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Rich, ex playboy ready to settle down. Curvy broken-hearted woman that’s hesitant on love. And they’re snowed in together.
I’m not frigid. I figure if I keep telling myself that, I’ll start to believe it. It’s hard to do though when my ex-fiancé cheated on me and he says the reason he did is because I can’t be satisfied.
Just because I’ve never had the big “O” doesn’t mean that I’m frigid…. right?
Now there’s no fiancé, no wedding and the honeymoon is nonrefundable.
Needing a break from what’s become of my life, I take the trip solo.
After a morning on skis, I know I want to spend the rest of the trip curled up with a good book, inside where it’s warm.
Then I meet Levi.
He’s the hot ski instructor that wants to spend more time with me.
I should tell him no, but how can I when he saves me from an embarrassing run in with my ex.
Now I’m snowed in with him and he has something to prove…
He’s going to give me the big “O”, and he may just give me my forever too.

This was initially published as Levi and Georgina in the Snowed Inn for Christmas in Anthology. The story has been changed, added to and includes an epilogue.

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Chapter 1


I canceled all my appointments this afternoon. I have an editing job that is due soon, but it’s going to have to wait. I’ve been on edge for a while now, and I know that I need to pin Richard down and talk to him. Our wedding is in two weeks, and it all feels off to me. I’m never one for second thoughts. Usually, I’ve examined and thought through everything before making a decision. I know this is not going to be a passion-filled marriage. Heck, we both know it, but it hasn’t been an issue. If nothing else, we have mutual respect. But something keeps creeping on me, and it doesn’t feel right.

I know he has a dinner meeting tonight, but I should catch him before he leaves. “Richard!” I holler as soon as I push open the door to his condo. I drop my keys on the entry way table and make my way inside. My eyes land on the shoes on the floor in the middle of the room. Richard is meticulous and can’t stand anything out of place, so I’m shocked to see anything in disarray. I almost stumble on my feet when I see the high-heeled pair of shoes behind the couch. “What the—?”

Instantly, I know. I don’t need the proof because this explains everything. How he never wants me to stay over. All the late nights when he’s supposedly working. All of it. I could end it now and walk out, but it’s like I need to see it with my own two eyes.

I walk down the hallway, not even trying to quiet the sound of my shoes on the hardwood floor. When I get to his bedroom door, I shove it open and stand in the doorway. I wait for the hurt, the disgust, the rage to hit me, but it doesn’t. All I feel is relief.

“Richard,” I say, loud and clear into the room.

He raises his head in shock as the woman underneath him starts to scream. I cross my arms over my chest and stare at them as they both struggle to their feet. The woman has wrapped a sheet around her body and is grabbing her clothes. “Who is this woman, Richard?”

Richard is standing naked, looking between the woman and me. “She’s my fiancée.”

I start to laugh. “Was your fiancée.” I turn on my heel and start making my way to the front door.

“Georgie! Wait!” Richard calls after me.

I don’t want to stop, though. I want to get the hell out of here. I don’t want to fight, and everything inside me is saying to get the hell out of here. I get as far as the door when emotions take over. I turn just as the woman is sliding her shoes on. She won’t look at me and she runs past me out the door. I throw my hands up in the air at Richard. He’s at least put his pants on. “Why? Explain to me why. We’re getting married in two weeks, Richard.”

He shrugs, and when I turn to walk away, he grabs on to my arm. I jerk away and spit the words at him. “Don’t touch me.”

He pulls back and puts both his hands up. “Look, let’s just talk, okay?”

I put my hand on my hip. “Fine. Talk. Why were you going to marry me? You don’t love me...”

He opens his mouth to interrupt me, but I shake my head. “Don’t! Don’t say you do. You were just inside another woman.”

His face turns red. “It’s not like that, Georgie.”

I grit my teeth. “Don’t call me that. I hate that name.”

He throws his hands up. “Fine. Georgina. It’s not like that. I still want to marry you.”

I laugh. I can’t help it. How can I not laugh at that? The man, my fiancé, was just fucking another woman. “Excuse me if I think you’re full of shit, Richard.”

He goes to sit on the couch, shoving his hand through his hair. “I do. You’re ambitious, Georgie—I mean, Georgina. You’re smart, pretty, you’re a good person. You make things happen. If there’s something you want, you go after it.”

I lean against the couch. “Okay, so why were you... why were you with her, Richard? If you want to marry me... it doesn’t make sense.”

He raises his eyes to mine. “You know why.”

I jerk my head up in surprise. I know why. What the hell does that even mean? “What do you mean, I know why?”

He starts to get up and walks toward me, and I hold my hands up. Just the thought of him touching me makes me sick to my stomach.

He pauses next to the couch, feet away. “Because you’re frigid, Georgie.”

I don’t even correct him on the stupid nickname. “Frigid. You think I’m frigid?”

He nods. “Well, yeah, I mean how else do you explain it? You never want to have sex, and when we do, you’re not into it. You can’t even...”