Beau (Daddies of the Shadows #3) Read Online Kate Oliver

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That night, seven years ago, had been the worst night of her life. She had been attacked and would probably have been killed if it weren’t for him. Beau – the man who had killed for her. Of course, she had never forgotten him, and now she was ready to find him to thank him in person. What she hadn’t expected was how her body reacted to his presence and how his dominant personality made her finally feel safe.

When she walked into his gym, Beau recognized her at once. It had been seven years, and not a day had gone by without wondering if she was okay… But the eyes that looked back at him now weren’t those of the wounded child he had rescued that night. She was an adult now, and everything about her made his protective Daddy instincts come to life, and he knew that the little girl he’d been searching for had found him. Could he convince her that he was the Daddy she so badly needed?



Seven Years Ago

Locking the front door to The Cage, Beau shivered as cold, crisp air blew against his exposed skin. Snow was in the forecast and since it was nearly ten o’clock at night, the temperatures were barely in the low thirties. He pulled the front of his leather jacket closed and moved toward his truck as quickly as he could, wanting to escape the frigid weather. He was also beyond exhausted and just wanted to go home to sleep.

After buying the gym from his dad, Beau had been putting in extra-long hours to renovate the inside of the gym and update all the equipment. Not that there had been anything wrong with the way his Pop had it, but Pop had encouraged Beau to make The Cage his own, so he had been painting the walls, installing new workout equipment, and building new fighting cages.

Pulling his keys from his pocket, he hit the unlock button on the fob and was reaching for the door handle when he heard a woman screaming.

“Help me! Help!”

Looking around, he tried to figure out which direction the voice was coming from. Furrowing his brows, he jogged to the edge of the parking lot when he heard the woman scream again.

“Help! Rape! Help!”

Looking to his left, Beau realized the voice was coming from that direction, so he took off running. Every nerve in his body was screaming at him to move faster and find the woman. His brain was terrified of what he might find but he was also seeing red as his rage rose to the surface.


The pleading voice made his blood run cold, but he knew he was getting closer as her pleas were getting louder. Rounding a corner, he heard the woman scream again, and when he looked to his right, he could see movement down an alleyway. He ran as fast as he could until he got closer to the people who were scuffling.

“Help me! Please, help me!” she screamed.

“Hey! Let her go!” Beau roared.

The attacker froze briefly, but Beau could see the man’s hand around her throat in a tight grip. The woman that had been screaming was definitely not a woman, but a teenager. Even though the alley was dark, there was a glow of a nearby streetlamp illuminating them, and he could see the terror etched on her face. He could also see her shirt was ripped open.

Beau ran directly up to the attacker and jumped on his back, pulling the man away from her. Both of them landed on the ground with a painful thud, but within seconds, they were back on their feet. Little did the man know, Beau was a trained fighter, and this man wouldn’t stand a chance in a fistfight with him. Pulling his arm back, he swung forward, hitting the man in the jaw, and then with his other arm, punched him in the throat.

The man stumbled back but kept his balance, and the look in his eyes was pure evil. Suddenly he sprang forward, and before Beau could react, he felt a burning pain low in his abdomen. Looking down, Beau saw the blade of the man’s knife being pulled from his body and then the man pulled his hand back, ready to stab again.

As his hand came forward with the knife, Beau charged toward him, punching him in the eye. Another source of burning pain, this time in his thigh, had him growling in both pain and rage. One of them were going to die in this battle, and it wasn’t going to be him.

Reaching behind his back, he pulled his black Kimber 1911 pistol from the waistband of his pants, and just as the attacker’s hand was coming forward to stab him again he pulled the trigger once, hitting the man square in the chest, dropping him to the ground.