Defending Justin (Hero Daddies #6) Read Online Zack Wish

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Money isn’t everything, and sometimes it takes a Hero Daddy to prove this…
Justin had it all growing up. Holidays, cars, big houses. You name it, Justin had it. But even with his trust fund, penthouse, and the whole city at his fingertips, Justin is still missing something from his life that would make him a truly fulfilled Little.
When Justin witnesses a serious criminal incident, he needs to be relocated – and fast. But how will Justin deal with suddenly having his carefree life and limitless luxuries removed?
Justin needs a Hero Daddy to protect him, keep him safe, and show him the way out of this situation.
Mase Middleton is a personal protection specialist. Gruff, built like a tank, and bursting with a passion to protect, Mase is a Daddy Dom who never backs down. Growing up with nothing, Mase had to fight his way through life and now he fights to keep others safe.
Mase wants a Forever Little. He’s worried though that his job is simply too dangerous for a Little to handle. Not to mention the fact that Mase has some kinks he doesn’t think a sweet, innocent Little can deal with.
When Mase meets Justin, every bone in his body stands to attention. Mase’s Daddy Dom energy senses that this incredibly cute Little is somehow different to the rest.
Mase must look after Justin and keep him safe. But will this spoilt Little be able to stick to Mase’s uncompromising demands and more basic lifestyle? And how will they both handle the undeniable chemistry between them?


Chapter One

Justin had only been awake for an hour but had so far managed to complete his morning yoga, five-minute meditation, and gulped down two and a half glasses of organic super-green morning booster juice.

Last night had been a late one.

Justin had spent the night having fun and dancing with his friends. But while his friends headed home before midnight, Justin was out until well beyond 3:00AM. This wasn’t unusual for Justin, his body and mind had grown resilient to late nights and loud music many moons ago.

But more than that, Justin always knew that when morning came there would be no job to go to. There would be no early morning alarm bleeping over and over. There would be no prospect of a long, arduous day ahead.

In other words, there was never a rush and therefore never any reason to cut the party short.

‘Boy, that bath looks good!’ Justin said, finishing off the last of his super-green juice. ‘Urgh. If this wasn’t so good for me, I definitely wouldn’t be drinking three of them every morning.’

Justin stripped off and tossed his pajamas over toward the large laundry basket in the corner of the bathroom. Naked, he walked over and gave himself a quick once-over in the professionally lit mirror.

‘Looking… good,’ Justin laughed, well aware that even in his tired state, his bright green eyes and night-black hair were still a strikingly cute sight.

Justin fluttered his long eye lashes and pouted with his big lips. He was only fooling around for his own entertainment, but Justin was aware of how cute older guys found him. But with his busy life of partying and total freedom each and every day, Justin really didn’t think it was time for him to settle down and find his Forever Daddy.

It wasn’t that Justin never wanted to settle down. He could see how happy his two Little BFFs were in their Forever relationships. Both Timothee and Aidan were as happy as spring lambs with their Daddies.

Justin was happy that his friends were settled. But he could also see how Timothee and Aidan were different to him. They had jobs. And not just boring day jobs, but actual careers. For Timothee and Aidan, having a Daddy was a big help in terms of support and guidance.

Justin just didn’t feel like he was in that place yet. Not even close in fact. And that was okay. After all, with a luxury duplex and a trust fund deeper than the Atlantic Ocean, Justin had the world at his fingertips.

‘Just right!’ Justin said, dipping his toe into the bathtub’s hot water.

Justin eased himself into the tub, the copious amount of bubbles frothing up and spilling over the sides of the large, freestanding tub. It felt good to ease his body into the water.

What was even better for Justin was the fact that Diamond, his favorite stuffie, was perched on the large wooden shelf that ran across the middle of the bath.

‘Not getting in?’ Justin laughed, poking his tongue out at the multi-colored bear looking back at him with dark, loving eyes. ‘I guess bubble baths aren’t really your thing!’

Justin adored Diamond. Despite having a vast collection of stuffies, there would only ever be one Diamond. The pair of them had been together a long time, and Justin couldn’t even begin to imagine a life without his favorite stuffie.