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Fracture (Unbreakable Bonds #6)

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After three years, Snow and Jude’s relationship is still passionate and strong. They’re getting ready for a romantic vacation at home when Jude receives a horrifying call no one wants to receive. His youngest brother was found barely clinging to life. While Jude’s family is rallying around Jordan, Jude is determined to find out what happened to him.

Snow and Jude follow the clues, investigating a side of Jordan’s life none of them knew about…and is far darker than any would have believed possible. They get pulled deeper into the seedy side of life, while echoes from a past Snow thought he walked away from return to offer an unexpected insight into the cause of Jordan’s injuries.

But someone else has noticed their involvement and is furious, putting them both in danger. The risk is high but so is Jude’s determination to find the truth—though the knowledge could very well fracture his heart.
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Chapter 1

Hot water pounded down on Jude Torres’s shoulders. He turned into the stream, letting it pour over his face as he thought about how he planned to spend the next week with the enigmatic Dr. Ashton Frost—or as he was better known to his friends, Snow. If Jude had his way, it would be mostly in bed.

They both had vacation time, and it had been far too long since they’d gotten in anything other than quickies with their crazy schedules.

Just the thought of more time in bed with his boyfriend had his blood pumping as hot as the water.

Normally, dual vacations meant a trip somewhere, but after surviving the hustle and bustle of the holiday season just a few weeks ago, they’d both decided on quality time at home together. The last month especially had been hard with so many out sick with the flu and Jude picking up extra shifts.

So, seven days of just the two of them, cooking and being together, sounded like heaven on Earth. God, he couldn’t wait to drag Snow into their bed and keep him there. Three years hadn’t dampened the explosive heat they had between them, and he couldn’t see any amount of time doing that.

He wanted the man with a ferocity that still awed him.

The stall door opened, and he grinned, wiping the water off his face. “You got home earlier than you thought you would. How was little Daciana Vallois?”

Snow stepped into the shower, his naked body the best thing Jude had seen all day. “Perfect, as you can probably imagine. How could a child of Lucas and Andrei’s be anything but?”

“I wish I could have joined you. My last call of the day ran longer than I’d expected. I’m dying to see her.”

“She’s gorgeous. Tiny and precious. Andrei’s genes are strong—that baby has his dark, brown eyes already.”

“Poor Lucas. He doesn’t stand a chance.”

Crystal blue eyes bored into his and he could see a question, one he was very familiar with, in Snow’s gaze. They’d discussed having children, and though Jude knew a part of him would always long for them, he knew how Snow felt. Snow didn’t want kids. The idea terrified him. And Snow came first for Jude. Always would. But those doubts he saw in Snow’s eyes bothered him.

He tugged him closer under the water, loving the slide of taut muscles against him. Snow had a long, muscular body that drove him crazy, especially when it was wet. “Ready for our vacation?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” Snow’s hands settled on Jude’s hips.

“Oh, yeah? Because I’ve been fantasizing about being in your ass all day, and nothing is going to thwart my plans.”

Jude turned Snow so he could nestle into that perfect ass. His hand snaked around to hold Snow’s throat, his cock instantly filling as he rubbed it between Snow’s cheeks. Snow moaned and leaned into him. One palm on the man’s throat and he could have anything he wanted. Desire speared through Jude like lightning. It was always like this with them.

Snow turned his head to take Jude’s mouth in a kiss that turned to fire fast. His general had the best mouth with a full, bottom lip and the sexiest dip in the middle of his upper one. Jude licked Snow’s lips, sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, then slid his tongue along Snow’s, groaning at the feel of that sexy ass cradling his dick. He reached for the soap and got his hand nice and lathered before wrapping his fingers around Snow’s hard cock. Snow came up on his toes to thrust. He loved the feel of that smooth length in his hand, the crinkle of pubic hair against his knuckles.

Jude marveled over the connection they still had, over how powerful his desire seemed to grow for Snow. The man could break him down until all he felt was need. Raw, basic need. He wanted to bask in Snow for the rest of his life.

He tightened his grip, knowing Snow liked things on the edge of rough, knowing he could add that extra bit of pressure to make the man beg. There was nothing like reducing his general down to monosyllables. Snow was in charge in every aspect of his career and quite often in their life—until it came to the bedroom. There, he beautifully gave up control often to Jude in a way that made Jude feel like the most blessed man on the planet. He lived for turning Snow into a sweating, heaving mess. There was nothing like it.

He couldn’t imagine a more perfect man for him.

As Jude stroked Snow’s dick, his mouth opened over Snow’s, their tongues sliding against each other. He bit and nipped at Snow’s sexy lips, then slid his tongue in deep again to search out Snow’s unique flavor. Snow groaned into his mouth, his hand coming up to cradle Jude’s head. “Want you,” he whispered into Jude’s mouth. “Now.”