Blood and Chaos (A Syndicate of Blood and Chaos #2) Read Online Emma R. Dean

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Two kingdoms: one of shadows, and one of blood.

Damien Chaos was a devil of his own making, and yet, somehow he found himself agreeing to a deal with Kira Cain instead of the other way around. She’d manipulated him into a position where the only solution was to do exactly as she wanted.
Shadow was his, but the cost was almost more than he could stand.
Kira Cain was going to be his wife, and the arranged marriage would put her at his side as his queen and equal.
The only problem was Damien couldn’t control her, and she already had Aeron and Kaito wrapped around her little finger. Things may not be going as planned, but there was no way he’d let anyone else fück!ng touch her.
Dante would suffer for putting her in danger, and this time Damien wasn’t going to let it slide.

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Chapter One


Someone had followed them to Kira’s restaurant, and it wasn’t the first time that Kaito had been separated from Damien and Aeron, but it was definitely the first time he’d been ordered to protect someone instead of killing them.

Kaito wasn’t disillusioned. He knew Damien had done it to keep them all from falling apart, but he’d also done it because Kira had gotten her claws deep in Damien, whether he wanted to admit it or not.

Even still, Kaito almost couldn’t believe Damien had ordered him to stay with Kira. That had never happened before in his fucking life.

Ever since Damien had pulled him out of that shipping container as a child assassin, Kaito had belonged to him – mind, body, and soul.

Had the devil seen the shift? Had he known that it wouldn’t matter what he ordered, Kaito would have followed her wherever she’d wanted to go?

Kira had promised him that she would deliver Shadow and Cain, for him. And she had. Kaito was hers from now until his death. Even his afterlife would be spent searching for her, protecting her…there was nothing else he wanted out of life but what she’d promised him.

And he could see the beginning of that promise come to life in the way Damien’s gaze lingered on her before he disappeared through the secret door and out into the night. It closed silently behind him and the moment they were alone, Kira stalked across the dining room, and he stuck close, her shadow guardian while Adam was gone.

Kitchens first, Kira told him, dropping the habit of talking as easily as she did everything else.

Kaito tried not to focus on the way her fingers moved, because her life was now in his hands. He had to prove that they would be able to do more than bring danger to her doorstep at every turn.

He cut the lights as she selected an app on her phone, tapping one of the options without a word. Kaito pushed her behind him, going down the hall until he saw the door that led to the kitchens.

The sounds of the kitchen reached him first and he slid inside, tapping one of the cooks on the shoulder.

The cook turned with a butcher knife in his hand, ready to kill before Kira stepped in front of him.

He’s with us, she signed.

Kaito watched as the cook nodded and started closing down his station, going counter-clockwise as he turned off all the equipment between him and the next person until the entire kitchen was shut down and her cooks were suddenly weapon-wielding soldiers.

Then his eyes caught onto a light under the stations that blinked blue in an obvious signal. So, that’s what her app was for. Clever, considering they were all either Deaf, or hard of hearing.

They don’t have guns, Kira told him, jerking her chin toward the front room. Adam’s sweeping from the front, and I’ve got the back. We meet in the middle and once everyone is out, we bail.

Kaito stopped her, trying to make sure she understood. They’re going to notice the staff and customers leaving.

No customers today. Kira smirked. Those are all hired help.

He was impressed despite himself. Still, they’ll notice.

Kira pulled him along, reaching the bar area first. She pointed to where the waitstaff were going down a trap door. It used to be a speakeasy, she explained, her hand flying as she crouched down behind the bar. They used to run from the cops through there.

Fucking brilliant. Kaito couldn’t believe how well prepared she was, though he should be. Kira was Shadow after all – his living, breathing obsession.

It was time to finally prove why Damien let him off the leash so often.

Kaito took her hand in his and pressed a kiss to her palm. Stay here and make sure they get out. I’ll take care of the sweep.

She nodded, reaching out and grabbing his face. Don’t you dare leave me.

Never. He caught her hand and bit down on her finger just hard enough to impress upon her how serious he was.