Kiss My Pucking Bass (Kings of Denver #3) Read Online Sheridan Anne

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My life has been a mess since the day my father died.

I was beaten and abused until I found the courage to run.

I ran until I couldn’t take another step, collapsing at the door of Mickey’s bar.


She’s like nothing I’d ever seen with those blues and dark hair.

Captivating and sexy and hell—I’m going to make her mine.

Only, a good girl like that shouldn’t be messing around with a guy like me.

I’m the black sheep. My life is dangerous, unpredictable, and wild.

Kiss My Pucking Bass is a New Adult, College Sports Romance with a HEA.

CONTENT WARNING: Detailed sexual content, violence, drug abuse, stalking, and heavy coarse language.

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Ten Years Earlier

My brows furrow as my father pulls into a parking space and cuts the engine outside Big Rex Gym. “What are we doing here?” I ask, watching as he gets out of the car.

Dad doesn’t bother glancing back at me as he throws his orders over his shoulder. “Grab your training bag,” he mutters, the loud slam of his door making me jump.

Reaching into the back and doing as I’m told, I haul my training bag off the seat before rushing out of the car and scrambling to catch up with him. It doesn’t pay to be tardy with my father.

We walk in silence as he leads me toward the gym, every step confusing me further. I have no idea why we’re here. Aren’t gyms for adults who want to lose weight or turn themselves into big muscle men? It’s possible my dad had the sudden urge for a workout, but he wouldn’t have brought me along for that. And he could have just used our home gym. It doesn’t make sense.

Reaching the door, Dad pulls it open and ushers me inside before striding through and letting it fall shut behind us. As we head deeper inside the gym, I take a good look around. The place is packed with men and women working their butts off, sweat drenching their clothes as grunts and groans fill the room, and I can guarantee there are no other kids in here. Just me.

I take in the sights. Women on treadmills jogging with their earphones in. Big, bulky men lifting heavy weights with strange belts locked tightly around their waists. A couple of different studios are in the middle of hosting classes, and another class is taking a break. The place is awesome, but it’s no place for me.

An older man with bulging muscles approaches my father, his sharp gaze sailing over me with suspicion, and I do my best to stand up straight and pay attention. After all, I wouldn’t want to make my father look bad. That never ends well.

“You must be Byron?” the man asks, sticking his hand out for my father to shake.

“Indeed, I am,” my father responds with a curt nod, sparing me a small glance before turning back to the man. “Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice.”

“No problem at all. My name’s Rex,” he says, his gaze falling to me. “You must be Xander?”

My gaze narrows suspiciously. How does he know who I am? My brows furrow, and feeling the sharp, disapproving stare from my father, I straighten myself out, positive my delayed response has just earned me a one-way ticket to the back of his hand. “Yes, sir. I’m Xander.”

“Good,” my father cuts in as he checks his watch. “Now that we’re all acquainted, he’s all yours. I’ll be back at seven to pick him up.”

What the . . .? Seven? That’s three hours away. I didn’t just get my first job, did I? Nah, couldn’t be that. My family is loaded and I’m only eleven. Surely there are rules against kids working, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a job if it meant getting out of that house, but this doesn’t feel right.

I’m still lost in thought trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing here when Rex pulls me out of my head. “Right, you’re with me,” he says as he starts walking away, making me realize my father is already long gone.

Not sure what I’ve just gotten myself into, I scramble to catch up. I’m certain anything that happens here is going to get back to my father.

Rex strides through to a back office and I follow through his door, taking in my surroundings as I do so. He asks me to stand tall against his back wall and spread my arms out. I do as I’m asked, and he starts writing numbers down. It takes me a while to realize he’s taking my measurements. “Um, excuse me, sir?” I ask. “What am I doing here?”

He looks up with a strange thoughtfulness, something that I don’t tend to see from the other adults I’m usually surrounded by. “You don’t know?” he questions, making something within me want to like him.

“No, sir.”

He lets out a breath and astonishment flashes in his eyes. “First off, cut the sir bullshit,” he warns, leaning back in his seat and watching me closely. “The name’s Rex. Use it. Secondly, you’re here to train. You’ll be here every afternoon after school.”

“What?” My eyes bug out of my head, not impressed with this revelation in the slightest. But hell, I should have expected some kind of messed up move from my father. This is hardly surprising.

Rex shrugs his shoulders. “Apparently you’re some big ice hockey protégée and your father wants to ensure you stay that way.”