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Beast Brothers Wild - Beast Brothers

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Stephanie Brother

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Three men. Untamed. Irresistible. And completely off limits.
The King brothers want to buy my family's resort. They also want me in their bed.
Logan is used to getting what he wants, exactly how he wants it, and his deep, seductive voice has me ready to do whatever he asks. Ryder has a very dirty mind, and doesn’t hesitate to share his plans for me. Sky has eyes as blue as the ocean and even bigger charm.
They're the hottest men I've ever met, and I’m spinning all kinds of fantasies. But how do I know they're not just using me to make a deal?
I vow to keep things purely business, but the brothers have other ideas. They intend to hunt me down and make me theirs, and before long, I’m their willing prey.
I can’t deny the hunger these magnificent beasts arouse in me. All that matters is how much I want them. And when I finally surrender, the way they claim me makes my wildest fantasies seem innocent.
One little problem. I forget not to feel. I forget not to trust them. And I don’t see it coming when my world shatters.
Will I be left alone to pick up the pieces ... or could my fierce, wild lovers be the kings of my heart for good?
This is a standalone reverse harem romance featuring three brothers who know how to take care of their woman. No cliffhangers. No cheating. HEA guaranteed.
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Stephanie Brother

A Strong Physical Reaction

“Summer just hasn’t been the same without your sexy brothers strutting around here.”

I lean toward my friend to deliver a playful jab with my elbow, causing her to veer off the well-trodden trail. “Stop! My brothers don’t strut.”

Dani laughs. “Yeah, maybe that’s not the right word. Saunter?”

She tilts her head, looking upward as if deep in thought. “I know! It’s swagger! They all have it. It’s yummy, and I miss seeing their gorgeous asses–”

“Eww, please, stop!” I can’t help but laugh as I cut her off. It’s nothing new for my friends to crush on my older brothers. Over the years, girls have even befriended me for the sole purpose of getting closer to the Callahan men.

They’re officially off the market now, though.

“That Sasha is one lucky girl,” Dani says.

“Sure,” I say, distracted. I miss my brothers and Sasha. It was great being able to see them regularly while I was down in the city for school; and Dani’s right, it’s not the same here at the resort without my brothers. Still, there’s no place I’d rather spend my summers.

She seems to sense my faraway thoughts and changes her tone. “How are they all doing? Has your dad come around at all?”

I shrug a shoulder and frown. “I don’t know. They were all together at my graduation, and they were cordial – no arguments or anything – but things still seemed tense.”

“That’s a shame.”

As we’re cresting a small hill, Dani turns at the sound of boots crunching on dirt somewhere behind us. “Ooh. Speaking of hot guys. What do we have here?”

She slows her pace and I take a quick glance over my shoulder. Tall, broad, and closing the space between us surprisingly fast, are three men I don’t recognize. Had I ever seen them around the resort, I would have definitely remembered.

I feel my cheeks redden as we keep walking, and it’s not from physical exertion. My body seems to have gone on alert, preparing itself for the men to overtake us on the trail. I’m baffled by my own response; they’re just men, after all.

In no time at all, they’re mere steps behind us, a deep voice calling out to make us aware of their presence. Dani and I move to the right, but the men don’t pass; instead, they slow their pace to match ours.

Up close, they’re even more impressive. Not only are they incredibly attractive, they move with an easy confidence I recognize. I’ve seen it in my dad and brothers and a handful of resort guests over the years, but it’s a rare quality.

Their smiles come easily too, like they have nothing to prove to anyone. The tallest one, all hard-angled and dark with a thick, trimmed beard, speaks first. “Hello. Perfect evening for a hike, isn’t it?”

“Hi, it sure is,” I say, returning his smile even while something inside my stomach cartwheels.

Dani blushes, gives them a quick hello, and then looks at the ground. She talks about guys all the time when we’re alone, but put her in the presence of one, and she goes quiet.

“Are you headed to the lake?” the man asks.

“We are.” I force myself to maintain eye contact with him and the two others, finding similarities in the shape of their eyes – with their thick, dark brows – and their mouths, with full, soft-looking lips.

Growing up surrounded by testosterone, talking to men has never been a problem. I have a lot of male friends, and my physical relationships have generally been of the easygoing, friends-with-benefits variety. But suddenly, I find myself fighting shyness just like my friend.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never encountered men quite so … dangerous looking. Not in the sense of fearing for my life, mind you. No, it’s the sudden let me drop my panties for you impulse they incite that has me worried.

All this goes through my mind in an instant before Mr. Tall, Dark, and Lethally Sexy says, “Mind showing us the way?”

I doubt these men need me to show them anything, but I agree. “Are you staying at the resort?” I ask, gesturing down the mountain with a tilt of my head.

“We are. I’m Logan King, by the way. And these are my brothers, Ryder and Sky.” They hold out their hands one by one to shake mine and Dani’s, and contact with each of them delivers corresponding jolts of electricity to very specific parts of my body. I’ve met plenty of good-looking men, but I’ve never had such a strong physical reaction from simple handshakes.

As if in slow motion, my senses take in various things: the fine, dark hairs on the tanned skin of Logan’s wrist, at the base of his bright white shirt sleeve; the citrusy scent of soap mingled with the tang of male exertion; the deep rumble of Sky’s greeting, contrasted with the amazing light blue brilliance of his eyes; the warmth of Ryder’s skin as he grips my fingers with the exact right amount of pressure.