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His Surprise Baby - His Secret Baby

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Jamie Knight

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I’ve knocked up my best friend’s knock out of a daughter!
I’ve known Hazel since she was little. But now she’s all grown up… and into her big, full breasts and nice, plump @ss.
I can’t stop staring at her curvy body. Or wanting to put my hands all over her hourglass figure.
She wants an older, experienced man for her first time. So asks me to take her virginity.
But her father would kill me if I laid a finger on her. Let alone if I put my d!ck in her!
And what would he do if I put a baby inside her?
I can’t help taking what I’ve always wanted. But I’m not expecting to get her pregnant. Or for my heart to get so involved.
Is Daddy’s little girl my one true love?
And what will I risk to claim what’s mine?
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Jamie Knight

My Best Friend’s Brother’s Secret Baby

This is Book 7 in the His Secret Baby series, which are based on theme and can be read alone but are fun to binge-read altogether!

Chapter One - Kora

The fake waterfall trickled gently into the indoor koi pond, as the fish swam with happy aimlessness around their stony confines.

“Thank God it’s Friday,” Erik, the masseuse, said as he passed the desk.

“Is God a big fan of Fridays?” I asked, trying my best to muster joviality.

“Of course; that’s why he made them fun,” Erik said with a wink.

I smiled for real; Erik was always able to make me laugh. He had already been working here at Celebration Salon and Spa for a few years and was really popular with the staff. Especially the women.

Not that he let it go to his head. The fact that he was married to the love of his life no doubt helped that.

Some people have all the luck.

“Wow, I never read that passage of the Bible where God said, ‘Let Fridays be fun; and it was good,’” David, the manager said, sidling up to the reception desk.

“Hey,” I said absent-mindedly, as my attention began returning to earth.

“You doing okay, Kora?” David asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” I said.

“Good, because we’ve got a lot of appointments coming in today. Some of them very important, if you know what I mean.”

“Loud and clear, sir,” I said.

“Good; it’s good to know you’re on board,” David said, tapping rhythmically on the desk with his knuckles, before disappearing back into his office, until there was bound to be another employee to correct or another customer’s ass to be kissed.

I was in awe of his dedication, if I was being honest with myself.

I had a direction at one point, but ever since high school, things had seemed to sort of fall apart on me. One of the few good things I had going for me was this job. Or, at least, the money from it.

After years of working minimum wage jobs, this one seemed to be a stroke of luck when I landed it. As a bonus, the work was far from the worst kind I had ever performed. Gutting fish at the market definitely took that prize.

The seven-disc CD player linked to the sound-system switched over again and the harp version of the Canon played for the fiftieth time that day. I closed my eyes and tried to block it out, but failed.

Who still plays CDs?

And what kind of customers truly enjoy listening to this boring music, even if it’s supposed to be relaxing?

I figured most just let it wash over them. Sadly, my hearing was a bit too good and I didn't seem to have the ability to block anything out.


I looked up to the sound of a familiar voice. Up a night of Sundays, I never would have guessed who would be standing there.

"Kristen?" I asked, literally unable to think of anything else to say.

"So, it is you, under all that fanciness."

"Yeah," I said, slightly embarrassed.

I had never been one to prefer “fanciness.”

“I’m just the receptionist,” I explain, as if to protest that I’m not some fancy masseuse or stylist or something.

I realize I sound dumb. But Kristen doesn’t seem to notice.

"Imagine that. Me walking into the place where you work, after all this time,” she says. “How long has it been, anyway?"

"Three years, two months and twenty-seven days," I said, before I could catch myself, and then quickly added, "not that I'm counting or anything."

Kristen put her hand on mine, making me flinch unconsciously.

I didn't usually like to be touched at the best of times and was still getting over the shock of seeing her again.

"It is really good to see you again," Kristen said, gently squeezing my hand.

I searched her sharp blue eyes. I could always tell if she was lying. It wasn’t anything fancy or super-scientific that let me know, but more like just a feeling you have when you’ve known someone for a long time.

She was telling the truth.

I pulled away and sat down at the computer and quickly typed in the appropriate codes.

"What ya doin'?" Kristen asked, craning her neck.

"I've switched your appointment,” I informed her. “You are now going to be seeing our best masseuse."

"How good are we talking?" Kristen asked.

"Near orgasmic, just by touching your back. I also applied my employee discount to your bill in advance. I'll make sure that you have a fantastic experience here."

"Thanks, old friend. We should get back in touch," Kristen said. "You have my number on my booking."

My heart pounded at this possibility. I wasn’t sure if I should let her back into my life. Logically, I told myself there was a reason we had drifted apart and that it was probably best to stay that way. Emotionally, though, I missed my best friend from high school. From middle school. From elementary school.