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Blame it on the Vodka (Blame it on the Alcohol #3)

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Fiona Cole

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What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. Especially when you wake up married to your best friend.
Don't miss Raelynn and Austin's friend-to-lovers romance, Blame it on the Vodka, coming April 21st.
Waking up beside my best friend after a crazy night in Vegas is nothing new. However, waking up wearing nothing but two shiny, matching wedding rings is.
For the girl who promised to never settle down, it's her worst nightmare. For me, it's a dream come true.
I've wanted Raelynn Vos since she first propositioned me at a frat party. I, of course, turned her down, knowing I'd need more than a one night stand. Nothing less than forever would do.
She's fierce and determined, but I'm more determined than she could ever be.
When fate forces us to pretend our marriage is real, I use every second to prove I'm the perfect man to tame her wildness.
In fact, by the end of our charade, I'll have her begging for it.
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Blame it on the Alcohol Series by Fiona Cole

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Fiona Cole


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“Wanna fuck?”

My lips tipped in my best fuck me smile, growing a little sinister the longer he took to respond. Maybe he hadn’t heard me. Except I knew he had by the way that sexy muscle in his cheek twitched at my bold words.

I probably should have flirted and batted my lashes before propositioning him, but that wasn’t me, and I didn’t like beating around the bush.

Just as my patience almost snapped, he finally turned my way, adjusting his gaze down to my height. I wasn’t short, but he had to be well over six feet—packed in with muscles I’d been fantasizing about licking since I saw him standing in the corner of the frat party. I’d studied him subtly until curiosity got the best of me, and I had to know if he was just as big everywhere else.

I could almost taste the salt on his skin. I slid my tongue along my lips in anticipation and was rewarded when his eyes landed there first. Then, finally—fucking finally—they lifted to mine. Across the room, they looked muddy, but less than a foot away, they cleared to green, barely rimmed with a deep brown that matched my eyes.

It was fate.

I’d felt his eyes on me all night, and I was ready to feel his hands, too.

Would he be soft? Hard? Or would he—

“No, thanks.”

Like a record screeching to a halt, my fantasies stumbled over the unforeseen roadblock and started to crash.

“Excuse me?” Surely, I heard wrong.

“No. Thanks.”

His deep, rumbly response curled around my senses, sending shivers up my spine, only serving to piss me off more than how much his shocking answer already did. Trying to hide my reaction, I stiffened, pulling my shoulders back and looking as regal as every etiquette class taught me to. “What do you mean, no thanks?”

His lips—those perfectly shaped lips—tipped into the most delicious smirk I’d ever seen a man pull off. “You don’t hear that very often, do you?”


I was Raelynn Vos. No one turned me down. If I wanted you, I had you. I didn’t say it with arrogance but with confidence. I was hot, and I knew it. I’d been in college for two years, and I’d worked my way through the campus population, searching for who I deemed worthy.

And this specimen before me screamed more than worthy. His attention over the past hour stroked along my spine, almost begging me to come get him. Yet, there he was, turning me down.

“Sorry to be your first,” he apologized.

“Don’t be,” I said, rolling my eyes away to scan the room. “I’ll find someone better.”

“Doubt it. I’m the best.”

I snapped my attention back to him, hating that he got a reaction from me. Hating that his confidence only made him sexier. “Arrogant much?”

“Just honest.”

With a scoff, I forced my gaze away again. Across the room, I saw my out when my best friends, Vera and Nova, came into view. “Whatever. I have better things to do. Bye.”

Walking away, I waved my hand as if I was shooing him off, and I hated that—even though I didn’t turn back—I knew he was watching me with that same damn smirk.

“Asshole,” I muttered.

“Who’s an asshole?” Vera asked, fingering the pearl necklace she never took off.

“That guy back there.”

“Why’s he an asshole?” Nova asked. For a second, my calm friend’s eyes flashed as fiery as her hair.

“Ugh. He turned me down.”

Both sets of eyes shot to me—wide, mirroring the same shock still reverberating through me. I’d met Nova and Vera at the start of college, and we hit it off, complementing each other perfectly. In all the time I’d known them, I’d never not gotten someone I wanted.

“Like, did he know you wanted him?” Vera asked.

“Uh, yeah. I very clearly asked him if he wanted to fuck.”

“Jesus, Rae,” Nova chided, her cheeks now matching her hair.

I shrugged it off, trying to be aloof when I was anything but. “Whatever. There’s a whole ocean of fish. I’ll just find another one.”