Freak Show (Welcome to the Circus #2) Read Online Lani Lynn Vale

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Slone Day, defensive end for the Longview professional football team, has a lot on his plate.

He’s at the peak of his career, he’s a single father raising a girl that’s border line genius and can’t seem to find the time to date. Let alone see someone seriously.

He’s perfectly content living his life as it is.

Then he goes to a circus.


There she is, a practical invalid who can’t go anywhere without being babysat, experiencing a crisis in the middle of a public setting, when she spots him.

The moment that Caristonia Singh meets Slone, she realizes her life is about to change.

Meeting men when you work in a circus is practically impossible. That’s why she’s the inexperienced girl that doesn’t know how to act around a hot guy.

A really big, really sexy, holy crap he could toss me over his head and make it look easy, guy.

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There’s something about a speed limit that just doesn’t sit right with my foot.

-Slone to Caristonia


Six Months Ago

I grimaced at the package.

“Who’s that from?” I asked.

“That’s from a fan,” Jarvis, a worker, said as he struggled to get a tent pole securely into the ground.

I watched his muscles strain but didn’t make a move to help him.

There would be no point.

Putting those tent poles up would take way more strength than I possessed.

It’d taken all five sisters to get one up when we were younger. And to be completely truthful, now that we were adults, our strength hadn’t really improved. We’d gotten breasts and ass, but we’d all been the same size since we were twelve.

“Great,” I grumbled.

I had a lovely admirer that liked to go to as many of our shows as he could. Often times he liked to leave me gifts.

The only problem was, his gifts and my twin sister’s gifts that she was bent on sending me were sometimes the same, so it was likely that I would open the gift thinking it was from Hades when in fact, it was someone else. We had weird people in the audience that stared or leered at all of us. It was uncomfortable but I’ve never had the sense that there was a stalker among them.

“Just open it and stop being a little bitch,” Jarvis ordered.

I sighed and did just that, opening it.

I grimaced when I saw the box inside of the box.

“Gross,” I groused.

“You got my present!” Hades cried.

I looked over at her and said, “You got me a dildo that leans heavily to the left?”

Hades blinked. “No. That one must not be mine.”

The box felt like it was burning my hand the longer I held on to it.

“Mine’s actually a pair of panties.” Hades looked at Jarvis. “Did you see who gave you this one?”

“Listen.” Jarvis finally got the pole in place and turned to us. “I’m not a mail carrier. I’m not anything that sits there and runs errands for you and pays attention to who gives me what. I was in the middle of putting this big ass fence up. Jesus fucking Christ. And you want me to fuckin’ pay attention to who gives it to you?”

So Jarvis was a little bit of an asshole.

But he was a hard worker and sometimes you had to deal with the attitude even if you didn’t want to when you were already short on workers.

“Thanks, Jarvis,” I muttered as I walked the box to the trash.

If Hades was asking Jarvis that, she knew damn well who it was giving it to him.

Well, we knew it was my “admirer.” We just didn’t know who that admirer was.

“What’s that?”

I looked up to find my brother, Keene, looking at me with narrowed eyes.

I tossed him the box and he caught it.

One look inside the box had him turning a glare onto Hades.

She really did send me weird shit, so it wasn’t super surprising that she was getting blamed.

She’d been doing it for years. Meanwhile, my admirer had been sending me weird, sketchy gifts for about four months.

“It wasn’t me!” she immediately denied. “It has a note,” Hades said as she plucked it out of the box. “Male handwriting. It has to be your dude.”

“Don’t call him my dude,” I mumbled. “He’s not my anything.”

Hades flashed me a leering grin then ripped it open.

Her face turned a little green as she said, “It says ‘so you can have something that’s like me.’ Gross.”

Double gross.

“It also says ‘see you next week,’” she read.

Keene took the note and the box and dumped them both into the trash.

“At least he’s giving you a few days off,” Hades tried to reply helpfully.

“I think we should try to go to the police again,” Keene said.

I was already shaking my head. “What’s the point?”

We’d tried that several times now. Other than giving weird gifts, he wasn’t hurting me in any way. I also couldn’t give them anything more than “he’s probably a man” and “the gifts are suggestive.”

“The point,” Keene said, looking annoyed, “is that maybe a cop from this town will do something about it.”

I snorted indelicately. “Yeah, right.”

Keene sighed. “You’re right.”

I knew I was.

We’d actually tried this four separate times, and each time the police officers had been understanding, but hadn’t been able to do a damn thing about it. It also didn’t help that we were moving around so much that I couldn’t go to the same police officer each time.

“Take a picture and then toss it,” I muttered. “I’m going to bed.”

One Month Later

“What is it this time?” I asked, looking at the box like it held venomous snakes.

“It looks like a pair of underwear.” Keene tossed the box.

“Oh!” Hades clapped. “That one is mine!”

Moving around so much, getting mail was hard. Sometimes, if we missed a certain stop, we had to have mail forwarded to our next address. And, even then, it might not make it before we left again.