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God of Temptation - Immortal Matchmakers, Inc

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Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes GOD OF TEMPTATION , a very-probably-inappropriate Paranormal Romance.
Tula Jones is a simple farmgirl who never dreamed she’d fall for a real-life god. And not just any god. When it comes to Zac, God of Temptation, no man is more dedicated, sexy, and alluring on the planet. Hello! Temptation powers!
But when Zac and his brethren mysteriously disappear, Tula is beside herself. Watch out. I’m coming to save my man! (And the rest of his kind.) But where are they?
Then she receives a photo from a mysterious stranger, and the news is devastating. The gods are prisoners in the underworld, and Zac has been cheating with the other “guests.”
Tula doesn’t want to believe Zac would betray her. She and Zac are soul mates, right?
But if she wants the truth, Tula must answer the summons from a demon who’s hellbent on taking over the world. And he wants to keep her.
Note: This can be read as a standalone, but it’s a smidgeon more fun if you’ve read the other crazy books. This is the series FINALE. Yes, I mean it this time. No. Really. You can’t have more. Snort.
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Mimi Jean Pamfiloff



Aloha from non-paradise! First, allow me to apologize. This note has been written on Votan’s underpants; thus I must be brief!

See what I did there? I must be brief because I’m writing on… Oh, neverthefuck mind.

Let’s move on to congratulating you. Yes, you! All of my fun-loving people pets! Bravo for making it to the end of this bumpy tale of immortal matchmaking, starring some of the sexiest, but most difficult immortal clients to ever walk into my matchmaking office: Andrus, Tommaso, Belch, Forgetty, Colel, and Brutus. Very few humans have the coconuts, huevos, and backbone to look behind the scenes at the immortal world and the inner workings of the Universe.

Kinda scary learnin’ how many times the world has almost gone kaput!

Scarier yet, though? Knowing that I have been responsible. Okay, okay. And I saved you all. I’m a generous and giving goddess that way.

However, in the interest of fairness (aka “sharing the blame”), I cannot take all the credit for the roller coaster of apocalypses and plagues.

Oh no, mon cher. Because we all know that behind every great story is a great villain. And boy, do I have a villain for you!

He’s creepy.

He’s crawly.

He deserves his very own section at Walmart called “icky crap no one wants to buy.” So do not, I repeat, do not skip over the warning. See “warning” section posted before this note. It is muy importante. Now, on to business! Quiz time!

Regrettably, this shall be your final pop quiz from yours truly, since all good (and not so good) things must come to an end.

How does it all end? you ask. You are about to find out. So buckle up. Find a bottle of fermented something and then trust in the gods to take you on a ride to Hell and back. Wink, wink. Say no more.

Now time for the quiz. Don’t miss the answers in the back.

Let us begin!

1. Last time we saw the gods, they were:

a. Frolicking naked in a bouncy house at the Naked Deity Bouncy House Festival.

b. On a world tour with Roen the traveling merman because they wanted to see how mortals and fishy dudes truly live.

c. We didn’t see them, Cimil, because they disappeared, and everyone knows you can’t see things that are gone. Duh…

2. Mimi is the real devil in this story because you never know:

a. When she says “it’s the end” if she REALLLY means it.

b. She enjoys mindfucking her fans, but only because they secretly love it.

c. If this is the one time she won’t try to surprise you with a crazy plot twist, simply because you’re expecting a plot twist, and not doing one is really a twist of its own.

d. All of the above.

3. Mimi gives free shit to her fans, such as signed bookmarks, if they:

a. Ask nicely and include all of their shipping info in an email. SEE AUTHOR’S NOTE.

b. If they send her weird unicorn shit that makes her office increasingly harder to work in because she finds herself drifting away to a magical place filled with said creatures.

c. If they show up at her front door in yellow ducky PJs with an empty bowl and say, “Please, Mimi, may I have some more?”

4. Tula and Zac are getting this book because out of all the Immortal Matchmaker characters:

a. They have suffered the longest and need a full-blown HEA.

b. Mimi was frightened of what her readers might do if she didn’t write it.

c. Minky needs to find closure over her crush on Zac.

d. The gods are missing, and a series just can’t end like that!

e. None of the above.






“Jeez, can it possibly get any more hellish down here?” From deep inside the cave, Tula grabbed the front of her pink T-shirt and peeled the fabric from her sweat-soaked skin. She’d never been so hot, like the meat was slowly cooking off her bones. Every breath of putrid sulfur-scented air left a foul taste on her tongue that made her retch.

“Da. It can,” said Yuri, the Russian guide, trailing behind her. “Which is why I’m sorry, Miss Tula. Diss is where I muss leave you.”

Tula glanced over her shoulder at Yuri’s red face. He was an older man in his late sixties with thinning gray hair, but his looks were deceiving. Normally, she couldn’t keep up with him despite being in great shape herself.

He’s slowing down because he doesn’t want to go farther. She couldn’t blame him. Yuri had gotten her all the way here to Siberia, down the steep ravine of slushy, melting permafrost, and deep inside this dark labyrinth of foul, steaming caves. “The mouth of Hell,” the locals called it, which was why Tula was here. Hell was exactly where she needed to go, if she could find a way in without having to be dead. Again.