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This OTT alpha cowboy isn’t about to let the curvy woman of his dreams get away…even if he has to kidnap her!


Maisy has been teasing me for days, wandering around town in those tiny skirts and looking good enough to devour. But my woman is about to make the biggest mistake of her life and she doesn’t even know it.

She’s marrying a man that’s hellbent on ruining her. I won’t let that happen. That’s why I kidnapped her. Yeah, I’m a mean, grumpy cowboy but no one hurts my precious pearl.


Between caring for my little brothers, working a job, and keeping the family farm going, I’m exhausted. It’s not easy to step up when your parents pass away unexpectedly. But I can handle this…until the notice comes from the bank. Seems my parents never told me how far behind on the payments they were.

Now if I want to save the farm and make sure my brothers have a roof over their heads, I’ll marry a man I don’t love. Sure, he doesn’t make my pulse race the way Striker does, and he doesn’t give me butterflies. But that’s the stuff of fairytales.
If you love an OTT alpha cowboy who falls hard for his curvy woman, then it’s time to meet Striker in Kidnapped by the Cowboy.

Giddy-up! This October Alexa Riley, Hope Ford, Mia Brody, Kaci Rose, and Frankie Love are Roping Her Curves! A sinfully sexy stand-alone series with real men who know what they want: women with curves! Save a horse and ride a cowboy, he’s guaranteed to lasso your heart!

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The sun is dipping low, painting the sky in haunting shades of orange and gold. For a moment, I remember the feel of my mom’s arms as she held me close and my papa’s soft rumbling voice when he passed me a hot chocolate.

Like I have every day for four months, I will myself not to cry. I’m alone at the Courage County Barbershop but this is a small town. People are always watching, and I won’t give anyone a front row seat to my grief. Some things in life are private, especially my pain.

I finish sweeping up the hair on the floor and put a hand to my back as I straighten. At least, the day is done…or it is for most people.

I’ll go home and look after three rambunctious boys. The triplets my parents adopted just two years ago are six now. They don’t understand why mama and papa haven’t come home to them. They ask me for them every night. I always point to the stars and remind them that they’re at the big farm in the sky.

After I get them fed and bathed and put down for sleep, I’ll go out to the barn and muck stalls. I’ll do everything I can to keep the animals that my parents left behind clean and warm. I’ll work until the wee morning and collapse in bed long enough to grab a couple of hours of sleep before I start the whole process of working, parenting, and farming again.

The farm has been in my family for six generations. Papa’s chest would always puff out when he told me that. What he didn’t tell me was the farm was in danger of going under or that in an effort to save money, he’d canceled his life insurance policy. There wasn’t even money to bury them except that the town church took up donations to give them proper headstones.

If I’d known how hard things were, I wouldn’t have gone away to a fancy school out of state with an outrageous tuition cost. I would have stayed home. I would have found a way to help my parents. Maybe they’d both still be alive if…I shake my head. The thoughts do me no good. They just lead me in circles, wondering what I could have done different.

The bell over the door rings, surprising me. I thought I’d locked up already. My feet are tired and my back aches. Still, I’m not willing to turn down a potential tip. Since my parents passed, I look at everything differently now. Especially money.

Now, I calculate the price of toilet paper by how many haircuts I’ll have to give. I count how many loaves of bread a good tip can provide and if the tip isn’t good, I start thinking about how many meals I can skip to make sure my brothers eat.

Things will be different once I marry Tristan. He’s going to wipe out the debt on my family’s farm in exchange for our marriage. His family is one of the richest in town and this will keep a roof over our heads.

He came into the barbershop the day I got the notice of the foreclosure. He could tell I was upset and listened as I told him my troubles. I’m not normally the type to talk but I was pretty upset then. He took me out for lunch a couple times that week. Then around the third meal together, he told me he’d hatched a plan that could save my family’s farm.