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I've been invited to be the private masseuse for three hot-as-sin athletes. It’s paradise… until it’s not.

A week’s stay at a luxurious house on the beach sounds perfect. I’m hopeful it will give me time to sort out my toxic roommate situation and chart a path toward the independence I crave. But giving rub-downs to former pro baseball players with incredible bodies proves to be quite the distraction.

Justin is as easy on the eyes as he is easygoing. With his humor and charm, he acts like he doesn’t have a care in the world, but I find out otherwise during our late-night talks.

Recently divorced Dominic is nursing a broken heart and a grudge against a former teammate who made his life hell. His kind eyes and ripped body make me want to ease his pain in every way I can.

And when I’m kneading Tye’s stiff muscles, I long for his touch as much as he desires mine. Once I find out he plans to use his talent to help others, I have no choice but to fall for him.

With every walk on the beach, soak in the hot tub, and increasingly intimate massage, I learn that there is so much more to these men than meets the eye. They have big plans, and they want me to join in. But will helping them reach their goals mean giving up mine?

Grand Slammed is a red-hot reverse harem romance with a happy ever after ending. It's part of the Roommates series of standalone novels with characters who continue to make appearances.

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“Miss? Miss, we’re here.”

My mouth gaped open as I stared out the car window.




Carlos, the driver, shut the engine off. And now he was climbing out of the car. Which had to mean that yes, indeed, we were here.

Except we couldn’t be. There was no way that the colossal structure in front of me was where I’d be staying for a whole week.

It’s a beach house.

That’s what they’d told me. But this wasn’t a beach house, it was a beach mansion. Or a palace. Hell, I’d seen smaller convention centers. There was no way this was the right place.


Carlos appeared outside the window, startling the hell out of me. He took in the expression on my face and grinned. “I promise, it’s even better inside.” He opened my door, and I placed a shaky foot on the ground, still staring upwards.

It was magnificent. Tall columns flanked a pair of huge doors that looked like they belonged to a freaking castle. Except the colors were wrong for a castle. The columns, walls, and even the doors were the color of the sand I’d glimpsed in the distance on the drive over. The only things that were dark were the windows, which seemed to be tinted against the Florida sun, and the two gigantic palm trees that flanked the house.

I’d never even seen a real palm tree before my plane landed ninety minutes ago. The Chicago area definitely wasn’t known for them.

“Naomi?” Clearly worried by my silence, Carlos had dropped the ‘miss’ part. “Are you okay?”

My throat felt dry. “Yeah.” Except that wasn’t very friendly. Carlos had been nothing but kind. “I mean, it’s gorgeous.”

The driver grinned as he took my arm and helped me out of the car. Normally, that was something I could manage on my own, but my limbs seemed to be as shocked as my brain at the moment. “Again, just wait until you see inside.”

I planned to, if my feet still worked.

Once he deemed me steady enough to let go, Carlos opened the trunk and got my bags while I stared at the beach house again. Or beach mansion or whatever it truly was. I had to crane my neck to see the roof, which looked to be covered in some kind of rounded tile that made me think of Spain. Was the house two stories? Three? More? It was impossible to tell, but it was taller than its neighbors. Landscaped greenery surrounded the house, giving it space to breathe.

Speaking of that, I took a deep breath. The air was fresh… but with a note to it I couldn’t identify. It filled my nostrils with… salt. It smelled salty.

It must be the ocean. Excitement filled me at the thought of seeing it for real. Outside of movies and a brief glimpse from the plane, I’d never seen it before.

“Go on in, it’s hot out here. I’ll take your bags up to your room.”

I nodded, taking a few tentative steps toward the doors. The light-colored wood almost seemed to glow in the midday sun.

Then I thought of something. “Is Evelyn here?”

Carlos set my suitcase down on the zig-zagged bricks of the driveway, which were also sand-colored. “No, she’s in New York with her husband. It’s just the boys here.”

For a moment, I thought he meant children, but then I remembered. Evelyn, a very rich, extremely eccentric elderly woman I’d only met a few weeks ago had hired me to be the private massage therapist for her adult nephew and his friends. Those must be the ‘boys’ that Carlos spoke of.

They were perfect strangers to me… and they were presumably somewhere in the mansion in front of me.

The absurdity of the situation settled over me as I thanked Carlos and made my way to the doors. The silver handle on just one of them was chest height. Should I knock? But Carlos called out that I should just go inside, so I did.

And then stopped dead and gasped.

Holy hell.

If the outside looked like a photo spread in an architectural magazine, the inside looked like a five-star hotel. It was the most breathtaking room I’d ever seen.

Except for the absence of the hot sun, the interior had many of the same features as the exterior. There were columns here, too, as well as palm trees, though not as tall as the ones out front.

The vast area in front of me was probably supposed to be some kind of living room, but there were four or five different seating areas, each one at least twice as big as the living room in the apartment I’d left this morning. And each one furnished with tables, sofas, and chairs that probably cost more than my car.

As if in a trance, I walked toward the nearest couch. The light-colored leather was soft and cool to the touch. It looked about a million times more comfortable than the economy seat I’d just spent two hours in.