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I had everything.
Wealth, power… and her.
It started as an irresistible and provocative game. Only elite circles knew about the club and what happened behind closed doors.
A monthly auction. A high price bid. A woman I was never supposed to fall in love with.

I taught her what submission is and she loved it more than I could ever imagine. It was perfect… like we were made for each other.

One tragic night tore her from me and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

For years, I’ve waited. I thought I could have her again. I thought the past wouldn’t catch up to us… I couldn’t have been more wrong. I brought danger to her doorstep, but I’ll burn it all down before I’ll ever let her go again.

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Years ago . . . when she was mine to do with as I pleased.

That sweet moan of hers is addictive. It spills from her lips easily while he fucks her. With every thrust, his hips force her lush ass to jiggle and her body sways slightly. With her dark hair in curls fallen around her shoulders, her bare back is visible. The velvet dress is an emerald puddle beneath her on the sofa. The thigh-highs held up by clips from her garter belt are a nice touch, though. One I chose myself.

I loosen my tie with one hand, my other hand still on her breast, kneading and plucking her hardened nipple. He’s the first of three tonight. The deal I made with Mr. Daniels is worth fourteen billion. His crisp, tailored suit that lies like rags on the floor reeks of wealth, and still, I’m worth more than every man in this room combined.

He almost fists her hair. He reaches, but the bastard catches himself just before. Thank fuck for his jaw’s sake that he does. They’re not allowed to touch her in any way other than their cock in her cunt and their hands on her hips. No kissing, no extracurriculars, so to speak. That’s the rule she proposed and the one that drew me to her. If only she knew who I was and what she was signing up for . . .

“You like that, my little whore?” I murmur, my stiff cock pressing against the zipper of my suit pants.

“Yes Sir,” she barely manages as he fucks her harder. His blunt nails dig into her lush hips as he searches for his release, and a possessiveness I’ve never felt before comes over me as she calls out my name. It’s nearly strangled, wrapped up in her pleasure.

My lips find hers, kissing and nipping as my heart races faster. Our touch is short-lived as she braces herself, both hands gripping the arm of the warm brown leather sofa. The scents of whiskey and cigars linger, even if the poker cards are scattered across the floor.

We’ve done this more than a dozen times. Poker nights with my business acquaintances. She enjoys their touch, and I enjoy watching. She’s sensitized by the time I bring her to my room, cuff her to my bed, and punish her.

The other night, she came from my simply blowing on her cunt. That’s how high this gets her.

“Gabe!” She cries out my name, reaching up as the men change behind her. She reaches for me, her small fist grabbing my shirt.

My little submissive, being so fucking inappropriate in front of our guests. It takes everything in me not to shove him aside and take her right then and there.

Her half-lidded eyes find mine and then close in utter rapture before she forces them open. That possessiveness rocks through me again, refusing to be ignored. I watch her as she comes on his cock, her lips parted and lust written in her expression. Her hand tightens on mine in a desperate attempt to keep me close.

If only she knew there wasn’t a chance in hell I was moving an inch from her. Every muscle is coiled, adrenaline surging through my veins. She’s mine. Mine to enjoy, mine to share, mine to cherish.

“Gabriel,” she cries, pleasure rocking through her, and I can’t take it anymore.

That was years and years ago, but the memory stays with me, nearly hauntingly. I wonder if it’s only once in a lifetime that you know the moment you fall in love.

In that moment, I knew I’d have done anything to keep her as mine. I’d have killed for her. I couldn’t have imagined the tragedy that would tear us apart. I had no idea I’d kill more than once for her. I never could have prepared for what was about to happen.


Present Day

The keys jingle in the darkened alley as a chill blows by. It makes logical sense that on the anniversary of the darkest day of my life, I’d feel a prickle creep up the back of my neck. The metal bites into my hand as I grip the keys harder and turn, expecting to see someone watching me. There’s no one, though. Not a soul exists beyond myself, and I remind myself that it’s only the nerves. It’s only the memories that haunt me.

Memories that take me back to another life. Another name, even. Back to when I was only Kiersten, a naive submissive who couldn’t have prepared for what fate would do to me. Long before I was ever Madam Lynn.

It’s only my past that I’ll never outrun. With a steadying breath, I open the heavy side door to Club X.

As I step into the warm hall, with my purse in the crook of my arm and the large hot coffee in my right hand, sin disguised as luxury greets me. An easy smile slips onto my lips. This place is my escape, my livelihood, my sanctuary from everything that waits for me outside these doors.