Hades (Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld #14) Read Online Ariel Dawn

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Love is a special kind of Hell…
There are some things Hades can count on in this afterlife—but love isn’t one of them.
When he finds himself at a speed dating event at the DeLux Cafe, he discovers a connection that will test every ounce of his hard-won self-control.
Too bad the object of his desires happens to be Hecate’s best friend, and they are all in the middle of a supernatural mess…
As the lines blur between fate and temptation, can Hades rise above his own demons? Or will history repeat itself—and bring him to his knees?



Hades sat at the bar in the DeLux Cafe, swirling his Manhattan.

It wasn’t as if he hated social events, in fact, it was the opposite. He craved social interaction. Spending a multitude of years in the depths of the Underworld tended to have that effect, but it was home.

Work came first. It always came first.

Souls needed to be ferried and sorted. Quotas needed to be met, lest he wished to obtain a visit from Lucifer, his employer.

CEO of Hell just didn’t have the same ring as the devil himself.

But even Hades knew that too much work and no play would make him a dull god, and so he’d agreed to step out of his dark and gloomy cave and partake in the surface happenings at least a few times a year. Four to be exact.

One outing per season.

He dreaded this time of year though, the fall.

After all, it meant winter was near.

And every winter he thought of her.

Persephone… Hades hated how his thoughts traveled to her. The life they’d had when they were young.

Well, younger, really.

I’ve been young my whole life.

It didn’t help that tales of their forbidden romance were still written over and over again in books, movies, and songs. There was even a comic he could read on his phone, which featured their love rather prominently.

He actually kind of liked Lore Olympus, if he was being honest. The artwork was so colorful and despite being a creature that existed in the darkness... he loved colorful.

She didn’t even remember him, though, not anymore.

Not since she’d been kidnapped, and her memory erased.

Since it was discovered Hell was literally killing her.

Hades took another sip of his Manhattan, hoping it would quiet his solemn thoughts.

He’d known the right thing to do at the time, but it wasn’t easy.

But had Persephone stayed in Hell—she would have withered away in a slow, beautiful death.

Death was not what he wished for her, no. He wished for life.

Persephone’s only chance at life was to be without him. To be freed from the chains of Hell he’d instilled on her.

So, he let her go.

A shoulder brushed his, bringing him out of his thoughts, and he looked up from his drink momentarily to see a short brunette with bright blue eyes leaning languidly over the counter, batting her eyelashes at the bartender.

His gaze roved down the curve of her spine, resting on a rather round, plump behind. The sight elicited thoughts almost instinctively, and he had to grasp his drink to still the itch in his palm.

The itch to feel flesh beneath it, to deliver a sting that would make such a beautiful mortal whimper in his grasp.

Do not get so excited so quickly, this damn thing hasn’t even begun yet!

He chastised himself before he turned his attention back to his drink and away from the ass in question.

“Hades, how you been, man?” The familiar voice of a rather annoying hunter broke his concentration.



Is there anywhere this pain in the ass does not go?

“Hello, Orion,” Hades responded politely.

The blond-haired hunter took the open seat next to Hades, never asking if the seat was taken. It was bad enough Hades had to reside near the man in the Underworld, not to mention due to Orion’s contracts with both Heaven and Hell, he was a frequent flier in the offices Hades worked.

“Haven’t seen you in a while, work must be Hell,” Orion said as he nodded at the bartender, signaling a drink order.

Hades sipped his Manhattan again, contemplating leaving the bar altogether. It would be so much easier to just take a trip over to the Den Of Sin than to go through all the motions of speed dating. He could easily move up his appointment with Tenille or give Samael and his bouncers a momentary scramble if he showed up unannounced, which could prove to be entertaining. Though, he did enjoy the idea of engaging in the pursuit, the challenge, and also the fantasy that perhaps maybe he would find someone in the sea of hopeless romantics and lonely singles who would stir his interest in ways that didn’t end with an empty bed come morning.

Hades mocked Orion with a sarcastic laugh. “Don’t quit your day job, Orion.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.” Orion took a swig of his beer.