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Cole - Dirty Misfits MC

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Savannah Rylan

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I'm not a good guy. Molly is innocent and sweet.
I don't want her to get wrapped up in my world. But I can't live a double life either.
I'm a Dirty Misfit through and through. Once she knows who I truly am,
She'll run. As she should.
Until I find out she's having my baby. F*ck.
I'm going to be a dad. How the hell do I change a diaper?
Step one: put down my glock.
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Savannah Rylan



I knew this wouldn’t end well.

And when I said “I knew,” I didn’t know because Chops was standing there. I didn’t know because of the way we all paused. I didn’t know because of the girls that gasped, obviously recognizing him, or even because of the shit we’d been through up until this point.

I knew things wouldn’t end well because my mind started playing out all sorts of ways to kill him.

For example, stabbing him in his thigh. Even with the pen I had stuffed behind my ear, one jab in the right place would rip right through his femoral artery. Same with his carotid as well. But if I really wanted to leave him with lasting damage he’d have to chew on for the rest of his life, I could jam that pen straight into his spine from behind.

Paralyzing him from the waist down, if I jabbed it in between the right vertebrae.

“Hey!” Chops barked.

I blinked and watched as Brooks stepped to the forefront. “What?”

Chops snarled at him. “I asked, where the fuck did those girls come from, and why the fuck are they here?”

I grinned. “Pretty sure you only asked the former.”

Chops peered over Brooks’ shoulder and glared at me. “You’ve never been funny.”

I nodded. “And you’ve never been an efficient leader.”

He moved away from Brooks and charged me. “Say that again to my face, you slimy piece of shit.”

“Oh, no you don’t,” Brooks growled.

Brooks grabbed Chops’ arm and whipped him around, which caused the man to react. And when Chops’ fist first connected with Brook’s jawline, the entire room fell silent. Some of the girls gasped as they slowly inched back down the hallway. I maneuvered myself in between the scene unfolding and the entryway, hoping to provide a bit of comforting shelter for those frightened girls. But as the soft swelling of Brooks’ jaw became apparent, I grew worried that Chops had done some real damage.

Like fracturing the man’s jaw.

“You’ll give me the answer I want, or you’re finished,” Chops hissed.

Brooks held his head high. “We have something we’d all like to speak with you about.”

“It got to do with those girls? Because that’s all I’m paying attention to right now.”

Porter stepped out of the shadows. “Actually, it does have something to do with them.”

I peered over at him. “You sure about this?”

Chops growled. “Sure about what?”

Tanner walked over beside me, helping with the self-made barrier. “I’m down if you guys are down.”

Chops barked at us. “Down for what? What is it!? Come on, someone’s balls better drop so they can spit out whatever the fuck’s going on!”

Then, Finn cleared his throat. “What’s going on is the fact that we’re trying to save these girls from a dock we found them at. That’s what.”

The entire room froze as Chops slowly turned around to face him. “A dock.”

Finn nodded. “Yep.”

Chops tilted his head off to the side. “What dock?”

I shrugged. “Does that matter? We saved them, and now we’re working with law enforcement to—”

Chops roared. “Since when the fuck do we ever work with law enforcement!?”

Brooks gripped his arm and spun Chops back around. “Since we happened upon a scene unfolding that we couldn’t ignore.”

Chops blinked. “What. Dock?”

I sucked air through my teeth. “You know, for a man who’s supposed to be the President of a pretty good crew, I’d say you’re a bit more focused on the dock and a bit less focused on our health, or the health of the girls. Care to explain why?”

Chops lunged at me. “I’m gonna wring your fucking—”

Brooks growled. “Allow me.”

As Chops tried to come for me, Brooks reached out and clothes-lined him right in the fucking neck. I barked with laughter as Finn scrambled behind me, trying to usher the girls back down the hallway. They didn’t need to see this. None of this was their issue. They were innocent bystanders and victims in a game Chops had been playing for far too long.

And as I cracked my knuckles, the rest of us hovered over Chops as he peeled himself up off the ground.

“That’s it,” he hissed.

As he rose up to his feet, his fist came up and clocked Porter just beneath his chin. The man stumbled back as Brooks lunged at him, but Chops flung the man across the room as if he were an unwanted stuffed animal.

But when Tanner’s fist connected with the man’s gut, Chops doubled-over in pain as he gasped for air.

Which gave me enough time to grab a knife out of the kitchen drawer.

I gripped the man’s hair and ripped his head back, holding the blade against his throat. I was ready for it. I was ready to open this man up and see the dark contents of his insides spill out all over the floor. But the second Brooks said my name, I slowly looked up at him.