Draconia Outcasts (Sassy Ever After World Collection) Read Online Renee Hewett, Mandy Rosko

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Three Sassy Ever After World Novellas in one box set!

Dragon Princess: Treasured Love
Dragoness Claire found her mate and gave in to passion, even though it’s forbidden. When the council orders her to send him away, she has no choice but to obey.
Wolf shifter Dustin returns home to lick his wounds after being dumped, but is shocked when Claire shows up carrying his child. Will they reunite before a group of rebels manages to kidnap the dragon princess and use her as a pawn against the queen?

The Dragon’s Cyber Secret
Draconia island’s tech genius, Naomi, has been living layers of secret lives. Her online boyfriend, Buzz, also has some shadows in his past, but he’s managed to build a life for himself as a tech guru for the Wolfe Pack.
Someone has lured them to a mysterious and remote island, but why? Will this long-distance couple find lasting love, or will deception ruin what they thought they had?

Draconia Sass
Wolf shifter Von Springs believes the dragonesses are plotting something, and he’s determined to uncover the truth before it’s too late.
Shae Green is a trusted dragoness warrior from Draconia, and one of the few who know that Queen Regina is ready to make a change. The future could look much brighter for all, if Shae and her mate, Von, can learn to work together in time.

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Dragon Princess: Treasured Love


Claire Shimmerscale, a dragon shifter and treasure hunter for the elder council, finds her mate and spies on him until she's captured in his net. Despite it not being allowed, she gives in to her passion. But when the dragon council instructs her to send him packing, she has no choice but to obey.

Dustin Springs returns to his hometown of Blue Creek to lick his wounds after being dumped by Claire and learning the truth about her kind. The dragonesses use men and dispose of them when they have no more use. But when she shows up carrying his child, can Dustin forgive her before it’s too late?



In her dragon form, she soared through the sky over the ocean. The wind hit her face, cooling her skin from the hot sun. The occasional jump of a dolphin or pec slap of a whale reminded her that although she felt completely alone, life was abundant in the water below.

Claire banked, and her saddlebag shifted below her, although it was tightly secured so it wouldn’t fall. A good thing, as returning home empty handed wasn’t an option.

Not if she wanted to be allowed to continue her monthly adventures away from the island.

Claire Shimmerscale, last name indicating her talent for camouflage, was one of the best treasure hunters for Draconia, Isla de Fuego Reina. The secret dragoness island in the Bermuda Triangle, hidden from the general public by use of magnetics, was home to a royal line of dragon shifter women.

As a princess, her royal lineage qualified her to have one of the few positions that permitted a dragoness to leave the island on a regular basis. Claire’s job as a treasure hunter was unique as she was sent out with a single mission—to bring more glittering treasures into the elders' hoard. And she wanted to continue retrieving gems or jewelry or other treasure, so long as she had this job.

Claire loved being in dragon form and taking flight, and while Draconia was big enough to fly around, she found it entirely more liberating to be able to soar untethered wherever she wanted. While she was proud to be a member of Draconia, she couldn’t help but be a little sad when she had to return and leave it all behind.

When she was out in the world, she could do so much. Meet people, learn about their customs and traditions, enjoy technology and pop culture, and altogether enjoy a world much more lively than the one she lived while on the island in the council elders' detachment. There, some of the older dragons didn’t even bother to turn into their human forms. They slept on top of their cache piles and woke only to eat or see what new treasures had been collected.

Claire still had the spirit of a young dragon who wanted to see the world, but she was sure she would eventually outgrow it, and her wanderlust would be overtaken by the love of treasure and desire to stay on the island. Just like everyone else there.

Or so she hoped.

Recently, many of the younger dragons had eschewed the traditions and left the island. Claire couldn’t fault them. She understood the appeal, but she also couldn’t imagine leaving her family behind forever. The idea of being in a world that she only casually knew was incomprehensible. And that was if they knew it at all!

Some of them left without having seen anything of the world outside of their island. They just said goodbye to everyone and everything they’d grown up with and started over completely.