Dealing with Kate (The Parker Sisters #1) Read Online Jamie Arras

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She’s looking for Mr. Right. He’s looking for Ms. Right Now. Will either get what they want?

Real estate agent Kate Parker loves order and routine. Her perfect life is missing just one thing—a man. After being repeatedly burned, she’s put her husband-hunt on hold and temporarily sworn off men. However, her resolution for a man-free summer is quickly put to the test when she signs a hunky new client.
Adam King is a wealthy real estate investor and self-proclaimed bachelor. He knows what he likes and rarely thinks things through before going after it. Getting his new agent to loosen up becomes his latest venture, but soon he wants more. Her strict no-dating-clients rule may be tough, but… Challenge accepted.
Just when Kate thinks Adam might be changing, he lets her down in a major and public way. Can Kate get past the betrayal? And can these two opposites meet somewhere in the middle to find happiness?

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When it came to matters of real estate, Kate Parker rarely got nervous. But the mere thought of her ten o’clock meeting had her in the women’s restroom, draping her arms over the upturned air dryer nozzle, attempting to ensure her armpits stayed dry.

It was imperative this interview went well. She smoothed her blond hair, making sure the ends of her long bob curled under just so, reapplied her lipstick for the tenth time, and returned to the lobby to wait.

Kate and her assistant Brooke were discreetly watching the front windows, hoping to get a glimpse of Mr. King before he came in. A little before ten, a blue Range Rover pulled into one of the front spots.

“You think that’s him?” Brooke asked as a handsome thirty-something got out. The sun reflected off the man’s short, dirty blond hair, which was spiked up and didn’t move in the wind. He wore jeans and a Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt, his tanned, toned arms stretching the sleeves beyond capacity. Even from thirty feet away, Kate spotted the Tag Heuer watch he was wearing and knew they ran in the five digits. This guy had money but was way too young to be their man.

“No,” Kate said, shaking her head. “Mr. King has a huge portfolio. He’s probably been building it for years. I’m guessing he’s near seventy.”

“Ah. Is that why you had me redo the presentation binder to font size sixteen?”

“Yes. I didn’t want him to have to strain to read anything.”

“Well, hot stuff is coming this way, so he must have a real estate need. He’s yummy,” Brooke said, licking her lips. Kate chuckled.

“Okay, well, when you’re done ogling him…If he’s buying, ask Hope to help him, and if he’s selling, get Molly up here. They can talk to him in the small conference room.”

The man made his way to the door, took off his Cartier aviators, and tucked them into the neck of his T-shirt as he opened the door. All the air whooshed out of the lobby, and it had nothing to do with the aerodynamics of the room. He was just that good-looking.

“I’ll be in my office,” Kate blurted as she rushed off. She could not afford a distraction, no matter how attractive, right before this important meeting. She had to focus and be right on point.

She adjusted her skirt for the thousandth time and regretted going for style over comfort. The form-fitting, black pencil skirt was from last year and just a wee bit too tight. Damn her mother’s delicious brownies.

“Okay, Luna, we’re all set. Wish me luck,” Kate said to the tiny white fluffy dog, who was lying in a tiny pink fluffy bed next to the desk.

Luna was Kate’s sidekick. She came everywhere and did everything with Kate and was normally very well-behaved. Lately, however, she seemed to have forgotten she was potty-trained and had taken to indiscriminate peeing, which had Kate up in arms. She wondered briefly if she should have Brooke watch the dog during the meeting. But before she could make a decision, Brooke entered with Mr. Hot Stuff right behind her.

That could only mean one thing…

“Ms. Parker, Mr. King is here for his ten o’clock appointment,” Brooke said formally, but with a twinkle in her eye.

Holy crap. Well, no matter. Super-hot or not, it was game time. It didn’t matter if he was seventy or fifteen, she had a client to win. She flipped the switch to turn on Agent Kate and donned her best smile.

“Mr. King. A pleasure to meet you,” she said, advancing to shake his hand. It was a warm, firm hand that engulfed hers and sent a mild shock up her arm when he touched her. She ignored it and continued. “It was so nice of you to come to the office. I know you are meeting with other agents, and I really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you today.”