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Big City Crush (Pink Springs #3)

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Alexa Riley

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Luca Cross invests in land and sells when the price is hot. His days are filled with one city after another while trying to live his best life in between. Going to his sister’s wedding was supposed to be one of those fun times – a well-earned break between business deals. What actually happened changed everything.

Selma Starnes was killing herself for a job she hated until she finally said enough. After seeing her brother Bastian give it all up for the woman he loved, she knew her life needed to change. Their wedding was supposed to be the perfect day…but fate had other plans.

Warning: Did they eat wedding cake and fall madly in love? That’s the only logical explanation! Grab Book 3 in the Pink Springs Series and find out just how hard this playboy falls!
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Pink Springs Series by Alexa Riley

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“What’s your poison?” the bartender at the wedding reception asks with a smirk. He’s got a nice smile with full lips and perfectly straight teeth. Everything about him is put together, and I bet he gets laid all the damn time at these weddings. It must be like fish in a barrel for him.

“Can you make a good old-fashioned?” That charming smile of his only grows bigger, and it’s irritating me.

“I do everything good, sweetheart.” He winks before he starts to make my drink, and I have to bite the inside of my cheek so I don’t tell him I’m not his sweetheart.

I turn around so he doesn’t see me roll my eyes as I lean up against the bar. He did enough staring down the front of my dress for one night. I love my new sister-in-law Lux, so that's why I’m keeping my mouth shut about this bridesmaid dress. Strapless is damn hard when you have a chest as big as mine. I’ve always worn clothes to hide my boobs, especially when working with a bunch of old men with grabby hands and lingering eyes. I only recently convinced Lux that I like her, because I know I can be a bit standoffish. So when it came to the style of the dress, I kept my mouth sealed, knowing I could handle it for one night.

No matter how many times I tell myself to think before I speak I don’t. I’m honestly not trying to make sure people stay out of arm's reach, it just happens that way. I should give myself a pat on the back for not snapping at the pretty-boy bartender.

For so long I didn’t really have to worry about being harsh or off-putting. I had Bastian, and we’ve always worked as a team. He’s the nice relatable one that can talk to anyone in a room. I prefer to keep my head down and work while he handles the people. I make sure everything is always on track—well, at least I used to.

Bastian has always been a good man, but Lux made him something more. He and I both got lost in our jobs after we lost our mom. It was easier to keep busy than to have to face the grief. But the problem is, I’m no longer busy, and he’s got Lux.

Bastian went off and quit, which was the right thing to do, after finally realizing he was working himself into an early grave for a company that didn’t give a shit about him. Now the place is going to crumble without him, and neither of us has crazy work hours anymore. All his time is being spent with his new wife, and family means everything to the both of them. We all have that in common, but now I’m stuck in this weird limbo of not having anything to do.

The plan is to open up our own office since we already have clients banging down the door. Along with the wedding, we’re supposed to be taking a much-needed break before we jump back into that. The problem is I don’t need a break. I need something to do before I go out of my mind sitting inside my condo alone with Thor. He’s enjoying all my extra time at home because it means more belly rubs for him.

“Here you go.” I turn back around as the bartender places my drink in front of me. “Anything else I can get you, sweetheart?”

“Selma,” I correct him. Damn it, why did I tell him my name?

“Selma?” he repeats. “You don’t look like a Selma.” Is he really trying to flirt with me?

“And what does a Selma look like?” I pick up my drink and take a sip. He’s right, he does make a good old-fashioned, but I’m not about to tell him.

“Gray-haired and in sequins. You’re far from that, sweetheart.” I open my mouth, but before I can get a word out, an arm touches my elbow.

“Are you being good?” Bastian lifts an eyebrow, and at the sight of my brother, the bartender makes himself busy.

“I think so.” I shrug and take another sip of my drink. “I’m not going to hurt anyone.” I give him my sweetest smile, and Bastian lets out a deep chuckle.

“Go be with your bride,” I tell him.

“We have a dance later,” he reminds me.

“Wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

He drops a kiss on the top of my head before he goes right back to Lux’s side. In all my life I’ve never seen a love as deep and sweet as theirs. For the first time in my life I found myself longing for a connection like theirs.

Even Lux and her best friend Juno are super close to each other. They have a bond I’ve never formed with anyone before, and I wonder if I’m broken. I should be dating, and I should have a best friend. I’ve never had a girls’ night out or been to a slumber party. Do they have dating apps for friends? Then again, every man I’ve met though the Love Connection app has been a major bust.