Emma’s Engagement (Clover Creek Community #1) Read Online Kirsten Osbourne

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Finally in her new home after what felt like years walking the Oregon Trail, Emma Williams is excited to be courted by Jared, a man she’s loved from afar since they set out on their journey. They are compatible in every way but one, and she fears that one way will make him break off their courtship.
Jared Appleby is a hard-working man, intent on starting the largest ranch in the west with the help of his father and two brothers. He’d lost his mother along the trail, and his sister—who is a newlywed—has been cooking for his family and her new husband. He knows that him marrying will not only take some of the pressure off his sister, but it will make his life better.
Emma and Jared have had feelings for one another since before their journey began. Now that the journey is over, will he be able to see past her shortcomings to the wonderful woman she is? Or will their marriage be doomed from the start?


Chapter One

Emma Williams wished her father could get the house he’d promised her mother built before winter, but there was just no time. Instead, they would winter in a log cabin. Thankfully, Pa had built a loft for her and her sisters. Only problem was it was for her and her sisters. She needed her own space sometimes. Especially now that she was being courted by the most handsome man in their entire community—Jared Appleby.

Emma had first developed a crush on Jared when they were still in Independence, Missouri, and she’d thought many times about approaching him to talk to him on their incredibly long journey, but Ma had told her over and over that ladies didn’t pursue gentlemen. So, she’d waited for him to come to her, but it was a long wait.

But now, everything was wonderful between them. Tonight, she was cooking for him and his family for the first time ever, and she was a little nervous. She couldn’t cook as well as her ma, but she’d been learning to cook since she was a young girl.

She was making a roast that her brother had brought her from one of the elk he had shot and butchered. She couldn’t wait to see his face when he tasted it. Emma was the best cook out of the three girls in her family, and she couldn’t wait for Jared to lavish her with praises about what a good cook she was.

She climbed down the stairs from the loft to see her mother stirring something over the fire. “I was going to start supper for the Applebys, Ma.”

“You can build a firepit outside. It’s chilly, but the fire will keep you warm, and I won’t be looking over your shoulder telling you each step. You must learn to cook on your own and not having me looking over your shoulder every time you make a meal.”

Emma nodded. “Yes, Ma.” She took the second large pot from its spot in one corner of the kitchen and put the roast into it. “I’ll peel the potatoes and add them. I wish I knew how to bake bread.”

“Your pa was never fond of my bread, so I quit making it years ago, when Roy was a small boy. I’m sure the Appleby family got used to not having bread on the trail.” Ma looked up and smiled at her daughter. “You’re every bit as good of a cook as I am. Stop being nervous about this.”

“I just want Jared to be so pleased with my meal, he’ll drop to one knee, and ask me to marry him right then!” Emma smiled dreamily as she thought about it. She would love to be married before winter and not have to keep sharing that silly loft. Besides, it would be fun for her and her brother to be married to siblings. Then their children would be cousins on both sides.

While she cooked, she fantasized about what a perfect life she’d have with Jared. He was such a sweet man, and he’d lost his mother shortly before they arrived in Clover Creek. She felt terrible for him, but at least he had a sister to cook for them. Now that his sister, Henrietta, was married to her brother, Roy, he and his father and brothers had no one to cook for them. So, she was going to cook for them that evening. Hopefully, he would think even more of her skills as a wife after she’d done so.

As she was cooking, Jared walked down the hill. “Hello,” she said, looking down and blushing. He’d asked to court her, but they hadn’t kissed yet. She hoped she could quit pretending to be shy around him after they kissed. Her ma said it was necessary at least until there had been some physical display of affection, but she also said never to tell her pa if there was a physical display of affection. Her ma confused her at times.