Grind (Wrong Side of the Tracks #4) Read Online K.A. Merikan

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“I won’t let anyone hurt him. Even if he can never be mine.”

Ezra. Escort. Cynical. Hunted by a killer. Needs a man capable of anything.
Frank. Client. Protective. Loyal. Wants to forget his violent past.

On his 40th birthday, Frank decides his chance for love has passed.

But when an old friend treats him to a night with a beautiful escort, Frank is not about to say no. In fact, Ezra proves to be so intoxicating, he doesn’t want to let go.

So he’ll pay. An easy solution to loneliness. No strings, no expectations, a clean transaction and a bit of extravagance in his otherwise frugal life.

That is, until one night Ezra arrives on his doorstep, desperate for protection from none other than Frank’s old buddy. A man as dangerous as Frank used to be.

Ezra has a very clear goal in life—make a load of money while he’s young and beautiful, then marry rich. His rules are just as simple: stay safe and don’t fall for clients.

Frank might be Ezra’s type: big, rough around the edges, and generous in bed, but Ezra is level-headed enough to know that a guy who works at a junkyard and doesn’t exactly own a yacht isn’t marriage material.

But Ezra is in danger, and he needs a man with massive fists, not deep pockets, so he will do everything in his power to secure Frank’s affection.

Only Frank never planned to get involved with his little treat. Because if Ezra knew his dark secrets, he’d be terrified of what kind of monster he’d let into his bed.



Tropes: size difference, age gap, escort, forced proximity, opposites attract, ice prince, gentle giant, sworn off relationships, dark secret, emotional scars, blue collar

Genre: Scorching hot M/M dark romance

Length: ~120,000 words (Standalone)

WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, offensive language and morally ambiguous characters as well as the topics of domestic violence, eating disorders and fatphobia

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Chapter 1


In moments like this, Frank regretted he didn’t kill people anymore.

He had to take a deep breath as he stared down the cashier’s acne-ridden face. “For the last time, it says the coupon is valid until today.”

The huff in the line behind him only made him more agitated. He could take on any of these fuckers in a brawl. He was six-five and one punch from his massive fists could shatter a nose with ease, but that would get him thrown out of Costco without his birthday beer.

The teenager frowned at him from behind the register and blew a strand of unruly hair out of his face. “No, according to the terms and conditions, it needs to be used before this date. Which means it was valid until yesterday.” He then leaned forward and put his finger on a row of words in a cloud of black, barely-readable font on the coupon, as if he thought Frank was either blind or slow.

If Frank had lasers for eyes, he’d cut the kid in half and be done with it. “How is that in any way clear, if it says until.”

The man behind him huffed again. “Just pay the extra quarter, man. Jesus.”

Frank bared his teeth. “That’s not the point!” He did not want to pay extra when he had a coupon for this shit.

A middle-aged woman standing right behind his back tossed a bill right next to the cashier’s hand and spoke with a voice soaked in annoyance. “Here, now put it through at full price.”

Frank blinked and turned around to glare at her scrunched features. “I have money! This is about principles.”

“Well, my principle is to pick up my kid from school on time.”

Frank squinted at her in frustration, but the cashier butted in.

“Or would you like to leave it?”

All Frank wanted today was a nice beer for his birthday on top of all the other stuff he had to get for the small party he was throwing for friends in two days. He was turning forty today, but it was more convenient for everyone to come over on Saturday. So the beer was the one thing just for him. Why would he waste more money than he should when his coupon was valid? Furthermore, why should the greedy corporation get an extra quarter they didn’t deserve, even if it wasn’t him paying?

Until a few months ago, Frank would have sent his nephew, Dex to do shopping like this, but he’d moved out, leaving Frank alone with all the chores. Which was fine. Especially since Dex was wasteful and would have probably forgotten about the coupons altogether. But since Frank needed to get his own groceries now, he’d do things his way.

“Yes, I’d like to leave it,” he said in a stern voice.

The cashier rolled his eyes.

“All this wasted time for nothing,” the woman behind Frank’s back said loudly enough for him to hear.

A part of him wanted to glare at her, but what was the point? His mood had already been spoiled. Not that it mattered, if he wasn’t to see any of his friends later. Shane and Ros were away for a dog training event, and since the birthday party was postponed, Jag and Dane had the latter’s family over for the evening.