Bred by My Boss (Fertile Brats Just Perfect for Breeding #4) Read Online Mary Potter

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Hannah is spoiled and demanding. Her mother and father let her get away with everything but when her father gets her an internship, she learns not everyone will put up with her. On her very first day, her boss puts her in her place, and that means bent right over her desk for a spanking. It shocks her but also turns her on and her boss is happy to take care of that, too!
Will this explosive start allow Hannah to find love or will she continue to be a brat? What will she do when she learns part of how her boss intends to teach her responsibility will be to put a baby in her?



I sit in front of the desk with my arms folded and try to pay attention to the words Kevin Chase says to me. It’s almost impossible to do that for a number of reasons, the first being that Kevin Chase is absurdly hot.

Kevin Chase is my boss. I’m an intern at his law firm this summer. He’s older than me, probably close to my parents’ age, but he’s easily the most attractive man I’ve ever seen. His perfectly tailored Italian suits do absolutely nothing to hide the powerful body underneath. His chiseled features and steely eyes underneath a crop of luxurious black hair that is only just beginning to gray at the temples complete the most perfect picture of a girl could imagine. It’s hard in general to pay attention to him, because whether I want to or not, I can’t resist imagining what he looks like underneath the suit.

The second reason it’s almost impossible to pay attention is that he’s correcting me for not doing my job and since I don’t care about this job, I don’t care that he’s correcting me. I only have this stupid job in the first place because my father decides for some reason that since I’m eighteen now, I have to give up the fun and start learning how to be boring. So, my plans to travel to Mexico and spend my last free summer before college partying with my friends are shot, and instead, I file paperwork and answer the phone for Kevin Chase, Esquire.

Well, actually, I pretend to file paperwork and almost completely ignore the phone. I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s lecturing me about at the moment. Hot as he is, I have no intention of acting like I actually want to be here and no desire to pretend to care about the work, so I just sit with my arms folded, staring at his perfectly muscled chest and wearing a bored expression as he talks.

“Do you understand, Hannah?”

I lift my eyes to him and after a moment’s hesitation, say, “Yeah, sure, whatever.”

He frowns. “Did you hear what I said?”

“Stop messing around, do your job, answer the phone, yadda yadda. Am I close?”

His frown deepens and he says, “You have a real attitude problem, little girl.”

I have no idea why, but when he calls me little girl, a thrill runs through me and when I open my mouth again, I nearly moan before remembering that I’m not supposed to care about what he says. I catch myself just in time and say, “Whatever, boss man. Tell you what, I didn’t really want this job anyway and I’m only here because my parents made me move into an apartment and took the car away and all of my friends are gone to Mexico, so I literally have nothing else to do. So, if you don’t like the way I work, fire me. At least then I can do nothing at home where I don’t have an annoying boss nagging me all day.”

I stand and turn to leave the room. I make it two steps when I feel Kevin’s hands grab my hips and spin me around so violently, that I have to grab the edge of the desk to keep from flying over it. The next thing I know, my head is pressed against the desk and my skirt and panties are around my ankles.

“What the—fuck!” I cry as Kevin’s hand slams onto my ass. The pain is so intense, that my legs shake from the force of it and I gasp sharply as my ass begins to throb almost immediately.

I turn to him and say, “What the—fuck!” again as the second spank land right on top of the first one. Third spank land, then a fourth, and I no longer form words, but simply yelp as his hand comes down again and again and again on my bare ass.

The pain is nearly unbearable, and I am weeping uncontrollably by the seventh spank. At the same time, my pussy is throbbing powerfully, and I am more turned on than I’ve ever been in my life. I have no idea why feeling Kevin spank me turns me on so much, but I suddenly need him more than I’ve ever needed anyone in my life.