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Christmas with the Boss (The Fiore Family #2)

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Fabio: She’s the sister of my favorite chef, but after speaking to her for the first time, I feel something I’ve never felt for her twin. There’s only one problem, she believes the tabloid news spread about the celebrity customers and me I serve. How can I prove to her that she’s the only one for me?

Anabelle: Fabio Fiore is hotter in person than I was prepared for. When we cooked up the plan to get my sister and his brother together, I never expected to be the one falling madly in love. Still, I’m not the next flavor of the month kind of girl, but can I ignore him when he turns his charm on me?
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The Fiore Family Series by C.M. Steele

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C.M. Steele

Chapter One


“If you don’t move, you’re going to be late.” Isabelle stands in my bedroom doorway with her arms folded over her chest.

I check my phone, and I have about forty minutes until I’m supposed to meet him. “I have another fifteen minutes before I have to run out of here.”

“You’re stalling.”

“I’m not. Well, at least not any more than usual. You know how I hate going out of the house in the cold.”

“Bullshit. You like the snow.” She’s wearing a pair of duck lips at my lie.

“To play in it and look at it, but not to drive in this shit.” I truly hate driving in snow because it’s too scary for me.

“Um…it hasn’t snowed in three days. The streets are dry.”

Yeah, I’m running out of excuses. I sit on my bed and slip on my cute black heels. I’m sure as hell going to be freezing from the house to the car, but that’s the price of beauty, I suppose. Although, I could wear my other shoes until I get there. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m going to do, I think to myself, sliding off my heels and then slipping on a pair of sneakers over my nylons.

“Are you going to be okay with me going out?” I ask her.

“Of course I’m going to be fine. I’m not crippled, and I have everything I need pretty much at arm’s length once I plop my ass on the sofa. I do hope you plan on changing your shoes before you pull up to the restaurant. There will be a valet there to take the vehicle for you.”

“I forgot about that. Still, I’ll pull over the block before and slip the heels on.”

“Smart move.”

I stand and pack a small bag containing my heels and then step into the bathroom to finish getting ready.

Tonight, I have my first date in forever. It’s crazy that I’m even considering this, but after the Instagram post I saw two days ago, my heart had no problem accepting the date. Fabio Fiore, Isabelle’s boss at the restaurant thanked the surgeon with a free dinner at Fiore’s, so the doctor called asking if I’d like to have dinner with him. Isabelle’s days away from returning to work after mending faster than expected which thrills everyone, including her hot, playboy boss.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I ask again as I finish swiping my lipstick over my bottom lip. I hate leaving her alone when she’s already bored out of her mind. It’s been five weeks since she had surgery on her shoulder, and she’s itching to go back to work.

“Girl, you need to go out. He’s hot, and a surgeon. Not to mention that even after all these weeks, he hasn’t forgotten you.” He’s all of those things, and yet, I’m not attracted to him like that. No, my body and heart pound out of control for an unavailable bad boy. Maybe if I remind myself that Fabio, just got engaged, then I’ll be able to enjoy my date with John.

Despite the years Isabelle has worked with Fabio, he and I haven’t met in person. In fact, it’s only in the past two days that we’ve communicated via email about working together. Of course, he asks how his star employee is doing after her shoulder surgery before we go back and forth on what he’s looking for.

She takes my hand and drags me out of my room and toward the front door.

“Yeah, but maybe he’s only interested in seeing both of us naked,” I say, hoping to talk myself out of this date with Dr. John Malcolm, a prominent surgeon with everything going for him.

“He worked on my shoulder. The nurses had me prepped for the surgery, so he didn’t see any of my bits. You’re just making excuses so you can chicken out.”

“Okay, but I’m supposed to finish my mock-ups and website presentation for Fabio in two days,” I remind her, even though I know it won’t take me long since I have three options already completed.

“Well, that’s tomorrow. Go out tonight and enjoy Andre’s cooking, and maybe consider it research for the designs Fabio requested. When you get home, you can work and tell me how it went.”

“Fine.” I roll my eyes and give her a kiss on the cheek before one more twirl.

“You look incredible.” I’m dressed completely different from my usual attire. I’m a yoga pants with a ribbed tank and a thin pullover sweater or hoodie kind of girl. Tonight, I’m wearing a beautiful gown that goes to my feet with a pretty long slit up my thigh.

“You’re right. I look good,” I say, staring in the mirror near the front door for last-minute fixes. I’ve put my long hair up into a nice bun because it was the easiest style and it shows off my slender neck, and finished the look off with a very subtle hint of makeup and a thin gold necklace with a heart charm. Honestly, this was all Isabelle’s idea, but I pull it off nicely.