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Dream Bites Cookbook - Cooking with the Commandos

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Kristen Ashley

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From New York Times bestseller Kristen Ashley and USA Today bestseller Suzanne M. Johnson…
See what’s cooking!
You’re invited to Denver and into the kitchens of Hawk Delgado’s commandos: Daniel “Mag” Magnusson, Boone Sadler, Axl Pantera and Augustus “Auggie” Hero as they share with you some of the goodness they whip up for their women.
Not only will you get to spend time with the commandos, the Dream Team makes an appearance with their men, and there are a number of special guest stars. It doesn’t end there, you’ll also find some bonus recipes from a surprise source who doesn’t like to be left out.
So strap in for a trip to Denver, a few short stories, some reminiscing and a lot of great food.
Welcome to Dream Bites, Cooking with the Commandos!
(Half of the proceeds of this cookbook go to the Rock Chick Nation Charities)
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Kristen Ashley


Coming Home


I fly into Denver International Airport, pick up my rental car, and fret that, after I leave Peña Boulevard, I won’t be able to find my way downtown.

That emotion is wasted.

Time has flown. It’s been nearly two decades since I left Denver. And when I did, I knew the Mile High City like the back of my hand.

But as my car cruises the distance, I find that hasn’t changed.

I’ve made a life in other places.

But being in Denver always feels like coming home.

Arriving downtown, I check into Hotel Teatro, itching to head right back out.

Once I dump my bags in my room, this is what I do.

Get to Speer Boulevard.

Turn onto Broadway.

Go south.

When I near it, I search for a parking spot (not easy).

I then hoof it to that special corner on Broadway where it all began.

All of it.

The realization of my dream.

I open the door and the bell above it rings.

Immediately, I see there’s a huge movie poster of Da 5 Bloods tacked over the shelves behind the espresso counter, this partly obscuring an epic collage of pictures of cats.

I walk to the line extending from the counter, eyeing the two people who are busy behind it.

I wait in line and finally make the front.

Of course, the gorgeous, curvy redhead who waits on me doesn’t recognize me.

I pretend I don’t know her intimately and order a Textual, the bespoke coffee drink named after the famous barista who is working next to her. His hair is wild, his beard wilder, and his manner even wilder.

He’s now banging on the large, red espresso machine, creating his concoctions from what appears to be brute force.

He’s doing this multitasking.

The other task he’s performing is having an argument with a man with a long gray ponytail peeking out from under the back of a bandana wrapped around his cranium. A man who is all the way across the bookstore standing behind a counter.

“It’s about where that damned red cap landed in the end, motherfucker,” the barista is saying. “That’s Spike’s statement.”

“I’m not disagreeing with you,” Bandana Man replies.

Famous Barista returns, “Then what were you saying?”

Which brings an exasperated, “Man, the same thing as you. Spike Lee doesn’t give you anything for free, brother. With Spike, you gotta earn it. And to do that, you gotta pay attention.”

Since I’ve seen the film (and the huge-ass poster is a big honking clue), I know they’re talking about Da 5 Bloods.

The redhead gets close to the barista in order to give him a cup with a drink order, a heart with an arrow through it and several stars drawn on it with a hot pink sharpie (my cup has a stick figure alien on it made up of an oval with eyes, nose and smiling mouth, antennae looping from the top, with mitten hands sticking out each side and globs for feet).

“It bums me out when Duke agrees with me,” the barista grumbles to the redhead.

That’s when she looks at me.

And winks.

Indy Nightingale.

Winking at me.

My heart flips in my chest as I smile back.

Through all of this, I’m waiting at the end of the espresso counter to get my drink.

And when Tex, the barista, puts it there, I mutter, “Thanks.”

He doesn’t even look at me.

He starts banging on the big red machine again.

I grin to myself, find a seat in the seating area at the front of the store that has tables, chairs, armchairs and a couch in front of the window, all a general mishmash that is totally disordered and even more totally welcoming.

As I sit, I take it all in—the hustle and bustle of Fortnum’s Used Books—and I do this while I wait for the large-ish round table in the corner to clear out so I can nab it.

This takes twenty minutes.

I don’t even wait for the staff to clean it off.

I nab it.

I sit with my back to the wall.

Which is the perfect positioning for what happens fifteen minutes later.

The door opens.

The bell above it clangs.

Conditioned to do this after the many escapades that have happened in that store, and the books that are based around it, not to mention the quality of person that tends to walk through, everyone in the store looks right to the door.

Because you never know what’s going to walk into Fortnum’s.

And what might happen after they do.

All of us are immediately rewarded for our effort.

Because in walk four of Hawk Delgado’s commandos.

Daniel “Mag” Magnusson.

Boone Sadler.

Axl Pantera.

And Augustus “Auggie” Hero.

They’re here to see me.

Chapter One



One month earlier…

Mag was in the kitchen with a pastry brush in his hand when he heard the back door open.

His timing couldn’t have been better.

Evie was home from class.

“Oh. My. God!” he heard her shout from the utility room.

He grinned to himself as he continued to brush garlic butter.

But he didn’t miss it as she walked into the kitchen, book bag over her shoulder, eyes not on him, but on what he was doing at the island in the kitchen of their new house.