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CEO, bad boy, and tattoo enthusiast. He’s the sort of man any woman could imagine herself with. And by any woman, I mean me. But there’s a problem…Or two.

It should be the job of a lifetime.
The chance to tattoo billionaire CEO Silas Stone.
But the thought of him shirtless beneath me….
How am I going to keep the needle steady?
He’s forty-one years of pure muscle, six and a half feet tall, rippled all over, and covered in tattoos.
I only got this job because Silas is my dad’s best friend. I’ve got to keep my crush a secret.
Not that it would matter.
I’m nineteen, curvy, and a virgin, basically everything a billionaire heartthrob like Silas doesn’t want.
“Silas will be good for your career, Lauren,” Dad tells me.

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“You’ve got to be careful,” Julian says, waving his hands at me from across the desk.

We’re sitting in my penthouse office, one wall composed of a window, looking down at the city. It can make some people feel nervous standing at the edge as if the glass isn’t there, but I enjoy it.

It makes me think of jumping out of a plane.

Julian’s my CFO, business partner, and oldest friend.

We met in college but dropped out together to start our action sports business. We have been into dirt biking since we were kids…and we spent half the college semester learning how to base jump.

He leans back, running a hand through his black hair.

He’s the same age as me, forty-one, but I turned silver years ago.

“We’re acquiring a media company, Silas, not an action sports company.”

“I know that, Julian,” I say, putting emphasis on his name the same way he did with mine.

He grins, resting his forearms on the desk. He’s wearing a suit, his black beard flecked here and there with grays, as though proving the serious bastard is human after all.

“It makes the shareholders nervous, seeing you leaping out of a plane. What if the parachute failed? What if something went wrong?”

I stand, picking up a tennis ball and tossing it from hand to hand.

Buster perks up from the other end of my office. The carpet is earth-colored and nice and deep for Buster’s pads. He’s a medium-sized German Shepherd with keen eyes and the fastest tail wag in the city.

“It’s never failed before.” I throw the ball into the air, pacing, and Buster catches it and returns it to me.

“It’s not like I was doing anything silly. I wasn’t wing suiting through the city. It was in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t even know Shelly was recording.”

“So, have you punished her?”

I throw the ball again, admiring how quickly Buster’s mouth can snap around it. It’s like a piston, the way it fires.

“We built our business on showing us living what we were selling. We used to say that all the time.” As I speak, I throw the ball, falling into a rhythm with Buster as his tail goes into overdrive.

“And I know this is the best move we could’ve made. There’s a reason I went after this deal.”

“Like a dog with a bone,” Julian chuckles. “There would be no deal without you. That’s why I don’t get it. Why jeopardize everything? You must’ve known Shelly was recording.”

It’s like I can feel the walls pressing in around me.

There’s all that dark stuff from long ago. It’s really sad that a man in his forties is letting it creep back in.

I kneel, stroking my hand through Buster’s fur, scratching the back of his neck. He opens his mouth and hangs his tongue out, his butt wiggling from side to side.

“I don’t want to lose who we are,” I tell Julian. “That’s what happens to almost everyone in our position. We built this company through our personalities. I hate interviews. So do you. How many have we done over the years? And the TV shows?”

I stand, turning to find Julian standing behind his chair. He grips the back of it, working his hands back and forth. “And the stock price will probably go up for us. But soon, we’re going to be beyond that. We’ll have video game studios, TV, film…we’ll be everywhere.”

“And we’ll make a shit ton of money,” I say, nodding.

Buster walks at my side as I approach Julian.

“But we have to be careful too. Think of all the pitfalls along the way. There are lots of traps we need to avoid. I won’t screw over the customer in any of this, Julian. Not a single transaction in any kind of media.”

“I know,” he says, nodding. “I agree with you there. That’s another reason this is so exciting. We get to be one of the good guys.”

“If I stop jumping out of planes.”

“If you have to do it, don’t record it,” Julian says, then sighs.

“What?” I say.

He smirks. “What?”

“I know that sigh. But, whatever it is, you know you can say it.”

“I just wish…our lives, I guess, were more similar.”

I’m not sure what to make of this. I stare at him, and he goes on.

“It was the same for us, in the beginning, just two young men and a video camera and a whole lot of adrenalin. But I found Tessa. We had the kids….”

I walk over to the window, standing at the very edge, imagining tipping forward and soaring toward the street below.

Opening my arms, flying, darting through the buildings.

With nothing to hold me back. Nothing to tie me down.

Nothing to trap me. Never again.

“It’s not like I never tried,” I say.

“Your last date was at least ten years ago.”

I grind my teeth from side to side, trying not to think about the awkwardness and the…this is worse, the anger on my side. It was like this hunger inside me, howling out for the right woman.