Cabin for Three (First & Forever #7) Read Online Alexa Land

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A week in a rustic cabin sounds like the perfect holiday getaway to Kel, Hudson, and Noah. Maybe it’s also the perfect time to finally act on the couple’s unspoken attraction to their best friend. But if they do, can what’s started in private survive in the real world, especially when one of them is a public figure who’s struggling with coming out?

This MMM sweet-with-heat holiday novella features characters introduced in Alexa Land’s Firsts and Forever Series. It can be enjoyed as a stand-alone.

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“Have you decided what you’re getting your boyfriends for Christmas?”

I turned to look at my friend and housemate Lark, who was in the process of wrapping a sixth and seventh knit scarf around his neck. “Boyfriend. Singular. I only have the one, remember? Huge, blue-eyed blond named Hudson?”

“And then there’s Noah, the equally huge brunet who’s always with the two of you.”

“Noah’s my best friend.”

Lark tucked a lock of dark hair behind his ear as he shot me a look. “You know he’s more than that, Kel.”

“You’re right, he’s also my business partner. Are you done trying on scarves? Because if we don’t get out of this noisy, overcrowded department store soon, I’m going to collapse in a heap and melt down like a toddler.”

He began unwinding the scarves and returning them to the display as he said, “No, don’t do that. We both know I’d burst into tears and join you on the floor, which could cause a ripple effect. Pretty soon everyone would be crying—our fellow shoppers, the sales clerks, that big, beefy security guard by the exit. How about regrouping in the food court instead?”

“Can’t we just go home?”

“Sure, but then what? You’re the one with a ton of shopping still to do, and Christmas is a week away.”

He had a point, so I said, “The food court is an excellent idea.” Then I led the way out of the department store and into the mall, with its relentlessly upbeat Christmas music, cranky kids in strollers, and equally cranky grown-ups. The total lack of holiday cheer was depressing.

Along the way, I added, “This is impossible, though. Hudson already has everything, and Noah lives in a tiny apartment and doesn’t need or want anything.”

“Let me ask you something,” Lark said, as he pushed back his sleeves. The sweatshirt he was wearing featured a 3D unicorn head wearing a Santa hat, which perfectly suited my colorful friend. “Do you want to spend the same amount on both of them?”


“Exactly, because they’re both your boyfriends, and you don’t want to play favorites.”

We reached the food court and joined a very long line at the coffee place. “Because they’re the two most important people in my life, and they both deserve something special,” I clarified.

“You could find ‘something special’ that costs ten bucks for one of them, and a hundred bucks for the other. But you don’t want to do that, because—”

“Don’t say they’re both my boyfriends again.”

“—because you’re part of a throuple.” I sighed at that, and he said, “You have to see it. It’s so obvious to all of us.”

“Who are you including in that statement, our housemates?”

He nodded. “That, and everyone who’s ever met the three of you.” When I didn’t say anything, Lark asked, “Have you and Noah and Hudson talked about this, at least?”


“Why not?”

“What’s there to say?”

“A lot! And once you finally have that discussion, then you can all move in together.”

Okay, so that actually struck a chord. I flashed on a memory of the three of us laughing and cooking dinner together a week ago in Hudson’s apartment, which had been such a good time. But I shook my head and told him, “Even if this was something I wanted, Hudson would never go for it. He’s not even out. How could he possibly cope with being in a throuple?”

“Granted, Hudson has a few things he really needs to work out, especially where his homophobic dad is concerned. Plus, I know he’s in the public eye as a sports analyst and former NFL player, so coming out is a big deal to him. But all of that’s true whether he’s in a relationship with one guy or two.”

“I guess.”

Lark really wasn’t letting this go. “Let’s say Hudson was on board,” he said. “You’d want to bring Noah into your relationship, wouldn’t you?”

I lowered my gaze and muttered, “Let’s change the subject.”


“Because I feel like I’m being a terrible boyfriend for even entertaining this idea. It’s like saying Hudson isn’t enough for me, and that’s not fair to him.”

“It’s not that at all, Kel. It’s about having room in your heart to love and cherish two people, not just one. It’s also about acknowledging how special Noah is, not just to you, but to Hudson, too. When you and Noah first met and decided to go into business together, I think Hudson felt a bit threatened. But over the last few months, I’ve watched all three of you grow closer, and there’s so much genuine affection there.”