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Dark Wish

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Clarissa Wild

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I told him my deepest, darkest secret. And in turn, he made my wish come true.
She's the shy girl. The one you'd never notice. But I did.
I watched her, studied her.
While she worked in the library, meticulously rearranging books as though she'd written them herself.
I wanted her... so I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Tell me your deepest, darkest wish...
And I will make it come true.
One whisper ...
One single wish ...
And I bought her soul.
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House of Sin Series by Clarissa Wild

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Clarissa Wild

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A moment in time never stops, yet I still request it to.

My driver parks the car along the side of the road while I peer out the window.

As I wait, I finally see what I spotted when I told him to stop.

The girl who made me do a double take.

From her dark hair that loosely falls over her shoulders to her apple cheeks and red-painted lips that make her look like a porcelain doll, she stands out from the sea of people walking in the opposite direction.

With a simple glance, she’s taken my breath away, and I want to know her name.

It’s not often that I want to step out of my world and into hers, that I want to know what she sounds like when she’s touched, that I want to brush away those gentle locks and whisper promises in her ear that I cannot keep.

That a predator has found its prey.

My Adam’s apple bobs in my throat as though the excitement has risen to my throat. It isn’t a surprise, but I must contain myself.

Too precious … too innocent …

But not forever.

No girl is perfect, not even when they look like her.

No, I will catch her in a lie, in dishonor, in jealousy, in dirt.

I will catch her when she falls, and when she does, I will pick her up and bring her into my world.


I never thought I’d beg a stranger to give me pain.

Give me pleasure.

Give me all and more.

Take from me what you desire.

Take from me until I am an empty, soulless vessel.

Because that is what I deserve, what I yearn for with every fiber of my being.

As I sit here on his lap with my hands tied, my body straining against his while he slides a knife across my skin, I whimper.

“Please … punish me,” I plead with this man.

This man who took me away from my home into the dark of night.

This man who treats me like a pet, like he owns me.

This man … who knows my worst secret.

A secret buried deep inside.

My deepest, darkest sin.

And the man who’s come to claim my punishment.

Chapter 1


When you see the one you know is going to turn your world upside down, you know.

I always thought people were joking when they said that.

But I know now that I was wrong. So wrong.

Because as I place some returned books back on the shelf where they belong, I notice a guy sitting at one of the round tables in the far back, where usually no one comes. I stick my head out and peek at him while he’s reading a book, casually slanted in his chair. One firm hand clutches the book while the other touches his stubbly chin. His tongue dips out and wets his thin lips, and he rubs them together while staring at the pages. My eyes immediately home in on the title of the book. An obvious bodice ripper, it’s a book I wouldn’t expect a man like him to read.

Because what a man he is, all suited up, looking expensive as heck, with his golden watch and perfect black shoes. His slick brown hair combed back with gel makes him look almost like a rich and powerful politician reading a very spicy romance novel. What are the odds?

Suddenly, his green eyes peer up from the pages and bore straight into mine.