Dear Santa – A Steamy Christmas Romance Read Online Nichole Rose

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Dear Santa, this curvy girl wants a daddy for Christmas...preferably her older brother's best friend.LyricAll I want for Christmas is my older brother's best friend, Sinclair Evans.But when I asked Santa to help me seduce him, I didn't plan on him finding my letter.Now he knows the forbidden name I whisper in the dark.I did not expect him to love it...or to have a few dirty wishes of his own.Now, he can't keep his hands off me, and my dreams are coming true.But when we tell my brother, our happily-ever-after may go up in flames.SinclairI've been obsessed with Lyric since the day I met her.She doesn't know how far I'd go to make her mine.Every move I make brings me one step closer to tying her to me permanently.But her letter to Santa sends my timeline up in smoke.My girl is hurting for me now, and it's up to me to fix it.I don't care what her brother has to say.This little princess is mine.It's time to make her Christmas wishes come true.The holidays are heating up for this curvy girl and her older brother's best friend in this short romance! If you enjoy obsessed alphas, a little Christmas magic, and steamy age-gap romance, you'll love Lyric and Sinclair!

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Chapter One


Dear Santa...

I haven't asked for anything for Christmas since I was younger and wanted boobs. Thanks for coming through with those, by the way. But I have a favor to ask. Can you please bring this curvy girl a daddy for Christmas this year? Preferably my older brother's best friend, Sinclair Evans. I'll never ask for anything else ever again.



I skim my letter to Santa, drumming my finger against my bottom lip. I'm probably asking too much from a jolly old guy in a red suit two days before Christmas, but it's the time for miracles, right? Maybe he'll come through with one for me.

That's what it's going to take to make Sinclair Evans notice me. I should know. I've only been trying to get his attention since I moved in with my brother, Lachlan, a year ago.

My big college adventure didn't go so well during my sophomore year. My roommate liked to bring strange men over at random hours. When I woke up with one standing over my bed, I started sleeping in my car. I accidentally let that slip to Lachlan on the phone one day.

Less than twenty-four hours later, he was in California, and we were packing my stuff. I didn't mind. I took a semester off and then enrolled in college here in Seattle. Now, I get to spend my time daydreaming about Sinclair.

I'm ready to stop daydreaming. I'm obsessed with him to an unhealthy degree. He's all I think about some days.

But no matter what I do to get his attention, he refuses to budge. Some days, I think the only time he pays any attention to me at all is when he's growling at me.

Your dress is too fucking short, Lyric.

You need to focus on school, Lyric.

Why aren't you wearing a coat, Lyric?

Argh! He's worse than my brother. As if the fact that he's thirteen years older than I am makes him the boss of me.

Newsflash: it doesn't.

But, God, I ache when he growls at me. I want to crawl into his lap and grind against him until the throb between my thighs fades. I want to feel his rough hands on my body and his teeth in my skin.

I want him, period.

I have since the day my brother dragged him home right after I moved in.

Writing a letter to Santa is my last resort. If it doesn't work, well, I don't want to think about that.

I sign my letter with a sparkly pink pen.

"Lyric!" Lachlan shouts, stomping up the stairs.

I quickly shove my letter into an envelope, sealing it just before he pops his dark head into my bedroom.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing," I lie.

He narrows his jade eyes on me. "Then why are you blushing?"

"I'm not blushing. It's nine million degrees in here." I fan myself for emphasis. "I think the heat is broken."

He eyes me suspiciously, not buying my crap. Then again, he never does. I'm way too easy to read, and he's known me my entire life.

"I need a favor," he says after a moment, seemingly deciding to let me keep my secrets. Probably because he has a million of his own. Weird and secretive is his default setting these days. He's been acting weird for weeks.


"I need you to run some paperwork over to Sinclair's place. I have a last-minute meeting before we close down for the holidays." A scowl crosses his face. I think he'd work right through Christmas if it were up to him. He works too much. "The paperwork is on the counter downstairs."

"What kind of paperwork?"