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Beautiful Beast

Each petal that falls turns to ashes. The last flaming petal will be my last chance at shedding this beast I’ve become. We’ve been banished from our home plane and now in order to go back I have to fall in love and be loved. It’s impossible. As powerful as I am, I am powerless. Until he arrives and it all changes.

A rose. She has imprisoned my father for a rose. I will take his place. If it is the price that must be paid I will pay it. As powerful as she may be, I have power of my own. It will only be a matter of time before I return home where I belong. I have a throne to return to claim. Or at least that’s what I thought.
Can he see beyond the beast to the woman within? Will I lose all sense of who I am and fall for a beast? Or maybe just maybe we will find that we are not so different at all and love can come in any form?

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Getting Ready


Beauty, it surrounds me always. Sometimes, I don’t know what’s greater. The power I’ve been born into or the beauty I possess. Even my servants are beautiful.

I look around at them and smile. I’ve enjoyed the finest in life for as long as I can remember. Like now, I sit in a bath of milk and honey infused with twenty-four-carat gold.

Luxury I have an abundance of. The ivory claw-foot bathtub I’m in was made with some of the most powerful magic there is. It cools and warms with my mood.

Tonight’s ball is in honor of me. Only proving how adored I am. It will be a night of beauty and glamour. I never thought I’d find joy again after my father’s untimely death, but our people have continued to show me how beauty and refinement are the cure for all.

There’s no need for broken or ugly things when you can surround yourself with beauty and power. I learned that from Father and it’s what has gotten me through his loss.

With a smile on my lips, I lift a hand from the water and watch as I cause the cascading droplets to swirl around my wrist like a light rainstorm turning into a spinning waterfall. Such a small measure of my power but so beautiful.

“Your magic is always so stunning, princess,” Soila says as she brushes my damp, curly locks. The scent of rose water and peach blossoms surrounds me. It’s comforting and calming.

“Thank you. The beauty is in the simplicity. Never forced and always effortless,” I reply with a smile on my face.

“Princess, if we don’t get you out of that bath now, you will be late for your own affair,” Ms. Posh warns.

I glance over at her lazily. Her full cheeks are flushed. Concern covers her face. She’s always so worried about me.

I sigh. “Ms. Posh, it will take me all but a second to ready myself,” I say and stand from the bath.

With a single thought, my hair lifts and wrings itself out before dropping to hang down my back. I step out of the tub and flick my wrist. A bath towel wraps itself around my body.

“I know you can dress yourself quickly, my dear, but the artist is here to do your face for the celebration. He will need time.”

“Has my dress arrived?” I ask, ignoring her worry.

My subjects will wait for me. It’s my celebration. They have come to see me. The ball begins whenever I arrive. They should all know perfection requires a hand of patience.

“Yes, the dress is awaiting you along with the artist.”

“Very well.”

I lazily stroll into my bedchamber and take time to smooth on scented body cream. It leaves a delicious scent on my skin and a gorgeous shimmering glow. When done, I stand and snap my fingers.

The towel disappears and in its place are my undergarments. The gold lace cups my breasts while another tiny scrap of fabric covers my most intimate parts. I move to the gown for tonight and allow it to drape itself on my body.

Ms. Posh and Soila work together to tighten the strings of my corset. I could use my magic to do it myself, but as their princess, it is an honor for them to dress me.

“You look stunning, princess.”

“As always,” Ms. Posh says with motherly pride in her voice.

My mother died when I was young. Ms. Posh has been the closest thing I’ve ever known to a mother.

I clap for a mirror to appear to examine my appearance for myself. A smile comes to my lips. The gold-and-cream dress is stunning, if I do say so myself.

The crystals and diamonds only add to the perfection of the delicate fabric. My amber eyes sparkle in my reflection. With a snap, my curls form into an intricate crown of curls in the front, the back cascading to the center of my back in a curly mass.

“I am ready for the artist. Bring him in.”

I go to sit at my vanity. Looking in the mirror, I turn my head from side to side, admiring my reflection. Tonight will not be a sad night. Although the first time this ball will be held without Father, it will be a joyous affair. I demand it.

“Good evening, Your Highness,” the man says as he places his filthy bag on my vanity.

“Ugh, what is this?” I say, turning to fully take him in.

I drop my gaze to his hands. His nails are dirty and paint stains them as if he’s never heard of a bar of soap. My nostrils flare.

“This man will not touch my face with those hands. What is the meaning of this?” I snarl.

“I’m sorry, princess. The original artist fell ill. We had to find a replacement,” Ms. Posh says cautiously.

“I assure you, princess. I am a clean man. I was painting when I was sent for. I wasn’t given much time to clean up before I rushed here to the palace.”