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It’s moving time for Cree & Dawn and trouble is brewing.

The new castle is finally finished and ready, but is Dawn? She is feeling reluctant to make the move and does not understand why.
Cree, on the other hand, is ready for the move as are the children, but he is annoyed as well since there are multiple troubles brewing. Not only is there worry that the King will demand his help should talks with the King of Norway turn confrontational and force a battle, but William, the architect of the castle, and a troop of his warriors have been abducted and the ransom demand is high. But the most troublesome issue for Cree is that a young artist, a friend of William’s, has arrived unexpectedly and shows far too much interest in Dawn.
Cree has much to contend with, a move to see to, a clan to keep safe, people to rescue, and a young man who is about to discover the very reason Cree is a feared and infamous Highland warrior.

Included in the book is a map of the new castle and surrounding village.

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Dawn stretched herself awake like a cat, lazily, in no hurry to move. She smiled inwardly as she waited for her husband’s arm to slip over her, for his musky scent to drift around her, and for his hand to slowly, as well as intentionally, roam over her. When his touch failed to reach her, she opened her eyes to find herself alone in bed.

It was the fourth day in a row Cree had left their bed before she woke, and it upset her. It was rare for either of them to leave their bed before they both woke.

Her husband was not the only one who deserted her in the morning lately, Beast had as well. The large dog was usually her constant companion but of late he had left with Cree in the morning before she woke, then he would join her later in the day.

She sighed, though it could not be heard, only felt by her, and it made her wonder. Could her husband have grown tired of being wed to a voiceless woman?

Dawn had learned to communicate through gestures, having been born voiceless, not even able to offer a grunt or a groan, only complete silence. How tedious that must be for her husband especially when they made love. He heard no moans of pleasure from her, nor his name screamed out when he sent her into an explosion of pleasure.

She sat up and stared down at her night shift. Cree had not even complained when she had worn it to bed last night, which she had done on purpose. She wanted to see if he would do what he usually did—take it off her, and he had not.

Not since they were first intimate had he rarely let her sleep anything but naked beside him except when they were away from home. What had changed?

The newly built keep.

It was nearly ready for them to move into, and Cree had been spending most of his time there to see the last of it done and made ready. The twins, Lizbeth and Valan, five years now and Tynan, three years, often went with him. They were excited about moving into the new keep. It was all Lizbeth could talk about while Tynan was fascinated with the watchtower that sat at the top of the cliff looking over the Kyle of Tongue and, in the distance, spread the mountains of Ben Loyal. Valan could be found watching the warriors at practice on the new practice field and often joining them with his wooden sword.

Dawn wished she was as enthusiastic as they were with the move, but she was finding it difficult. The village that spread out at the base of the keep they now occupied had been her home since she had been young and arrived at Village Dowell with her mum. The keep had become her home when she wed Cree. It was where she had given birth to her three children. The place held endless memories for her, and her heart ached when she thought about leaving it. She knew every nook and cranny of the place, and each held a specific memory that often made her smile.

It was not as if they were moving a distance away. The new keep and surrounding village were only a short horse ride away or a fifteen-minute walk.

Dawn forced herself out of bed, stretching to her full height, being taller than most other women and glad for it since her husband was well over six feet. She did not hurry to dress since her family probably had already eaten and had left for the new keep. She had joined them a few times but had not felt comfortable there, not that she told Cree that. He would be disappointed, though she wondered if he would even care with as little time as he had spent with her lately.

She was feeling sorry for herself and that annoyed her when there was much that needed to get done for this move. If Cree’s absence from their bed in the morning troubled her so much, then she needed to let him know. They never had a problem discussing matters and that made her smile thinking how her husband often accused her of talking too much. That alone should prove to her that her silence did not trouble him, and yet she wondered.

Dressed and her long, dark auburn hair braided, she took the stairs down to enter the Great Hall. It was empty as she had expected it would be. Though, Flanna entered not long after her. She ran the keep and while they were not longtime friends, she had become an ally and good friend when Cree had attacked Clan Carrick and claimed it as his own with permission from the king.

“Breakfast, Dawn?” Flanna asked.