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I've been obsessed with her since the moment she opened up her little bookstore/coffee shop in town.

And despite her obvious hatred of me, it hasn't stopped me from pursuing her.

The club runs the security at her store, and not going to lie--I stalk her. I follow her every move every second that I can.



I've dealt with my fair share of dangerous men, criminals who live by their own codes and morals.

So, I don't want anything to do with Chase, the Vice President of Satan's Worshippers MC's Texas Charter.

He's dangerous, even if he hides it well behind that crooked smile and that trimmed, neat beard.

**Trigger cheating (during a split), criminal activity, sexual assault

This is book two of a fourteen-book series. It is highly recommended to read Scorpion (Savage Crows MC Book 11) and Johnston (Satan's Worshippers MC Book 1) before reading this book.

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I grimaced as I took a sip of the coffee one of the guys had made. Judging by the taste of it, this was all Reese’s doing. Fucker couldn’t make a good pot of coffee to save his life. He made it so strong, it hurt my damn stomach. I didn’t know how anyone stomached this shit.

“Reese, I’m going to kick your ass,” I rumbled, pouring the coffee down the drain. No amount of sugar would help that. That shit was strong enough to fuel an elephant for the day.

“Can’t hang with the big boys, Chase?” he teased from his seat at the bar. He nodded his head toward the sink, where I was setting my now-empty mug. “You just wasted a perfectly good cup of coffee, by the way.”

I grunted and rolled my eyes, not bothering to reply. I was normally pretty chilled out and laid back, but without caffeine in my system, I was a miserable fucker to be around.

Coffee was my fuel.

I pulled my bike keys from my pocket. “One of these days, that strong-ass coffee is going to give someone a heart attack,” I warned him. “And it’s not going to be me.” He barked out a laugh that was way too loud for this early in the morning. “I’m going to get decent coffee.”

He snorted. “You might as well give up on that chick while you’re ahead, bro. She ain’t the type for our life. She’s as clean-cut as they come. Only so much rejection a man can take.”

Sophia, the owner of Books & Brews, a small bookstore/coffee shop that opened in town a little while back, wanted nothing to do with the likes of us, though she served us and Scorpion’s wife, Jessica, since we were good-paying, loyal customers. But dating any of us? Apparently, that was a hard limit for her.

Sucked for her though. I was a determined man, and when I put my mind to something, I didn’t stop until I accomplished it. And I wanted her. She was curvy and thick in all the right places, and every time she happened to be wearing her blonde hair back in a ponytail, I just wanted to wrap it up in my fist and rail her from behind just so I could see that juicy ass of hers bounce with every thrust into her sweet pussy.

Fuck. Now my dick was hard. Goddammit. Just what I needed this morning.

“She’ll cave eventually,” I told Reese. “Enjoy your heart attack-inducing coffee.”

Nodding once at Scorpion as he stepped inside the clubhouse, I slipped past him and headed out. I had two things on my mind, and they had to happen before church could even be thought about: coffee and a sinfully hot blonde that I couldn’t out of my head these days.

My infatuation with her had turned into an obsession.

Reese was probably right. I should probably quit while I was ahead. But I was a stubborn fool.

And I was practically a fucking stalker by this point anyway. There was no stopping me now. Especially when we handled all her security, and I could watch her on the camera feed all day while she was working.

Like I said: stalker.

And I wasn’t the least bit ashamed of it.

“Hi! Welcome to Books & Brews. I’ll be with you in just a…” Sophia’s head popped up from behind the checkout counter, her sweet voice trailing off when she saw it was me. “Oh, it’s you,” she griped, her sassy little tone making my dick awaken just when I got it to finally go soft on the way over here.

I smirked at her, ignoring my raging dick. “Yep, just me, cupcake. Take your time.”

I knew she was rolling her eyes at me. She hated it when I called her cupcake. But ever since that first day she opened and I found her practically having a mini-orgasm behind the coffee counter with a cupcake in her hand, the name had stuck. Her face had been absolutely orgasmic when she’d bitten into that sweet treat, and it had fueled many of my fantasies about her.

Besides, I’d seen how sweet she could be with other people in town. Cupcake suited her. It was just me and the club she seemed to particularly dislike. But she was new to our little town; her reaction to us was expected, so we didn’t take offense to it. One day, she would realize just how much we did for this place. Sure, we were criminals, and most of us had been to jail or prison at some point or another, but we didn’t let this shit come home and affect the people here.

I was pretty sure the only reason she allowed us to run her security was because we came highly recommended by everyone in town. She’d have been a fool to not seek us out. That wasn’t me tooting my own horn. We had the best equipment and were constantly doing free upgrades for our customers when new, better equipment came out.