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Daddy in Waiting - The Forbidden Fun

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He’s ready to give me a baby.

Pepper: I shouldn’t have these feelings. Rob Trainor is my best friend’s dad. He’s older, gorgeous, and utterly panty-wetting with that muscular bod and charming smile, even if he would never be interested in silly girl like me. But when the handsome alpha male prevents me from humiliating myself during an embarrassing situation, I want to show him exactly how grateful I am.

Rob: As an EMT, it’s important to be a role model in our small Wyoming community. I save lives, not destroy them. But Pepper’s something else. Sure, she’s my daughter’s best friend, but the sassy girl doesn’t care. She’s taunting me with her short skirts and flirty come-ons, but what she doesn’t realize is that a man can only be pushed so far … and once that line is crossed, I’ll be putting my baby in her belly for real.
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* * *

The sun shines brightly as I pull my car into the parking lot of my community college. It’s nearing evening, and Carl Stenson, my boyfriend, should be getting out with the rest of the team at any moment. The official football season starts next week, and he’s always hungry after practice, so I’ve picked him up a sandwich from Subway: a footlong spicy Italian with provolone and banana peppers. There’s even ketchup in a little box on the side, just the way he likes it.

I’m hoping this olive branch will smooth things over with him because we fought last night. Again. He hates when I ask him to take me out on a date in public. He doesn’t usually mind spending time with me at his house or my house, but for some reason, he refuses to actually be seen with me in front of other people. Fishy, right?

But I overlook his reluctance because Carl has a lot on his plate. Not only is he the star quarterback of our community college team, but he’s also under a lot of pressure from his parents. I don’t know, the Stensons are just weird that way. They think that Carl should be aiming for the very best, and that means transferring to a Division I school. If I were in his shoes, I’d feel plenty of pressure as well, so I try not to burden Carl with my demands. So what if he wants to keep our relationship on the downlow? It’s less stress that way.

Still, his reluctance to go public doesn’t make me feel good per se. I mean, some people know about us, and certainly me arriving at the school with a paper bag from Subway makes it clear that we’re something. But everything always seems to happen according to Carl’s timeline, and the only thing I can do is wait.

I pull down the visor in my car to make sure my makeup is in place. I’m wearing a blush shade of lipstick that Carl mentioned looks good on me and my curls are suitably fluffy. Awesome. I’m here to surprise him, and I want to make sure I look yummy enough to eat.

I step out of my car and lean against the hood, the Subway bag in hand. Although the sun is shining, an autumn breeze blows against my face, so I pull my woolen hat lower to cover my ears. It’s not quite fall yet, but the nights here in Prescott, Wyoming, can be chilly, which makes me yearn for a cozy fire.

Yet I love this season so much. The leaves on the trees are just beginning to yellow and redden, and I can’t wait to sip hot chocolate, roast marshmallows and watch 80’s horror movies while cuddling on the couch with Carl. Any lingering animosity I feel about our fight dissipates when I think of spending time with the football player. He can be a jackass sometimes, but again, he’s under a lot of stress.

After all, our first official game is next week, and Coach is riding his ass about giving it his all and pushing the team to victory. I can understand how overwhelming it must be. Plus, my advisor just had a talk with me about loading up on honors courses, and how I need to step things up academically. If her badgering gets me annoyed, I can only imagine how the pressure must be on Carl.

Suddenly, there’s a banging noise and the door to the men’s locker room opens. I straighten with excitement, but then slouch when it’s just one of Carl’s teammates. But the boy sees me and then freezes, his eyes going wide. What was his name again? Johnny, I think. I’ve seen him around and I wave hello. He smiles tentatively and looks around before lifting his hand in a tentative wave back. But then he throws me another strange look and scurries away to his car. Huh. That was kind of weird, but I’m sure it’s nothing.

I gather my hair and bring it over my shoulder. I don’t want to complain too much because I’m lucky just to be dating Carl. He’s not only a star football player, but with his blonde hair and green eyes, he’s also the hottest guy I’ve ever been with. After all, someone like me, a frizzy-haired brunette with a pair of boring brown eyes and a few extra pounds doesn’t usually end up with the star quarterback. So I put up with a few small indignities because I know I’m lucky.

Steadily, more and more players begin to leave the locker rooms. A few of them see me leaning against my car, waiting for Carl, and they shoot me uneasy grins. A few pretend to not see me altogether, and I wonder what’s wrong. One boy makes his way over slowly because his car is parked next to mine.