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Blood & Bones - Cage (Blood Fury MC #5)

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Jeanne St. James

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When life takes a turn least expected, you better hang on tight...
When an unexpected delivery lands on Cage’s doorstep, the Blood Fury MC’s Road Captain realizes his future’s about to change. Forever.
He’s not ready to deal with the responsibility life just handed him and isn’t afraid to admit he needs help. Desperately.
The answer to his problem comes in the form of a strong, gorgeous woman he hasn’t seen in over twenty years. Since Jemma’s no longer a kid he can ignore, he must remind himself she’s only there for one reason. And causing problems between him and her brother, the club’s Sergeant at Arms, is definitely not one of them.
With her help, Cage slowly begins adjusting to the new normal his life has become. Until the Shirley Clan does the unthinkable. Now it’s up to him to make sure they regret stealing what’s his. With everything to lose, this will be the most important fight of his life.
***Note: Blood & Bones: Cage is the fifth book in the Blood Fury MC series. As always, this book has no cheating, no cliffhanger and has an HEA. It’s recommended to read this series in order.
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Blood Fury MC Series by Jeanne St. James

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Jeanne St. James

Character List

To avoid spoilers this list only includes the characters mentioned in the previous books

BFMC Members:

Trip Davis – President – Son of Buck Davis, half-brother to Sig, mother is Tammy, Runs Buck You Recovery

Sig Stevens – Vice President – Son of Buck Davis, mother is Silvia, three years younger than Trip, helps run Buck You Recovery

Judge Scott (Judd) – Sgt at Arms - Father (Ox) was an Original, owns Justice Bail Bonds

Deacon Edwards – Treasurer – Judge’s cousin, Skip Tracer/Bounty Hunter at Justice Bail Bonds

Cage (Chris Dietrich) – Road Captain – Dutch’s youngest son, mechanic at Dutch’s Garage

Ozzy (Thomas Oswald) – Secretary – Original – manages club-owned The Grove Inn.

Rook (Randy Dietrich) – Dutch’s oldest son

Dutch (David Dietrich) – Original – Owns Dutch’s Garage, sons: Cage & Rook

Dodge – Helps manage Crazy Pete’s Bar

Whip – Mechanic at Dutch’s Garage (formerly known as the prospect Sparky)

Rev (Mickey) – Mechanic at Dutch’s Garage (formerly known as the prospect Mouse)

Shade – works at Tioga Pet Crematorium (formerly known as the prospect Shady)

Easy – works at Tioga Pet Crematorium

Tater Tot - Prospect

Possum - Prospect

Stella – Trip’s ol’ lady - Crazy Pete’s daughter, owns Crazy Pete’s Bar

Autumn (Red) – Sig’s ol’ lady – Accountant for the club’s businesses

Cassidy (Cassie) – Judge’s ol’ lady – Manages club-owned Tioga Pet Crematorium

Reese – Deacon’s ol’ lady – Civil law attorney

Former Originals:

Buck Davis – President – Deceased

Razor Stevens – VP - Deceased

Ox – Sgt at Arms – Deceased

Crazy Pete – Treasurer – Deceased

Tin Man (Tinny) – Deceased


Reilly – Reese’s sister, works at Dutch’s Garage

Henry (Ry) – Judge’s son

Daisy – Cassie’s daughter

Jemma – Judge’s sister

Syn Stevens – Sig’s sister

Saylor – Rev’s sister, Judge and Cassie’s house mouse

Silvia Stevens – Sig’s mother, Razor’s former ol’ lady

Tammy Davis – Trip’s mother, Buck’s former ol’ lady

Bebe Dietrich – Cage & Rook’s mother, Dutch’s former ol’ lady

Clyde Davis – Buck’s father, Trip & Sig’s grandfather, deceased

Lizzy/Billie/Angel – Sweet butts

Max Bryson – Chief of Police – Manning Grove PD, Bryson brother

Marc Bryson – Corporal – Manning Grove PD, Bryson brother

Matt Bryson – Officer – Manning Grove PD, Bryson brother

Adam Bryson – Officer – Manning Grove PD, Brysons’ cousin, Teddy’s husband

Leah Bryson – Officer – Manning Grove PD, Marc’s wife

Tommy Dunn – Officer – Manning Grove PD

Teddy Sullivan – Owner Manes on Main, Adam Bryon’s husband

Amanda Bryson – Max’s wife, owner Boneyard Bakery

Carly Bryson – Matt’s wife, OB/GYN doctor

Levi Bryson – Adopted son of Matt & Carly Bryson (birth mother: Autumn)


Saying Goodbye

Chris scrambled around his room, stuffing whatever he could find, whatever he couldn’t live without, into a trash bag. His heart raced and his thoughts twisted.

He needed to hurry.

Before it was too late.

“Mom! I’m going with you, Mom!” He hiccuped when he tried to hold back a sob.

He didn’t get a response.

Quickly glancing around his room, he made sure he didn’t miss anything important. But his room was a mess. His clothes were scattered on the floor. His sheets a tangled ball in the middle of his unmade bed.

His closet door hung open because he couldn’t close it anymore. He had stuffed it with so much crap. Stuff he thought was important, stuff he thought he needed to keep, but not important enough to pack.


He scrambled over the piles on the floor to get to his dresser and ripped open the top drawer.


He scoured the discarded dirty clothes taking up most of the floor space and found a few pairs not too holey or worn, throwing them into the black garbage bag. His eyes then landed on his most treasured possession propped in the corner next to his bed.

He rushed over to it, almost tumbling when his feet caught in a pair of dirty jeans on the way. Without a second thought, he shoved the last item into the bag and decided whatever else he’d need his mother could get him when they got to where they were going.

He had no idea where that was. He just knew they were leaving. And quickly.

His mother had had enough.

And he had no idea where his father was.

Probably at the garage. Or the warehouse. Or Crazy Pete’s.

Or in some other woman’s bed. He’d heard his mother yell at his father about that one too many times.

Something happened tonight, though.

Something she wouldn’t explain.

When she had walked through the front door a little while ago, she shot him and his older brother a frown, shook her head and announced, “You two will end up just like him.”

Right after that, she went into her bedroom. Chris had followed her, wondering why she was so mad.

What had their father done this time?

Or did Randy do something? He was always getting in trouble.

What he found was his mother packing a bag. Emptying her closet and drawers, and throwing everything that wouldn’t fit into that bag onto the bed.

She didn’t even hesitate when she spotted him standing in the doorway, clinging tightly to the frame. “Go get me the box of trash bags under the kitchen sink.”