Full Moon Fires (Bearers #3) Read Online Anya Byrne

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When his own pack betrays him, half-shifter Lysander is forced to flee the only home he’s ever known. He seeks help in a Bearer shelter, but even here, he is haunted by his past. It all seems hopeless—until Callaghan steps in.
Upon hearing a mysterious pack killer apparently attacked a Bearer shelter, Callaghan immediately wants to help. But things are not what they seem, and instead of finding the crazed werewolf he’d heard so much about, Callaghan meets his mate—a mate who is in dire need of someone to help and trust him.
Lysander knows he can’t afford to hope. Callaghan knows he can’t force a bond onto someone who has already been through so much.
And yet, as they find themselves growing closer, the fire between them starts to consume all their doubts. But will it be enough, or will the shadows of Lysander’s past consume them?



Pack Killer

One year before

“Hang in there, Lys.” Lysander’s mother placed a wet cloth on his face, wiping his sweaty brow. “It won’t be long now.”

Lysander forced a smile, even if he didn’t believe her. He felt like he was burning up, and soon, there would be nothing of him left.

Still, he appreciated her support, her love and her concern. “Thank you. Thank you for this.”

“Oh, honey, don’t thank me.” His mother’s eyes glowed with unshed tears. “I just wish I could do more.”

But she couldn’t, because they didn’t really understand what was happening to him. Well, no, that wasn’t exactly accurate. They had a pretty good idea—it was clearly a heat. Lysander had never actually witnessed one, but he’d heard about it from the people in his father’s pack.

The problem was that only female shifters went into heat, and Lysander was most definitely a man. He was also a half-breed, and while he had some interesting skills, they didn’t really make him that remarkable. After his father’s death, the pack had sort of... lost interest in him, and while they still supported Lysander and his mother, he nevertheless felt like he didn’t belong.

The only other occurrence of a male heat was in human Bearers. Bearers could be both male and female—although male ones were pretty rare. But that was a moot point too, since Lysander had shifter blood.

Medication was out of the question. His mother might have been able to procure suppressors, but those were meant for Bearers, and there was no telling what kind of reaction Lysander would have to them. She had insisted on him seeing the pack doctor, but he’d been too afraid, and too ashamed.

They already didn’t like him much. What would they say if they saw him now, shivering and sweating, his ass slick as if he was waiting for a cock?

No, it was more than shame. He simply didn’t feel safe. Just the idea of anyone except his mother approaching him when he was in such a vulnerable state made his stomach roil. They would hurt him, he knew. And Lysander could do very little to defend himself.

So he just lay here, curled up under the blankets and hoping it would all go away. Perhaps it might not be the best idea, but it was the only thing he had.

He realized his mother was speaking to him only when she started shaking his shoulder. “Lys. Honey, listen. Everything will be okay now.” Your father is here with Doctor Bellows.”

Lysander’s first thought was the automatic ‘he’s not my father’. But that was a ridiculous idea to dwell on at a time like this. Apparently, his mother had ignored him and gotten a doctor to come despite his wishes.

“No...” His voice sounded raspy, to the point where he couldn’t even recognize it. “Why did you... No. You shouldn’t have... Make them go away.”

“Lys, I’m sorry, but I can’t. You need help. Don’t be afraid. No one is going to hurt you.”

Now that he was paying attention, Lysander could indeed hear voices outside. His mother swept out of the room, presumably to go bring in the doctor. Lysander’s head was spinning, and the only thing he knew was that he needed to get out of there ASAP.

He shoved the covers off, his hands trembling with pain and exhaustion. His pajamas were soaked with sweat and other even less pleasant fluids. He struggled to gather his bearings, trying to get out of bed.

He didn’t get very far.

The doctor came into the room just as Lysander’s feet were touching the floor. Lysander recognized him as an old friend of his step-father’s. Doctor Bellows. He couldn’t remember the man’s first name. Jim? John? Irrelevant.

Possibly-Jim grunted under his breath. “I see. The situation is pretty dire. You did the right thing in calling me.”

Lysander’s mother wrung her hands. “You can help him then? You can help my Lys?”

Doctor Bellows nodded. “Yes, but I’ll need you to give us some privacy.”