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He’s a son of a b….illionaire and now he’s my fake fiancé.
It’s not like I have a choice.
Dad was desperate to save our empire and hide his sins.
Too bad I’m the one who has to pretend to be engaged.
There’s fire in my eyes when Dad tells me the plan.
Living and working with this spoiled playboy is not my idea of fun.
His cocky attitude and mischievous eyes tease me to the point of distraction.
But glimpses of his defined muscles make me want to act the part.
Little did I know the fire in my eyes,
Would turn to fire between the sheets.
Will our burning desire secure our empire, or will it destroy us first?

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Chapter One


“How can you just throw everything away like that?”

I could feel my chest heaving as I yelled at my father for the first time ever. That his face was a mirror of resignation and defeat did nothing to curb my anger. His shoulders were slumped in his brown Eames chair; he looked like a man who had given up and I hated it. I didn’t know the man staring back at me. The man I knew as my father was a strong, resilient man who had built Cresswell Limited from a mere mom and pop store in a rundown street in Seattle to a big food and agricultural warehousing giant with subsidiaries across fifteen cities in four states. All this while raising me by himself after the death of my mom during childbirth and I never remembered him missing a career day in school. But it really wasn’t as it seemed. He had always taught me to not be a quitter. So, why? How could he just let it all go like that? I just couldn’t understand it.

“You have to understand, Lexa.” He blurted out with a half sigh of resignation. “I don't want to file for bankruptcy, and this is the only way I can walk away with my dignity without all our employees losing their jobs. At this point, nothing we try would work.”

“You can’t give up! We can get through this. Every company goes through a rough patch. We’ll move past it as others have. This isn't the first time. You can't give up. I believe in you.” I pleaded desperately.

“Dad,” I called when he refused to meet my gaze.

“It’s all my fault, Lexa. I’m sorry.”


The click-clack of my shoes against the tiles of the hospital was painfully loud as they echoed in the empty hallway that led to the ICU… where my father was. I opened the door to his room, interrupting two men in a hushed tone discussion with him.

“You called for me, Father?” I said, as I entered the room, both interrupting and studying the other two men to avoid looking at my father for too long.

I could never get used to the aloof, barrel-chested man of few words that was the Jonathan Rhodes I’d grown up knowing, looking so frail, thin, and dependent on life support in the hospital. He looked like he was only a finite number of days away from the cold hands of death.

I greeted the two men with a nod; the first was his long-time friend, Hank Cresswell, and the second, his lawyer, George. I wondered what he was up to, what else he had to worry about while fighting for his life

“You should be resting,” I said as he reached for the button to raise his hospital bed. He beckoned to me and motioned toward his oxygen mask. I helped him take it off and reduce the flow.

“Dawson,” he said, trying to smile but it looked more like a grimace.


Like the man I’d always known him to be, he went straight to the point without mincing words. “Hank has been having some difficulties with his company lately, so I bought it, but with some conditions.”

“What conditions?” I asked like I knew he expected me to.

“I don’t have long to live. It is a condition for Hank and my last wish for you. I want you to become engaged to his daughter, Alexa.”


"For six months."

I was dumbfounded. The last thing I was expecting was my father wanting to interfere with my love life. As I finally got over my shock and opened my mouth to argue, he burst into a coughing fit. After he’d calmed down and his oxygen mask was back on, he motioned toward his lawyer who started to speak quickly.

“The purchase will avoid Cresswell Limited having to file for bankruptcy. There is some anxiety among the board, and the engagement will help ease the tension and increase confidence in the merger of these two family-run companies. According to the contract, Cresswell Limited will be a subsidiary of Rhodes Inc. It will not be dismantled for at least two years, all current employees will be retained, and their operations are not to be tampered with for that period,” he droned on. “For the six months of your engagement to Ms. Cresswell, you have to live together to keep up appearances and she will work with you as an advisor, fully involved with the integration of Cresswell Limited into Rhodes Inc. You don’t have to worry about her experience; she has all the necessary expertise and skills, which she gained while working as the head of multiple Cresswell branches.”