millennium.

I’ve met her husband. He’s a nice guy, and they have passion for one another. They are wildly head-over-heels in love. I’m expecting a call any day now from Olivia telling me that she’s pregnant. Probably screaming with joy right after she does so.

Lucky woman. I get to be jealous of her too now, on top of everyone else in our friend circle.