Bound to Deception – Doubeck Crime Family Read Online J.L. Beck

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They call me an animal.
Ruled by my base instincts.
Owned by the rage roiling inside me.
A rage so deep I can’t see my way out of it. Until her. Cilla is a pretty little trap I walk right into. And when the bait becomes the prey I’ll show them how much of an animal I can really be.
Bound by deception, ruled by desire, I’ll solve the mystery of little Cilla or we’ll both be consumed by the never ending fury which threatens my very sanity.

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It’s difficult to apply mascara when your hand is shaking harder than a gambler waiting for his next win. Hell, it’s difficult to do anything when you know this is the night you’re going to die. I blink away the tears threatening to ruin my makeup and take a few shallow breaths so I don’t fog up the mirror two inches in front of my face.

A deep baritone voice calls from outside the dressing room. “Cilla, babe, get out here. You’re late.” Shit. I thought I had more time to talk myself into this.

I curse again and press my forehead to the cold glass. Something to ground me. Anything. Then I swallow all the self-hatred, the noise in my head, everything telling me I’m going to fail, and shove it deep. It won’t help me get through the night unscathed, but at least I can go out with some fucking dignity.

I quickly finish my makeup, stash my kit in my locker, and jam my feet into the six-inch platform heels that will have my toes blistered by the end of the night.

Frankie is standing outside the door, staring pointedly at his watch. “Finally finished, princess? We gotta get to the bar. The crowd is already growing.”

I wave him off, marching past him toward the lounge area. He cuts me off before I can head into the VIP section. “You were late. The quota is full for VIPs. You’re at the bar to pick up stragglers.”

It’s fine. I lie to myself like I always do as I ramp up my fake-ass smile, turn, and head toward the bar rail. The crowd at the bar is thin, like usual, so this will be my punishment for being late. But it doesn’t matter. I have business to attend to here first.

I skirt the end of the rail and sidle up to a man in his thirties parked on a barstool. By the size of the mess around him, he’s been waiting a while.

“Hey, handsome.” I give him a smile I don’t feel.

He drops his gaze to my feet and gives me a slow perusal until he reaches my breasts. “Hey.”

I barely keep from rolling my eyes. “Looking for a date tonight?”

He shrugs. “Could be. How much we talkin’ here?”

I reach in front of him, so I can curl around his upper arm, pressing my breasts into his bicep. “Oh, I don’t know. A handsome fellow like you? I can probably give you a discount.”

As he shifts, he slides his hand over mine, shoving a tiny plastic-wrapped package under my fingers. The move is so smooth that I understand why Essex is said to be the best at drops.

He gives me another long look and pats the back of my hand, making me clench the tiny packet. “Nah, babe, I don’t think I can afford you tonight. But thanks.”

I shrug softly like it’s his loss and turn. I don’t make it a step before his hand lands on my ass with a loud crack. A sharp pain radiates from the contact, but I clench my jaw and continue walking away.

When I return to the other end of the bar, I keep my hand closed around my prize and do not rub the sore spot on my ass from the slap.

One part of my plan is in motion. Now I just need the other part.


One of the most dangerous men in the city. And the man who is likely going to kill me before the night is over. I keep my smile wide even as a chill races down my spine. How did I get myself into this mess?

The bartender slides a glass of soda water with lime in front of me. I give him a grateful nod and spin to survey the VIP section. Ivan always ends up there when he comes in. I need to be waiting so he doesn’t pick up another girl or, hell, just walk through and not stay.

I stare around, hoping to catch a glimpse of his usual black-on-black suit or the black ink scrawled up his long neck and over his graceful fingers. Not that I’ve been staring at him too often. Only enough to be able to recognize him quickly.

I slide down the bar to perch on a stool, glad Frankie is distracted with some of the new girls at the far end of the VIP section. He’d be pissed if he caught me sitting.

The music changes, and I keep my eyes on the VIP section and down the bar in case he enters that way. Usually, he comes from the back, but I want to be prepared either way.

The air in the club changes, and it’s almost like the building itself is holding its breath. I swallow the sudden knot in my throat and watch for him.