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Blood & Bones - Whip (Blood Fury MC #11)

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Jeanne St. James

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You never know where the road may lead you. Or who you’ll find along the way…
When Whip comes across a disabled motorcycle at the foot of the mountain—the one that’s nothing but bad news—he hopes the stranded rider is nothing more than just that. Someone who needs help.
And not a trap. Or an undercover fed. When her motorcycle breaks down on a deserted road, Fallon Murphy’s caught off guard by the mechanic with the sexy smirk who comes to her rescue.
After shedding her restrictive corporate chains, she’s now living life on her own terms. She no longer answers to anyone for anything.
Like most bikers, her motto is “live free, ride free.” But that’s where her and Whip’s similarities end. The saying is “opposites attract,” but Whip tried that once before. It didn’t work out.
Fallon’s not only far out of his league, they couldn’t be more opposite. Even so, he isn’t easily deterred. However, to his surprise, Fallon has her own plans and isn’t shy about going after what she wants.
Meanwhile, trouble on that mountain is brewing, and no one is safe. His MC stands at a crossroads, and it’s time for the Fury to take action once and for all.
No more excuses. No more quarter. No mercy given. Especially from the one who goes by that name.
Note: Blood & Bones: Whip is the eleventh book in the Blood Fury MC series. This older woman/ younger man romance (seven-year difference) has no cheating, no cliffhanger, and has an HEA. It’s highly recommended to read this series in order.
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Blood Fury MC Series by Jeanne St. James

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Jeanne St. James

Character List

To avoid spoilers this list only includes the characters mentioned in the previous books

BFMC Members:

Trip Davis – President – Son of Buck Davis, half-brother to Sig, mother is Tammy, Runs Buck You Recovery

Sig Stevens – Vice President – Son of Buck Davis, mother is Silvia, three years younger than Trip, helps run Buck You Recovery

Judge (Judd Scott) – Sgt at Arms - Father (Ox) was an Original, owns Justice Bail Bonds

Deacon Edwards – Treasurer – Judge’s cousin, Skip Tracer/Bounty Hunter at Justice Bail Bonds

Cage (Chris Dietrich) – Road Captain – Dutch’s youngest son, mechanic at Dutch’s Garage

Ozzy (Thomas Oswald) – Secretary – Original – manages club-owned The Grove Inn.

Rook (Randy Dietrich) – Dutch’s oldest son, mechanic at Dutch’s Garage

Dutch (David Dietrich) – Original – Owns Dutch’s Garage, sons: Cage & Rook

Dodge Duke– Manager at Crazy Pete’s Bar, did time with Rook in jail

Whip (Tyler Byrne)– Mechanic at Dutch’s Garage (formerly known as the prospect Sparky)

Rev (Mickey Rivers) – Mechanic at Dutch’s Garage (formerly known as the prospect named Mouse)

Shade (Julian Bennett) – Works at Tioga Pet Crematorium (formerly known as the prospect named Shady)

Easy (Ethan) – Works at Tioga Pet Crematorium

Dozer – Works at Crazy Pete’s (formerly known as the prospect named Tater Tot)

Woody – Works at Crazy Pete’s (formerly known as the prospect named Possum)

Castle – Prospect – Works at Shelter from the Storm

Scar – Prospect – Bouncer at Crazy Pete’s

Bones – Prospect – Works at Shelter from the Storm

Ol’ Ladies:

Stella – Trip’s ol’ lady - Crazy Pete’s daughter, owns Crazy Pete’s Bar, Liz’s sister

Autumn (Red) – Sig’s ol’ lady – Accountant for the club’s businesses

Cassidy (Cassie) – Judge’s ol’ lady – Manages Tioga Pet Crematorium

Reese – Deacon’s ol’ lady – Civil law attorney, Reilly’s older sister

Jemma – Cage’s ol’ lady – Hospice Nurse, Judge’s younger sister

Chelle (Rachelle) – Shade’s ol’ lady – Elementary school librarian

Jet Bryson – Rook’s ol’ lady – Works at Justice Bail Bonds, Adam Bryson’s sister

Reilly – Rev’s ol’ lady – Manages Shelter from the Storm, Reese’s younger sister

Shay – Ozzy’s ol’ lady – Website designer/graphic artist

Syn – Dodge’s ol’ lady – Lead singer of The Synners, Sig’s half-sister

Former Originals:

Buck Davis – President – Deceased, Trip & Sig’s father

Ox – Sgt at Arms – Deceased, Judge & Jemma’s father

Crazy Pete – Treasurer – Deceased, Stella and Liz’s father


Tessa – Trip’s younger sister, Cage and Jemma’s house mouse

Henry (Ry) – Judge’s son

Daisy – Cassie’s daughter

Saylor – Rev’s sister, Judge and Cassie’s house mouse

Dyna – Cage’s daughter

Josie (Josephine) – Chelle’s younger daughter

Maddie (Madison) – Chelle’s older daughter

Jude – rescued by Shade, Shade & Chelle’s adopted son