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Defiant Heir (The Heirs #3)

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Michelle Heard

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The man of my dreams is nothing short of perfect. Kao Reed is a hermit who loves to live in the shadows.
With striking blue eyes and a gentle nature, he won my heart years ago. I’ve woven all my dreams and future around him.
But then the worst happens. My dreams crumble to dust, and my future becomes a bleak wasteland.
And the man I love with all my heart becomes a stranger in the blink of an eye.
My blind love, my blind love, See how he fights, see how he fights,
He lost his sight, he lost his will, He became defiant; he became heartless.
Did you ever see such a thing in your life, As my blind love?
***Defiant Heir is a full length, College Romance that deals with sensitive subjects.
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The Heirs Series by Michelle Heard

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Michelle Heard

Chapter 1


Fallon 19; Kao 23

My gaze locks on Fallon as she enters the restaurant on campus. Once again, her beauty knocks the air from my lungs. I’ve known her all my life, and the sight of her still stuns me.

I watch as she stops by a table to talk with Summer, one of the girls on the decorating committee with her. My eyes drink in Fallon’s golden-brown hair, her delicate features, her sharp gaze alight with intelligence.

When Fallon shakes her head at something Summer mentions, the corner of my mouth lifts. The girl of my dreams is nothing short of a control freak. Fallon takes care of everything at Trinity Academy as if it’s second nature to her. She never misses a beat.

Where I’m the happiest moving in the shadows, the spotlight follows Fallon. Even though she seems to take after her father, she got her mother’s big heart.

Fallon smiles at Summer before turning in my direction. I’m seated at our usual table that’s always reserved for our group of friends.

Our eyes lock and just having her attention on me is enough to make my heartbeat speed up.

Fallon and I have always been close. I even escorted her to her prom during her senior year. At first, we were just friends, but it changed when she started attending Trinity Academy a couple of months ago.

Initially, attraction began to grow between us. I became Fallon’s plus one for every event she had to attend. Now we spend most of our time together.

My gaze drifts over Fallon, and the love I have for her fills my heart to the point that it might burst from not being able to contain it. I’m addicted to the rush it gives me. Loving Fallon has become the only thing I live for. The woman is my beginning and end.

I know our friends wonder what’s going on between Fallon and me, but I’m in no hurry to tell them anything. I’m a selfish bastard when it comes to her. I want to enjoy every glance, every touch, every step closer to each other before I have to share it with the world.

As Fallon takes the chair next to me, I reach a hand up and wrapping my fingers around the back of her neck, I pull her closer and press my lips to the side of her head. My eyes drift shut, and I take a deep breath of her before murmuring, “How’s your day so far?”

“Good. I’m almost done arranging everything for the Christmas ball.” She pulls a menu closer for us to look at. “I found a white and silver dress.”

“For the ball?” I ask.

“Yeah.” Her eyes flit to mine. “If you wear a charcoal suit, we’ll match.”

“I’ll get one,” I assure her. Our gazes lock, and her feelings for me make her brown irises turn to liquid gold. Figuring I’ve let things linger long enough, I ask, “Are we going to go on a date at some point?”

Her eyes widen before they snap to the menu. It’s only for a moment before she looks at me again. That’s all it takes for Fallon to compose herself. Nothing can knock her off balance for long.

“You’ve taken your sweet time,” she chastises me, and a smile begins to play at the corner of her mouth.

My lips pull into a grin. “Because I don’t want to rush things with you.” My thumb caresses her soft skin underneath her hair, and I watch how my touch makes her lips part. “I want to enjoy every moment.” Fallon nods, her attention solely on me as I say, “I don’t want the others to know yet.”

A light frown mars her forehead. “Why?”

“I want our relationship to be ours before we have to share it with everyone.”

Fallon lifts her hand to my jaw while a soft smile curves her lips. “My hermit.” Her words are possessive and filled with love.

I lean closer to her and murmur, “Miss Reyes.”

Her eyes lock on mine, a playful look dancing in them. “Yes, Mr. Reed.”

“Will you have dinner with me tonight?”

Her smile turns into a happy grin. “I’d love to.”

“Put me down!” Mila’s voice echoes through the restaurant, and my eyes snap in her direction. I let out a chuckle when I see Jase has her tossed over his shoulder. He slaps her ass, and it has Mila laughing.

Mila’s like a sister to me, and seeing her happy after the hell she’s been through fills my heart with relief. Jase might be one of my best friends and Fallon’s cousin, but after everything he did for Mila, he’s become the pillar of our group.

I pull a little back from Fallon and glance at the menu. “What do you feel like eating?”

“I’ll have the Salmon salad.”

I scrunch my nose with fake disgust. I can’t stomach anything that comes out of the ocean. I tried to eat prawns once, and it was almost the death of me.