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She’s the daughter of the enemy—and my dirty little secret.
As the VP of the Reckless Souls MC, I’m risking my life to be with Valentina, but I can’t resist the temptation. Claiming her has become my obsession, and I’ll fight anyone, even my MC, to keep her by my side.
As secrets are revealed and loyalties are tested, I’m determined to protect both my club and my love for Valentina.
And I won’t back down. I’ll fight until my last breath to keep her safe, even if it means sacrificing everything. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect what’s mine.
But soon, I’ll have to make a choice. One that could get us both killed.

Sons of Anarchy meets Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in this gritty and intense forbidden romance!
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Dix ~ 2 years ago

“Damn, this place is like heaven on Earth.” The excitement in Joaquin’s voice puts a smile on my face.

“Yeah,” I agree. “Costa Rica is the closest thing to paradise I’ve ever seen. Beautiful beaches and even more beautiful women.” I nod my head at the women of all shades and shapes, showing off miles of legs as they strut around in tiny shorts, bikinis, or sexy dresses. “Have fun. I’ll catch up with you guys later.”

I give them a wave and make my way to the bar.

Now that we’ve sold the guns and have the money in our possession, it’s time to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor. I’m feeling good, so I grab a drink at the bar and move to a seat with a view.

After weeks of hard work, we finally made it, so I enjoy the scenery and the feeling of accomplishment. I sip my drink and watch the beautiful women laughing, flirting, and having a good time.

I take another sip of my drink and sit back, satisfied with myself. This is the life.

Suddenly, a voice behind me interrupts my thoughts.

“I’ll have what he’s having and put both on my tab.” The sweet Spanish-accented voice with the generous offer draws my attention.

I turn and look into the greenest, almond-shaped eyes I’ve ever seen and instantly give her my best grin. “I’ll never say no to a beautiful woman plying me with alcohol .”

She laughs and sits next to me. I immediately get lost in a hot Latina with dyed blonde hair, smooth brown skin, and enough cleavage on display to make my eyes water.

While I’m picking get my jaw off the floor, she purrs, “I’ll bet you say that to all the girls.”

It’s my turn to laugh as I shake my head. “I’m too old for girls, but I’m perfect for a woman bold enough to buy me a drink. Or two.”

She offers me her delicate hand out with just a tiny ring on her forefinger. No fancy jewelry and no wedding ring. She’s not rich, drunk, or taken, making her perfect for my plans tonight.

“Maria,” she says in a low hush that hits me in my gut.

My hand engulfs her smaller one, and I say, “Jake,” in a tone that answers her come-on. I’m not sure where this is going yet, so I don’t tell her everyone calls me Dix for Jake Dixon.

I just say, “Silky smooth,” as her skin glides against my fingers. “How I like my drinks and my women.”

And then comes her seductive grin. “Not with a kick?”

“Nah, but I don’t mind if they have a bite.”

She giggles, and the sound bypasses my core and goes straight to my cock. “So, are you here for business or pleasure?”

Maria leans in close, showing off even more of her ample cleavage. I lick my lips in anticipation of getting my mouth on her.

I wonder if she’s trying to pump me for information or if she’s just a good-time girl. She has inquisitive eyes, but not overly so, and I lean in close with a smile. “Pleasure. Nothing but pleasure, Maria.”

We finish our drinks and decide to take a walk on the beach, enjoying the warm sand between our toes and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. As we walk, I notice Maria has a playful, adventurous spirit that I find irresistible.

As we reach the hotel, she finally says, “I’m here on vacation too.”

“Vacation but not pleasure?”

Her tongue slips out and slides across her bottom lip and then her top lip. “Pleasure is for the bedroom, Jake.”

“Pleasure happens when and wherever the mood strikes, Maria. But for you, I’m willing to start with the bedroom.”

Lust darkens her eyes, and the pulse in her throat beats wildly, telling me she wants the same thing I do. As we reach the hotel where we met—my hotel—she says, “I just have one question for you, Jake. Your bedroom or mine?”

“Whichever is closer, honey. Mine is just a few floors up.”

Maria bites her bottom lip and says, “Show me the way.”

When the elevator doors open, I put a hand on her lower back and guide her inside.

“Your chariot awaits,” I say and press the button to the third floor.

Maria giggles, a wholly unexpected sound from a beautiful and seemingly worldly woman, then she leans against me inside the elevator. “I don’t want a chariot, Jake. I want a stallion.”

No one has to tell me twice.

I press her into the corner and let my lips crash down on hers, savoring the taste of guaro and lime on her tongue.

Despite her giggles, Maria is not afraid to show me what she wants. She fists her hands in my shirt and pulls me close, deepening the kiss and crawling up my body, moaning every step of the way.