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Alpha Consumed (The Dixon Brothers #2)

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Olivia T. Turner

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I know immediately when I see him. This all-consuming feeling can only mean one thing.
Roman Dixon is my mate. I have no shifter inside me, but I know.
He's mine and I'm his. I know all about mates because my brother is one too.
A brother who Roman knows. Not only knows, but hates.
They're mortal enemies. And if I can't keep their bears from killing each other...
I'll have nothing left. No mate. No family. No reason to live.
Why do men have to be so damn stubborn?

The Dixon Brothers are ready to show you how obsessed and insatiable a bear shifter can be! These Over-The-Top alphas are all-in with their mates! These books can be read in any order, are SAFE, with no cheating, and a furry HEA guaranteed.
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The Dixon Brothers Series by Olivia T. Turner

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Olivia T. Turner

Chapter One


“Look who just walked in,” Jacob hisses under his breath.

My inner Kodiak bear growls as the scent of grizzly bears fills the bar. I turn around and see the four grizzly bear shifters from the Belgrade Springs Fire Department walk in like they own the place.

“Firecunts,” Cameron whispers under his breath as he glares at them.

Their eyes find their way to our table and they stare at us for a long heated moment as they walk in.

My pulse starts speeding angrily when I see Enzo walk in last. It’s been a couple of weeks since we spilled out of the bar in a vicious brawl. I don’t know what happened, either Grey bumped into Cameron or Cameron bumped into Grey, but whatever it was, the two of them went at it and the rest of us jumped in.

I was squaring off with that prick Enzo. He’s the mean-looking one with a scar on his jaw and the kind of crazed look in his eyes that would send most people rushing to the other side of the street. Not me. We went at it hard and that bastard tried to pull his bear out on me in the parking lot. He pulled his grizzly back in when the cops arrived seconds later. I hate that prick.

His eyes snap over to mine and we glare at each other as he follows his crew to the bar. They’re laughing and joking around as they keep shooting challenging glances at us.

“Just ignore them,” Easton says. He’s always been the most level-headed out of the four of us.

Cameron grinds his jaw as he turns back to his beer, no doubt thinking about the pregnant mate he has waiting for him at home. She wouldn’t be happy to hear that he’s out getting into trouble again.

I’m sitting with my three cousins—Cameron, Jacob, and Easton—at the Rub-A-Dub Pub. The three of them are brothers, but we’re so close and our fathers were twins, that we just go ahead and consider all four of us brothers.

“Let’s just get back to business,” Jacob growls. “Do you guys really think that Dylan Burton is still alive? I’ve asked around and haven’t heard a thing.”

“Greaser could have been lying to us,” Cameron says.

“I mean, I did throw him off a cliff,” Easton adds as he rubs his chin. “How could he have survived that?”

I’m trying to stay focused on the conversation, but my bear is snarling within. He’s all amped up and to be honest, so am I. I keep glancing over at Enzo and every time I look at him, he’s got that fucking smirk on his face that I so badly want to slap off.

We have unfinished business and I’m itching to finish it.

My bear lets out a low warning growl and my three brothers snap their heads toward me.

Easton’s brow is furrowed. “Are you okay? Should we leave?”

“We were here first,” Cameron says in a low voice as he looks at Grey, the huge beast that he fought last time. “They should leave.”

“Oh, come on, guys,” Easton says with a roll of his eyes. “Do you really want to tear the bar up? We’re still new in town and people already think we’re nothing but trouble.”

“We’re ex-mercenaries,” Jacob says as he stares the fire chief down, a huge grizzly bear shifter with salt and pepper hair named Quinton Kane. “Of course we’re trouble.”

My bear starts pacing angrily inside. He’s ready to go.

Ever since Cameron found his mate Mary and she started hanging around, my bear has been getting more and more frustrated that our mate isn’t here. He needs to blow off some aggression, some steam, some frustration, and that prick Enzo has the perfect face to unload all of our rage on.

But it looks like it might not be up to us. The four firecunts grab their beers and start strutting over. I feel my back straighten as Cameron’s hands squeeze into fists. My eyes never leave Enzo’s as he approaches at the head of the pack.

“This bar is our territory,” Enzo declares in his raspy voice.