Captured by My Stepbrothers (Family Confessions #2) Read Online AK Rose, Angel Lawson

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Series: Family Confessions Series by AK Rose

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Kate may have escaped from the dangers of Wilmington, from both the binder and her family, but is she really free?
Not if the Davenport brothers have anything to do about it.
Not if Detective Higgins can find her.
Not if Paul Sanders is able to get into her mind.



Thanks for following along with the adventures of Kate, the Davenport Brothers and their psycho friends, the doctor and the detective.

This is your pre-book notice about what’s coming, what to look out for and if you should turn around now.

Family Confessions is a fast-paced, book of darkness and deviancy. It was originally published on Kindle Vella as a serialized fiction.

If that’s not your jam, it’s okay not to read this book. These guys are terrible. Kate is in a MESS. Their relationship is capital ‘C’ complicated. Who wouldn’t be if their brothers are serial killers and decide to use you as bait?

But, as promised, here’s the notice.

T/W: dub-con, non-con, exhibitionism, overall mindfuckery, stalking, psychological exploitation, and obviously, murder.


Angel & AK



* * *

I waited until he was asleep, his breath even, finally settled from devouring one another. Because that had happened between us—a devouring—two traumatized, desperate, people—looking to satiate a hunger that could only be found in one another.

Sex and violence was our language.

But so was betrayal.

I slid from under his arm, easing away from his body heat, hyper-aware of my surroundings. Every breath he took, the birds rousing in the forest outside the cabin, but most of all, I’m aware of the cold, dead silence of The Binder on the floor. Ryan Watkins.

I bend and search for the cellphone Jack had taken from me when we first met the night before. My hands trembled as I patted his clothes, finally finding it in his discarded pants pocket. With my heart pounding in my ears, I opened the screen door and stepped outside, pressing the number I’d programmed in the day before.

The FBI.

That was three months ago—a lifetime when you’re in witness protection and building a new life from scratch. The prosecutor set me up four states away in a lazy beach town called Tidewater. It’s busy enough to not look out of place to have a new face in town, but small enough to know if someone suspicious starts creeping around.

They found me a job working for the local newspaper, The Tidewater Times, which is much smaller than the Gazette. I spend most of my time writing copy about the weekly farmers’ market, missing pets, and parking concerns. None of this requires a lot of field work, so it’s mostly just me and my laptop, drinking coffee in the tiny café.

I have no social life, but I’m also not living in a household of murderers and chasing a serial killer.

Not officially anyway.

Any prestige that would’ve come from taking down The Binder was lost when I went into witness protection. The less attention the better. At least until the trial.

My fingers fly over the keyboard, pulling up the latest on Jack Davenport, AKA: The Binder, a notorious rapist and serial killer. Also? My stepbrother.

A quick skim reveals that there’s nothing new. His first hearing is scheduled to occur in a month. The prosecutors won’t call me in to testify until the last minute. They think they’re hiding me from the press and from copycats, but the truth is much closer to home. Oliver, Jack’s brother and my stepbrother, along with Paul Sanders, and Davis Higgins, those are my real threats. When I betrayed Jack, I betrayed them, too. There’s no doubt they’re looking for me—looking for revenge.

“Can I get you a refill, Maggie?”

Still not accustomed to my new name, it takes me a few seconds before I realize ‘Maggie,” is me. I quickly close the tabs and smile at the cute barista I’ve gotten to know the past few months. “Thanks, Dave, that would be great.”

He picks up my cup and nods at the laptop. “Anything exciting worth reporting?”

“Hmmm...” I tap my chin. “There is a story about a local dog taking care of a litter of abandoned kittens.”

“Sounds like exhilarating front-page news.”

We both laugh, and he carries my cup off, heading behind the counter. It’s late morning and although summer is waning, there’s still plenty of tourists that pass by the coffee shop window on their way down to the beach.

I reopen my laptop and open the encrypted file my mother and I can send messages through. The letters are monitored, checked for any information that could jeopardize the case or my location. The early ones were about how disrupted their lives had been due to Jack being arrested and how they’d been forced to return early from their trip only to find that the police had made a mess of Davenport Manor while they’d searched for evidence.

There’s a new letter. I glance over my shoulder to make sure no one is watching, and only see a man across the shop in a Tidewater Beach baseball cap focused on his phone.