Fudge Crunch (Little Cakes #10) Read Online Pepper North, Paige Michaels

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Series: Paige Michaels

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Welcome to Little Cakes, the bakery that plays Daddy matchmaker!

Could a trip to Blaze cause this Daddy to find his Little?

Terry Reinhart watched his sheltered sister find the Daddy of her dreams. Seeing them happy ignites his desire to find a special someone of his very own.

Kiki Brock is new to Blaze. She knows she's a big personality, but she's determined to enjoy life. When she glimpses the stern man visiting his sister in the Littles section, Kiki is instantly intrigued. He checks all her boxes and looks like he needs a breath of fresh air. Surely her zest for life will catch this Daddy's attention.

Little Cakes is a sweet and satisfying series, but dare to taste only if you like delicious Daddies, luscious Littles, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters.

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Chapter One

Blowing the air from her lungs, Kiki gathered her courage, plastered on a grin, and opened the door to Blaze. “Hi, Big Daddy!” she greeted the dungeon master. She’d met him and his Little the night of the Christmas party.

Serious lines appeared between his eyes, making Kiki regret her greeting. This guy was not someone to piss off. She had two choices: apologize or take it up a notch. Kiki batted her eyelashes at him.

“Kiki, right?” Tarson replied, with a chuckle that eased her concern.

“You have a good memory. I’m Kiki Brock.”

“Welcome back to Blaze. I only allow one Little to call me Daddy,” the large man warned.

Swallowing hard at his correction, Kiki forced herself to grin at him. “Sorry, Big… Guy. Can I go in?”

“Of course. Have a good time,” Tarson suggested as he stepped out of the way. “There are several Littles in the daycare if you wish to join them. I think you met most of them at the holiday party.”

“I think I’ll wander around for a bit. Any Daddies in the play area without Littles?”

“I’ll let you be your own matchmaker, Little one. I think they’ll suspect you’re a Little,” he suggested.

Kiki smoothed the short, ruffled skirt over her thighs. “Maybe this is the newest style?”

He grinned, and she knew he was imagining everyone walking around in similar dresses with their hair in braids and matching bows. Before he could comment, she curtsied and skipped down the hall to enter the club. It was always best to make a quick exit.

Tamping down her desire to find her Daddy, Kiki tried to remain realistic. She’d looked for a Daddy since she’d figured out she was Little several years ago. The small town she’d lived in wasn’t exactly teeming with men who fit this dynamic. As soon as she’d settled in her new apartment, Kiki had investigated all the clubs. Blaze was the most recommended in the area.

As she walked into the bar, Kiki scanned the crowd, checking to see if she’d piqued anyone’s interest. Several people smiled at her, but she didn’t see the spark she’d hoped to find. Waving at their greetings, she wandered further into Blaze.

A scene played out in front of her. Kiki had seen Shibari before. It fascinated her. She shuddered slightly at the thought of being restrained that completely so someone could suspend her in the air. It definitely wasn’t for her, but watching the Dom tenderly ease the silken ropes around the beautifully tattooed woman made her yearn to have the same relationship these two had. Recognizing Riley and her Daddy, the Knot Master, Kiki stared in fascination at their play.

“Are you interested in Shibari, Little one?” a deep voice asked quietly next to her, making her turn quickly to see another familiar face. She recognized him as Terry Reinhart, Tori’s brother. She’d seen him at the holiday party. She’d panted a bit when she’d met him, but she doubted he’d noticed her.

“Not for myself,” she admitted in a quiet whisper. Now that she was talking to an actual Daddy, all the wind blew out of her sails. She was nervous. Her bravado disappeared. This was what always happened when someone she was truly interested in approached her.

“For them, it’s perfect. She submits to his care completely, and he alone keeps her safe.”

“A Daddy and his Little,” Kiki whispered enviously.

“Come with me,” the man next to her requested as he offered his hand.

Not wishing to disturb Riley and Milo, Kiki nodded. She hesitated to place her palm against this man she’d never talked to but knew she was safe here.

Following him through the crowd, the handsome man drew her back to the bar and to a secluded table where they could speak alone. When he released her hand, Kiki immediately missed the contact with his warm skin.

“You can touch me,” she offered, wiggling her fingers.

“I’ll wait to get to know you better,” he answered as he studied her face. “I believe I see some honest feelings hiding behind the mischievous attitude.”

Squirming in her chair, Kiki shook her head vigorously to dismiss that idea. “Oh, no. Not me. I’m not into anything serious, like feelings. I just like to have a good time. Ask anyone…”

Gesturing around the room, she realized her voice had been too loud. Everyone was watching now. Kiki straightened her shoulders to appear unaffected by the attention.

“That was a bunch of malarky,” he observed softly.

Her voice dropped to a whisper, and she asked, “What?” Kiki dropped her bravado and looked at him in amazement.

“I think you, like most Littles, thrive on having an emotional connection to someone special. Have you ever had a Daddy before?”

Forcing herself to respond quickly to him as if his words weren’t true, Kiki answered, “Oh, I’ve had lots. I’m too much for most of them to handle. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit bratty.” She forced herself to wink to help convince him.