Change of Heart (Deranged Drifters MC #10) Read Online Logan Gray

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Kai Russell returned from Fresno when her father came back to help save his club. For years, she was the good girl of the club, the one who loved books and majored in English in college. Leaving Fresno meant leaving behind the man she loved who broke her heart. Imagine her surprise when she walks into the clubhouse she’d spent summers in only to find the man she thought was miles away.

Jacob “Patriot” Norris came to Griffin’s Beach as part of the “Army Five” patched in to help make sure the club stayed whole when the ATF almost took them down. The woman he couldn’t get his mind off walked through his clubhouse door only to do her best to ignore him like the plague. He’d done something to make her upset, but he can’t figure out what.

When Kai finally gives in and gives Patriot a chance, the obstacles of the club are thrown in their path, along with his super hot ex-girlfriend who broke his heart ten years before. If that weren’t enough to bring out the insecurities in her, she finds herself with a stalker who may be more terrifying than anyone could expect.

Psycho and Lacey Carson got married, but ever since the wedding, she’s been distant. Mean, even. And when it all comes to a head, Psycho’s forced to choose between his wife and his best friend, Lex Nichols. But will ignoring Lex’s warnings about how dark Lacey has turned cost him everything, including his wife? And what decision will he make when he finds the man who drove her to the devastating place she ended up?

Reagan and Melanie decide to step up and help Kai when she ignores Patriot’s attempts to help her, but they soon realize they’re in far over their heads. Not only is the man scarier and more dangerous than they could’ve imagined, he’s been paid to target Kai. But they realize too late the extent of their mistake. Can they make things right before they lose a daughter of the club?


Chapter 1

Kai Russell sits at one of the tables in the main room of the Deranged Drifters clubhouse looking around and hating how one of the places on this earth that has always felt like home to her feels anything but. After the heartbreak she had back in Fresno, she was looking forward to being back in this familiar place with mostly familiar faces. Her home. Instead, she can feel the eyes of the man who shattered her into a million pieces on her back while she does her best to pretend she’s unaffected.

Reagan Gentry walks up and smiles at her with her long, dark hair pulled up into a bun at the top of her head as she sits down in the seat next to her. When Kai was barely eighteen, this woman single-handedly saved her life when the rival club, Devil’s Advocates, tried to kidnap her. The brave woman almost died, so seeing her sitting here fills Kai with some relief.

“Hey, you.” Reagan signals to the prospect Kai has come to know as Brian behind the bar. He returns a few seconds later with two light beers.

“Hey, yourself. How are you?”

A content smile on her pretty face, she turns and looks at Gunner. “Finally feeling like I’m where I should be.”

“Yeah? What happened after I left? Dad didn’t fill me in on much. He still subscribes to the idea that women in the club should be kept in the dark. We’re not that stupid.”

“Well, long story short, Jennings said I couldn’t be an old lady, so I moved to Black Valley. Gunner and I kept our pseudo-relationship up for a while, but then he stopped coming around after he unknowingly knocked me up.”

Kai nearly chokes on her drink, coughing at the small dribbles of beer on her chin. “I’m sorry, did you say knocked up?”

“I have a little girl, Tiffany. She’s almost three.”

“Holy crap. Congrats! How’d Gunner react? If I remember right, he was the first one out of any room a child under the age of twelve entered.”

“Well, that’s part of why I didn’t tell him. That and it’s not exactly a conversation you have with someone over the phone. And when he stopped coming around, and I knew I wasn’t allowed here, it just was what it was. You know, until I almost took down the club with the ATF. Now that I think about it, you really have missed a lot around her,” she laughs.

A small redheaded child storms into the main room, stomping and screaming with a frail and embarrassed looking Avery Molloy hurrying behind him. The entire room stops and focuses all attention on her, and her hand absently rubs the nearly non-existent scars on her neck.

“Isaac Molloy, you get your scrawny little behind back here!”