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His sister forced his hand. Now he’s taking what he’s always wanted.

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“Clay?” April calls out as she knocks on my bedroom door. I look up and make sure the lock is turned so she can’t just walk in. Then the knob jiggles, and I stop moving. “Clay, are you ready? It’s time to go.”

“Shit,” I hiss to myself as I quickly pull out and reach for a towel. “Coming.” I grit my teeth as I wipe my cock off because I’m definitely not cumming, and now I’m going to be horny as fuck all day.

“What are you doing in there?” She twists the knob, but thankfully it holds as I grab the sex toy and towel and shove it under the bed.

Shoving my cock in my shorts, I notice the bottle of lube on the floor and kick it underneath with the rest of it. Once I’ve got my shirt on, I go to the door and yank it open.

“I’m ready.”

My sister is standing there in her cheer uniform, and I can’t help but notice how much of her bare stomach is showing and how short the skirt is. I’m still so fucking hard that I could have cum with only an extra sixty seconds, so all I can think about is rubbing against something soft like that inch of exposed skin or the inside of her thigh. Fuck, I need to stop thinking about her like this.

“Are you okay?” She cocks her head to the side and appraises me. “You’re all sweaty.”

“I thought you said we were going to be late.” I move around, and when I do, the front of my shorts brushes against her cheer skirt, and I hiss with painful need.

“Hey, are you hurt?” She reaches out, and when her hand makes contact with my forearm, I stop moving. “Talk to me, Clay. You’ve been acting weird lately. Is everything all right?”

“I’m fine.” I jerk out of her hold and storm to the front of our trailer. “Let’s just go, okay?”

Having her hands on me is too much. It’s bad enough that I can’t stop thinking about my own sister when I do those things, but having her touch me makes it worse. It’s like it’s real, and that’s something that can never happen.

“Thanks for the ride,” she says when she gets in my truck.

“You’re welcome.” I pull on a baseball cap and turn out of the trailer park toward the high school.

April is a senior, and it’s her last week of school. I graduated a couple of years ago, and it’s just been the two of us ever since. While she’s at school, I work at the factory down the road, and I’ve been saving up to send her to college. She’s so damn smart and beautiful that I know she’s going to go big places one day. Probably far away from here, but I try not to let that thought depress me.

She pulls down the visor in my truck and reaches into her bag for her lip gloss. I come up to a red light, so I watch her as the wet wand glides over her full lips. The way she’s holding her mouth is in the shape of an O, and I think about what it would be like to slide my dick past those pretty pink lips. If I’m not careful, I’ll cum in my pants, so I turn away and keep my eyes on the road.

“Damn,” she says after I start driving again.

“What?” I glance over and see she’s got a look of worry on her face. “You forget something?” I’m already putting on my turn signal and pulling off on the side of the road.

“No, I um, think I started my period?” She says it like a question, but does she expect me to know?

“Do you need me to go to the store?” I’ve been so many times for her I’ve lost count, and I know what kind she uses.

“Could you just check for me?” Before I can answer her, she turns in the seat and spreads her knees wide. Her cheer skirt rides up, and I can see the navy blue bloomers the cheerleaders wear under them. “Can you see anything?”

I swallow hard at the sight of her like this, spread and open and probably wet. “I can’t.” I clear my throat and swallow again. “They’re dark, so I can’t see.”

“Oh, let me pull them out of the way.” She innocently smiles as she reaches her hand between her legs and grabs the material of the bloomers.

The dark navy material is pulled out of the way to reveal her pretty white cotton panties that are snug against her little cunt. I can make out the curve of her pussy lips, and with the way they’re wedged between them I see just how puffy they are.

“You’re good,” I say when I don’t spot a stain. Then I force myself to look out the window so I don’t lose my control.